Hae-Kyung’s Love Chapter 2


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Hae-kyung walked into her apartment and dropped her purse on the floor as soon as she walked in. She was tired but it wasn’t late enough for her to go to bed. She decided to take a bath and ran the tap while she took off her clothes. When the tub was full, she climbed into it and closed her eyes. The water was warm and she felt the fatigue wash off her slowly. The room was quiet except for the drip drip dripping of the tap.

“I’m getting married.” Hye-soo’s voice said in her head and she sighed.

“You are jealous.” She sighed again and sunk her head under the water.

“Why are you so frigid?”

“You’re such a tease. What’s wrong with you?”

“I thought you said you loved me. Don’t be like that.”

All the voices swirled around in her head as she held her breath under the water.

Her eyes flew open as the smell of his body filled her nostrils, the face attacked her and she saw that sick smile. It felt like the clammy hands were reaching around her neck, “Appa, appa! Save me! It hurts so much, please save me!!”

She pushed herself out and began to cough violently. The voice echoing in her head, “Appa chebal, guhae juseyo!!!” Tears filled her eyes and she dropped her head to her knees. She tried not to cry but the tears spilled out and she sobbed silently.

Hwan-gun finished up at work that day and was preparing to leave. He had so much to do and he still needed to hire a secretary. He picked up his suit and was about to walk out of the office when his cellphone rang.

“Eo.” He answered as he pushed the elevator button.

“I’m headed to your house, what do you want for dinner?” Ah-reum asked.

“Whatever’s good. I’m just stepping out of the building now so I may be a little late.”

“Alright, I’ll see you later then.” She said and hung up.

He started the car and drove out of the parking lot. As he drove, he thought about Hae-kyung and wondered if she was okay. She looked like she had been trying to hold back tears when they were at lunch.

“Why am I thinking about that?” He sighed to himself. He couldn’t help himself though, so even as he pulled into the driveway next to Ah-reum’s car, Hae-kyung’s bowed head was the image on his mind.

“Wasseo?” Ah-reum said and smiled at him as he entered.

“You didn’t have to do this.” He said and smiled in return.

“Eyy, you just got came from America yesterday and went straight to work today. Aren’t you tired?” She asked watching him with arms akimbo.

“Now that you mentioned it, I am a little tired.” He said, setting aside his bag and jacket. “What did you make?”

“Just some soup, you know I’m not a very good cook.” She said as they sat down to dinner.

Hwan-gun smiled. “How’s your father?” He asked.

“He’s fine. He wants to know when the wedding is.” She said, lifting a spoonful of soup to her mouth.

“When do you want it to be?” He asked.

She shrugged. “It doesn’t really matter.”

He looked up at her from his plate, “It doesn’t matter?”

“Not really, you’re the one who asked me to marry you after all.” She said swallowing another spoonful.

“Why did you agree if you weren’t interested?” Hwan-gun asked.

“If it wasn’t you, my father would have chosen someone else and I really don’t want to be married to someone I don’t know very well.”

He placed his chin in his hand and stared at her. “Are you hearing yourself right now?”

“Gunah, we’ve been friends for over fifteen years and we promised to get married to each other if we’re still single when we turn thirty so our parents don’t force us to marry strangers. I’m just keeping up my end of the promise, did something change?”

Hae-kyung’s question from earlier popped into his head, “You don’t love each other?” “Do you love me?” He asked suddenly making her burst into laughter.

“Oh, you’re serious. Gunah, you’re my best friend and I do love you but not like that. I’d rather be married to my friend than a complete stranger. That kind of love can always develop later.”

“What if it doesn’t?” He asked. He wasn’t sure why he was feeling apprehensive suddenly. He was the one who suggested they get married if they were still single at thirty and he was the one who proposed to her, all Ah-reum did was go along with it. So what was wrong with him? “You don’t love each other?” The question kept playing in his head, it had almost sounded like she felt sorry for him.

“Gunah, I guess the jetlag is finally getting to you. I’ll leave you alone to rest, don’t even think of going to work tomorrow.” She said and cleared her dishes away from the table before she left his apartment.

Ah-reum closed the door behind her and wondered what happened with Hwan-gun suddenly. She was just starting to leave when the door of the apartment opposite Hwan-gun’s flung open and a man walked out followed by the shouts of a crying woman.

“You stinking, rotten bastard! How dare you leave me?!” The woman screamed from inside and the man just sighed.

“This is why women are troublesome.” He said before catching Ah-reum looking at him. “May I help you?” He asked, raising an eyebrow.

Ah-reum adjusted the strap of her bag and continued on her way to the elevator. The woman flew out of the apartment as they reached the elevator and grabbed the man by his arm, tears streaming down her face. “Oppa, please I’m sorry. I’ll be better.”

The man gently removed her hand from his arm and said, “It’s not you, it’s me. I’m afraid you’re too good for me. You deserve better, you really do. I’m sorry it can’t be me.”

Ah-reum was trying to contain the urge to roll her eyes, ‘he sounds like a player’, she thought to herself. The elevator arrived and she got on. The doors were about to close when the man from before got on and let out a long-suffering sigh. He ran his hand through his hair before pulling out his phone and dialing a number.

“Where are you? I’m in the mood for a drink.”

The elevator came to a stop on the ground floor and they got off. The man waited outside for a ride, and Ah-reum got into her car and drove home.

Ki-joon got into his friend’s car when it pulled up next to him.

“What’s the matter with you?” Joon asked when Ki-joon fastened his seatbelt.

“I broke up with Ma-ri.”

“What? I thought you were going to marry her.”

“I was, but that was before I realized how unmatched we are. It’s my fault, I can’t deal with such a strong personality in a woman.” He replied and looked out the window as his friend drove. Suddenly his phone buzzed. “Yeobseyo?”

“What are you doing?” Hae-kyung asked.

“Going to have a drink with Joon.” He replied.

“Wanna have a drink with me instead?” She asked.

“Are you okay?” He’d known her all his life and he could sense when something was wrong with her just from her voice.

“I just want to see you.” She replied.

“Okay, I’ll drop by your house. You’re at home, right?”

“Yes, I am.”

“Okay, I’ll see you soon.” He hung up and turned to his friend, “I’m sorry for calling you out and ditching you. I have to go see Hae-kyung.”

Joon waved his friend’s worry away, “It’s fine, I know how important she is to you. I’ll see you at work tomorrow.” He pulled over to the side of the road and watched Ki-joon hail a taxi and get in before driving away.

Hae-kyung grabbed a wine out of the fridge and some glasses when her doorbell rang. She opened it and Ki-joon wrapped her in a hug.

“I’m here.” He said quietly and all the tears she had been fighting burst free. They stood at the doorway like that for a while as Hae-kyung cried every last tear in her heart. When she was done, they sat on the floor in the living room and drank their wine.

“Why did you cry?” Ki-joon finally asked.

Hae-kyung ran a hand through her hair, sighed deeply and said “Hye-soo’s getting married.”

Ki-joon held her shoulders and looked at her, “It’s going to be alright.”

Hae-kyung felt her eyes well up with tears again. “I want to get married too, I want to be with someone too. But why? Why is it so hard?”

Ki-joon rubbed his hand up and down her shoulders. “It’s going to be alright, it’s not your fault.”

Hae-kyung wiped her tears. “I’m being selfish. I called you all this way and didn’t even ask what was wrong with you. I only unloaded my problems on you.”

Ki-joon dropped his hands and gazed into the red liquid in his glass. He picked the glass up, swirled it around a bit and said “I broke up with Ma-ri.” Before taking a long gulp.

“What, I thought you loved her? Why?!”

Ki-joon rolled back the sleeve of the shirt he was wearing and revealed healing wounds on his arm that looked like a knife had cut him. “This is why. This is the final straw that broke the camel’s back. I couldn’t take it anymore.”

“She did this to you?” Hae-kyung asked, anger slowly rising in her head. “How dare she?!”

“It’s always something with her. She’s overly-suspicious and every time we have an argument, she hits me and throws things at me. A few days ago, I went over to visit her and while I was in the bathroom she went through my phone. She saw some messages from you and she thought I was cheating on her. I tried to explain that it was just you but she didn’t believe me, she threw a vase at me and before I knew it she came at me with a knife threatening to kill me for two-timing. I had to raise my arm to defend myself or she would have sliced my face open.” Ki-joon explained.

Anger burned in her heart as she listened to him, “I’m going to kill her.”

“It’s fine. I just never want to have anything to do with her again.”

“You’re not even going to report her to the police?” Hae-kyung asked incredulously.

“Noona please, just let it go.” He replied quietly.

Hae-kyung looked at him for a while before wrapping him in a hug. He rarely ever called her ‘noona’ and when he did, it usually meant he was hurting deeply. “It’s going to be alright, it’s not your fault.” She echoed his words back to him.

Ki-joon rarely received comfort from his elder sister, they’ve both been through a lot but he had always tried to always be the one comforting her. He felt his heart grow light as she embraced him and tears welled up in his eyes. He couldn’t put into words how much he had loved Ma-ri and the fact that even when she abused him and treated him badly, he still wanted to be with her made him feel worse. He sighed as tears rolled down his cheeks and Hae-kyung hugged him tighter, willing that her baby brother’s pain would go away.


Hae-Kyung’s Love Chapter 1


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Kim So-eun as Lee Hae-kyung

Lee Soo-hyuk as Seo Hwan-gun

Uee as Hong Ah-reum

Sung Joon as Han Ki-joon

Hae-kyung sat at her desk at work and stared out the window, the falling rain and dark skies mirrored her mood. She was not feeling very well that day but she couldn’t miss going to work because she had an important ad campaign she needed to finish. She sighed and rubbed her temples, trying to massage away the headache. Her intercom buzzed.

“Yes Secretary Jung.” She said.

“The CEO wants to see you in his office.” Secretary Jung replied.

“Alright, I’ll be there in a few minutes.” She slipped on her pumps, straightened her skirt and went out of her office. The CEO never called her separately unless he had a favour to ask her. She got to the door of his office and told his secretary to let him know she was there.

“Hwaejangnim, department head Lee Hae-kyung is here.” The secretary said and Hae-kyung heard him tell her to let her in. “Please go in.” She said.

Hae-kyung entered the office of the CEO of the ad agency she worked for. He was sitting in his chair, finishing a call. He beckoned her to take a seat on the couch while he finished his call.

“Arasso, I’ll take care of it don’t you worry. Alright, drive safely.” He said and finished his call. “Hae-kyungah, what would you like to drink? Coffee? Tea?”

“I’m fine.” She replied.

“Right. The reason I called you is because I need a favour.” He said with a smile.

Hae-kyung smiled back, “Who is it this time?” The CEO was a very friendly man, he looked really formidable on the outside but he had a really soft heart. He was loved and respected by all his employees as a compassionate boss and he was revered by his clients as an upright and responsible businessman.

“My friend’s son has just returned from America and is coming to head one of the new branches of his father’s hotels opening up in Seoul. He just called me and asked me to help him with a promotion campaign that will garner some attention for the hotel. I told him that I’ll send him the best person I have for the job and that’s you.”

Hae-kyung liked the CEO, he was fond of her, praised her when she did a good job and let her know whenever he wasn’t satisfied with anything. He was kind to everyone, but even the other employees knew that he loved her just a little more than an employee. He treated her like a daughter and asked her advice on many issues. “How soon do you want me to meet him?” She asked.

“Do you have time today?”

She thought about her headache and having to drive in the rain, but she couldn’t turn down a favour when he asked so nicely. “I only have to finish fine-tuning the campaign for Taesung cars and send it down to their office.”

“You can pass that onto someone else, this is a little more pressing. The hotel is having its grand opening in a few weeks, there is not much time left.”

“Okay, I’ll do my best. I can leave right away if you want me to.” She said, standing up.

“Here’s the address, I wrote it down before you came in.” He handed her a piece of paper.

She narrowed her eyes at him and he smiled sheepishly. “You knew I wouldn’t refuse, didn’t you?”

“Drive safely.” He said and she bowed and left his office. She stopped by her office briefly to get her bag and jacket and to mail the project she was working on to another one of her colleagues before she left the office.

By the time she turned into the intersection leading to the address, the rain had stopped falling and the sun shone brightly. She wound down her window to let the after-smell of the rain in. She did love the smell of rain even if she didn’t like the rain itself. She just pulled up at a red light when suddenly, a car hit her from behind. She grabbed the back of her neck and gasped.

“What the hell?” She said, getting down from her car to examine the damage.

“I’m so sorry.” A voice said from behind her. She turned around and saw a tall man in a pinstriped suit standing behind her.

“What the hell?!” She felt her anger rising and the headache that she thought was going away came back with a vengeance. She glanced at her watch and it was almost 12:30, she only had less than 10 minutes to get to her meeting. She didn’t have time to get into an argument with this man.

“I said I was sorry. I…”

“Listen, I don’t have time to do this with you right now, I have an important meeting to get to. Just give me your number and I’ll call you as soon as my meeting is over.” She held out her hand waiting impatiently for him to hand his phone over.

He held out his phone and started to say something when she snatched it out of his hand and keyed in her number and saved it as ‘woman whom I owe’. She dialed her number from his phone and saved his number in her phone as ‘jerk who hit my car’.

“Isn’t that a bit unfair? I haven’t done anything to be called a jerk.” He narrowed his eyes peeking at the name she used.

“I’m in a bad mood and I’m taking it out on you. Wae?” She turned around and marched angrily back to her car. She started the engine and drove away muttering to herself about how she wished she could have yelled at him. “I wonder what he was doing that he hadn’t been focusing. I’m going to go to this meeting with a headache now because of that jerk. Aish!!” She exclaimed and held her head with one hand. She was going to have to take the rest of the day off with the way she was feeling. She pulled into the parking lot of the office building with only two minutes to spare and she hurried up the stairs to the elevator. She prided herself on her punctuality, she always arrived at least 5 minutes early for her meetings. She glanced at her watch, 56 seconds remaining. “Aish, because of that jerk.” She rapidly pushed the button and soon enough, the elevator came down. She got on it and hit the 5th floor button. She arranged her hair and appearance in the elevator. She wanted to make a good impression, not only for the sake of her pride and track record but also for the sake of her boss who trusted her and chose her specially.

She arrived at the door that had the nameplate CEO Seo Hwan-gun on it. There was no secretary, so she proceeded to knock the door. A voice called from inside and told her to come in, so she did.

“I’ll be with you in a moment.” He called from behind a closed door which she assumed was the restroom. She took a seat opposite his desk and pulled out her phone to do a quick research on him. Since she had to leave immediately her boss told her, she hadn’t had a chance to look him up. She entered his name into the search engine and the picture that came up shocked her. It was the jerk who hit her car.

“Damnit.” She said quietly. “Damnit! Damnit!! Damnit!!!” There goes her good impression. Just then, he walked out from behind the closed door, his suit jacket absent, and both sleeves rolled up to his forearm. She stood up to greet him. “Annyeonghaseyo, Lee Hae-kyungibnida.” ‘What in the world?! How did he even arrive before me? Please don’t be petty, please don’t be petty.’ She thought to herself.

Hwan-gun stared at the woman standing in front of him and felt a smile begin to tug at the corner of his mouth. “How may I help you Lee Hae-kyungssi?” He asked walking to his chair and taking a seat. He indicated that she take a seat and she did.

“I’m from Focus ad agency, CEO Choi sent me.” She said, trying to sound confident.

“Are you still in a bad mood?” He asked suddenly.


“Before, you said you were in a bad mood.”

“Ah that. I’m sorry I was mean to you earlier, I am not feeling well today. I was having a headache. you see and the accident kind of made it worse.” She explained.

“I’m really sorry about hitting you earlier. I was a little out of it because I wasn’t concentrating on the road.” He said.

“Neh mwo, it can happen to anybody that’s why they’re called accidents.”

“Alright, I’m glad we’ve cleared that up. Now, shall we get down to business?”

Hae-kyung spent the next twenty minutes outlining all the different strategies he could employ in getting exposure for his hotel’s opening. As she talked, she rubbed her temples slightly with one hand, the headache was getting worse and she felt like she might throw up. She paused to take a deep breath in the middle of explaining one of the design concepts to him.

“Are you feeling okay? Is your headache very bad?” Hwan-gun asked carefully.

“I’ll be fine. As soon as I’m done here, I’ll be able to take some medicine and get some rest.” She replied.

He reached into his desk drawer and pulled out a bottle of painkillers. “I always keep this on hand because after having meetings all day I get headaches too.” He pushed the bottle towards her.

“I’m really okay.” Hae-kyung replied. She felt embarrassed for taking her bad mood out on him before since he seemed like such a nice guy.

“You can’t continue working if you’re not feeling well. We can always reschedule the meeting.”

“No. The hotel’s grand opening is in a few weeks we don’t have much time left.” She replied. He nudged the bottle closer to her with a finger and she sighed and opened it up. She took out two pills and popped it into her mouth. “As I was saying…” She said and continued to explain while Hwan-gun listened attentively. After she was done, Hwan-gun told her that he was pleased with all that he had heard and decided to go along with making an ad campaign that would showcase the hotel in a welcoming light.

“Would you like to go to lunch with me?” He asked.

“Excuse me?” She wasn’t quite sure where this was going.

“Lunch. It’s time.” He replied as if it was the most natural thing in the world for them to eat lunch together.

“Erm, I brought my car and I need to get back to the office.” She said. ‘This guy’s a little strange.’ She thought to herself.

“I thought you were going to get some rest, aren’t you planning on taking the rest of the day off?” He asked.

“I haven’t informed my boss yet.” She said and pulled out her cellphone. She dialed CEO Choi’s number and he answered on the second ring.

“Eo. How did it go?”

“Fine. Is it okay if I take the rest of the day off? I’m not feeling very well today.” She said.

“Are you all done with your work?”


“Alright, take care of yourself and get some rest.”

“Kamsahabnida.” She said and hung up. “What am I going to do about my car though?” She asked Hwan-gun after hanging up.

“I could always bring you back to pick it up.” He shrugged.

Hae-kyung narrowed her eyes at him, “It’s just lunch, right?”

“Have you been duped all your life?’ He asked with a smile. “It’s to celebrate us working together.”

“Alright, let’s go.” She said and they walked out of the office. As soon as they got into the car, Hae-kyung’s cellphone began to ring. “Eo Hye-sooya.” She said when she answered, it was her lifelong friend Jung Hye-soo.

“Ya, guess what.” Hye-soo said excitedly.

“What? You know how much I hate guessing games.” Hae-kyung replied while Hwan-gun drove.

“I’m getting married.” Hye-soo said and squealed.

Hae-kyung was so shocked she almost choked on her tongue. “What?!”

“I’m getting married. Jin-youngie proposed.” Hye-soo said.

“I don’t believe this, married?” Hae-kyung felt her chest tighten and she clenched her left hand so tight her nails dug into her palm.

“You don’t sound happy. Why don’t you sound happy?” Hye-soo asked, finally realizing through her happy haze that something was wrong with her friend.

“Of course I’m happy. You guys have been together for so long. When is the wedding?” Hae-kyung asked, swallowing the lump in her throat and trying to sound cheerful for her friend.

“In three weeks.” Hye-soo replied.

“Are you pregnant, why are you getting married so soon?”

“Why wait when he and I have already been together for four years? You’ll come, won’t you?”

Hae-kyung forced a smile though her friend couldn’t see it. “Of course, do you have anyone but me? Are you having it in Seoul or down in Ulsan?”

“Of course we’re having it here in Ulsan, all my family is down here.” Hye-soo replied.

“Alright. Is there anything you need me to help you with?”

“Ani. I’m leaving everything to a professional wedding planner, all you need to do is show up. Preferably with a date.” Hye-soo said and Hae-kyung snorted. She could practically see her friend’s eyes twinkling.

“Ya, dwaekeodeon.”

“If you don’t have one, I’ll be forced to set you up with someone from Jin-youngie’s family and trust me he’s the best of the lot.” Hye-soo said, releasing a long-suffering sigh.

“I’ll handle that by myself thank you very much.” Hae-kyung replied rolling her eyes.

“Arasso Arasso. I’ll talk to you later.” Hye-soo said and hung up.

Hae-kyung dropped her phone in her bag and wiped her hand across her brow, she was starting to sweat though the AC was on in the car.

Hwan-gun who had been stealing glances at her while she talked to her friend, finally spoke up.

“Are you okay? You look a little sick. Is the headache back?”

“I’m fine. My friend just dropped a bomb on me that’s all.” Hae-kyung replied and looked out the window.

“Is she okay?’ Hwan-gun asked.

“Oh, she’s fine. She’s getting married.” Hae-kyung said trying to keep the bitterness out of her voice.

“That’s good news.” He smiled.

“Yeah sure.” She murmured.

“Are you jealous?” He asked incredulously.

“Jealous! Me! Ridiculousness!” Hae-kyung sputtered. What the hell was he insinuating?

Hwan-gun laughed. “You are jealous. Do you have a boyfriend?”

“What has that got to do with anything?”

“Well if you have a boyfriend, especially one you love dearly, you wouldn’t want to wait to start a life with him.”

“You speak like such an expert. I’m assuming you have a girlfriend?” Hae-kyung said raising an eyebrow at him.

“I don’t have a girlfriend.” He said.

“See, you can’t be an expert.”

“I have a fiancée.” He laughed.

Hae-kyung’s jaw dropped. “You must love her a lot to want to get married.”

“We like each other well enough.” Hwan-gun shrugged as he turned into the restaurant parking lot.

“Like? You don’t love each other?” Hae-kyung asked.

“Hae-kyungssi, love can happen any time. All that we need is to be able to at least stand each other and my fiancée and I have been friends for a very long time, so eventually there will be love.” He said and got out of the car. He came over to her side and opened her door for her.

Hae-kyung got out of the car and walked beside him till they entered the restaurant. While they were waiting to be seated, a woman walked past them and suddenly turned around and walked towards them.

“Gunah.” She called out as she approached them and Hwan-gun turned to the woman and greeted her with a smile.

“Ah-reumah, what are you doing here?” He asked.

“I just finished having lunch with a friend of mine. What are you doing here?”

“This is Lee Hae-kyung, she’s going to be helping me with the hotel promotions and such. Lee Hae-kyungssi, this is my fiancée, Hong Ah-reum.” Hwan-gun said and made the introductions.

“Lee Hae-kyung.” Ah-reum studied her face like she had seen her before. “Heokshi, did you go to Myosang high?”

“Yes, I did. How did you know that?” Hae-kyung asked puzzled.

“I went to the same school. I transferred out in junior high and went to America so that might be why you don’t remember me. I used to sit behind you in class.” Ah-reum smiled at her and hoped she would remember her.

“Hong Ah-reum. Hong Ah-reum. Hong Ah-reum?!” Hae-kyung said in surprise when she finally remembered her. “Wow, you got a whole lot prettier. What happened to your glasses, they were so cute?” Hae-kyung smiled back at her.

“Contacts.” She said pointing at her eyes. “It’s so nice to see you again. You look just the same as when we were in school. Are you still breaking hearts all over the place?” Ah-reum asked.

Hae-kyung blushed. “What are you talking about?”

“Eyy, don’t be modest now. All the boys loved you back then. Do you know how many girls wanted to pull your hair out just because the boys they liked fell over themselves for you?”

“Ladies, I’m sure you’re having fun catching up but Hae-kyungssi and I need to go and have our lunch now. I’m starving and I still need to get back to work.” Hwan-gun spoke up finally interrupting the little reunion.

“Ah mian mian. Hae-kyungah, give me your phone number and I’ll contact you later. My friend is probably waiting for me outside and wondering what happened to me.” Ah-reum said, handing her phone to Hae-kyung for her to input her number. Hae-kyung did and returned the phone to her. “I’ll see you later Gunah.” She said and waved at them before leaving.

“She’s just as nice as I remembered her. She was very shy back in school and she didn’t talk much. Small world, I can’t believe she’s your fiancée.”

They finally sat down to their lunch. “You know I could totally see you leaving a trail of broken hearts behind you in high school.” Hwan-gun said after watching her for a while.

“What are you even talking about? It wasn’t that bad. I just got a few notes here and there that’s all.” Hae-kyung replied and swallowed her mouthful.

“How come you’re not married? I mean giving how popular you were someone should have snatched you up by now.” Hwan-gun said and Hae-kyung clenched her left hand into a fist so painfully her nails began to dig into her palm.

“I don’t want to talk about it.” She replied. She looked down and tried to concentrate on her food but her vision began to blur as tears filled her eyes. She reached for a napkin and dabbed at her eyes. ‘Damnit, I’m not going to cry in front of a stranger.’

Hwan-gun studied her bent head and noticed she was looking sick again, just like she was when her friend had told her she was getting married. He wondered what was wrong with her.

“Are you okay? Is the food not to your liking?” Hwan-gun knew it wasn’t the food, he knew there was something else bothering her but he didn’t know how to ask her what it was without sounding nosy.

“I’m fine, the food is fine.” She replied. She tried to eat some more but she found that she had lost her appetite and she couldn’t swallow.

“Do you want to leave?” He asked.

“If you don’t mind.” She replied.

“Alright, let’s go.” They left the restaurant and he drove her back to his office to pick up her car. “I’ll see you tomorrow.” He said when she got into her car and started the engine. As she drove away, Hwan-gun felt something settle in his chest, he was beginning to worry about her.

My Favourite K-drama Women in 2016


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There were so quite a number of good dramas this year and I decided to compile a list of some of my favourite women from some of my favourite dramas from 2016. This list is not in order of ranking so it’s not me picking which woman I liked most or which one I liked least. These are just women who I either want to be or want to be friends with because they are so awesome. There might be some spoilers, so proceed with caution.

1. Shin Se-kyung as Boon-yi From Six Flying Dragonsrestmb_jhidxmake

Boon-yi’s life began when her mother left her and her older brother Ddang-sae (played by actor Byun Yo-han) and just upped and disappeared one day. After a while, she ended up being separated from her brother too and became truly alone in the world. While she was young, she met Lee Bang-won (played by actor Yoo Ah-in) with whom she became allies after he promised to get his father to use his power to find her friend’s mother. As she grew up, she became the leader of her village people and helped them secretly farm lands to avoid the heavy taxes they had to pay. They were soon caught by the government and she was made to watch some of her people be killed because of their rebellion. She and Lee Bang-won meet again in the future after she robbed him of his clothing and after she set the government storehouse on fire, Lee Bang-won starts to fall in love with her.

Six Flying Dragons is one of my favourite dramas of the year and Boon-yi became one of my favourite heroines of the year. She was an embodiment of bravery, passion for her people, and wisdom beyond her years. She and Lee Bang-won are also one of my favourite couples of the year and my heart will forever be broken because Shin Se-kyung and Yoo Ah-in do not get a happy ending again this time. (They were together in Fashion King as well). I would break down in tears at random times and at random places after this drama ended and I was so devastated that I couldn’t listen to any songs from the OST without crying. Such was my love for the 4th Flying Dragon, Boon-yi. Representative of the People and the love of Lee Bang-won’s life.

2. Han Ye-ri as Cheok Sa-gwang from Six Flying Dragonssixdragons29-00513

Cheok Sa-gwang (played by the very beautiful Han Ye-ri) was the greatest swordsman in all of Goryeo but she hated killing people. She always wore a mask to prevent her face from being seen and this helped her escape from the life and title of being greatest swordsman in Goryeo for a while. All she wanted was to live quietly with the man she loved (who also happened to be the last King of Goryeo) but because of the ambition of Lee Seong-gye, Jung Do-jeon, and Jung Mong-joo, she ended up having to come out of retirement to defend the lives of the people she loved.

Honestly, Six Flying Dragons is chock-full of awesome women however, these two ended up being my favourite because they were women who were neither good nor bad, they were only women who believed in what they believed in and worked hard to protect those beliefs and the people they cared about.

3. Hyeri as Jung Geu-rin from Entertainercgx2zkzuuaisxta

Okay, I know Hyeri is not the greatest actress out there, but her character as Jung Geu-rin (Green) was so endearing and adorable. In Entertainer, she acted as Jo Haneul’s (played by Kang Min-hyuk) very protective adopted elder sister/manager when he joined the Ttantara band and she was also Shin Suk-ho’s (played by Ji Sung) love interest. At first I was really wary of that potential pairing because Ji Sung is much older than Hyeri and a million times better at acting than Hyeri but Jung Geu-rin turned out to be a breath of fresh air. She was cute but not overtly so, her character was also like a soft, soothing balm on the wounds of the other characters who needed her to calm the occasional storms in their lives.

4. Chae Jung-ahn as Yeo Min-joo from Entertainerentertainer4

Chae Jung-ahn’s Yeo Min-joo is that awesome big sister everyone wishes they had. She knows how to have fun and will spoil you, but she will also scold you with love and keep all your secrets. She’s the one you look for when you need some really strong advice but she’s also the one you call when you need bail money after doing something stupid with your friends. Awesome from start to finish, and she had the cutest romance with the cutest Single Daddy in the world (Na Yeon-soo played by newcomer Lee Tae-sun).

5. Seo Ye-ji as Shim Soon-deok from Moorim School


I don’t care what anyone says about Moorim School, that drama was one of my favourite dramas of the year. It was ridiculously cute but oh so addictive. Shim Soon-deok is a badass martial artist with aegyo for days, proving that there is such a thing as the best of both worlds. Her amazing chemistry with Lee Hyun-woo also helped me in enjoying this drama. She attends the Moorim Institute by day (against her father’s will) and works at a fried chicken place by night to make some money. On one of her chicken errands, she gets entangled in a plot to discredit K-pop star, who also happens to be losing his hearing, Yoon Shi-woo (played by Lee Hyun-woo). Shin-woo has to escape the public’s changing attitude and ends up at Moorim School, where he learns a secret about himself and falls in love with the awesomely badass Soon-deok.

6. Jung Eu-gene as Hwang Sun-ah


Hwang Sun-ah is just as badass as Soon-deok, in fact they are the two best fighters in the school as well as best friends and roommates. Sun-ah also ends up learning a secret about herself over the course of the drama and ends up in a relationship with Wang Chi-ang (played by Vixx’s Lee Hongbin).

7. Song Hye-kyo as Kang Mo-yeon from Descendants of the Sunvlcsnap-2016-03-12-03h39m24s589

This drama is my re-discovery of Song Hye-kyo. I was initially put off at the thought of her playing this character since I didn’t really like her previous performance in That Winter The Wind Blows but I trusted Kim Eun-sook since she writes her heroines in such a way that I can’t help but be enamored with them. Of course, Song Hye-kyo brought so much life to her character of Kang Mo-yeon. A doctor who believes every life is worth saving and would do anything to save a life. She ends up falling in love with Captain Yoo Si-jin of the Alpha Team (played by Song Joong-ki). Their chemistry is something that needs to be experienced and helped along with the ridiculously witty and cheesy dialogue from Kim Eun-sook’s genius brain, my summer months were filled with butterflies.

8. Lee Ji-eun (IU) as Hae Soo from Scarlet Heart: Ryeo7a9d712d-a6ff-4f8a-a972-2644819cd318

This is another casting I wasn’t too sure about because Lee Ji-eun is much younger than Lee Jun-ki who was her love interest in this drama. I was so wary because in Lee Jun-ki’s previous drama, Scholar Who Walks The  Night, he was cast opposite Lee Yoo-bi who is much younger than he is and has a baby-face to boot. It was awkward watching that drama and it didn’t help that they didn’t have any chemistry whatsoever.

Lee Ji-eun plays Go Ha-jin, a 21st century woman who almost drowns in a river and somehow ends up in 4th century Goryeo in the body of Hae Soo, a young noblewoman. She has to navigate her new life in this strange time and ends up catching the eye of a few princes. She had to deal with palace intrigues as she gets swept up in the battle for the throne when the man she loves decided he wanted to become king. One of my favourite things about Hae Soo was her large heart, it ended up being her undoing because she got so heartbroken by all the deaths (her cousin dies and her foster mother dies) and suffering (her best friend betrays her, her first love abandons her, and the man she loves becomes a monster in front of her eyes) she experienced, she soon became sick of it and eventually died. She went from headstrong young girl to tired world-weary woman over the course of her life and the drama. Scarlet Heart: Ryeo was definitely one of the best dramas of the year and one of my forever favourites. I would definitely recommend it, if you don’t care to be a sobbing, emotional mess at the end.

9. SNSD Seohyun as Princess Woo-hee from Scarlet Heart: Ryeoseohyun-scarlet-heart-goryeo

Princess Woo-hee is the daughter of the last King of the Shilla dynasty and she has a bitter grudge against Wang Geon (the current king of the Goryeo dynasty) because he killed her family. She lives at a gibang (a house of gisaengs) where she trains to be a dancer (and also secretly plots her assassination of the king). She meets Wang Baek-ah (played by Nam Joo-hyuk) who pretends to be a musician at first although he’s one of the princes and gets attached to him. She soon discovers that their love cannot be after she accidentally stabs him while trying to kill his father. They try to work it out for a while and they succeed, until another king ascends the throne and wants to wipe out the rest of her family. They weather that storm too however, their love story just wasn’t meant to end well because she ends up having to sacrifice herself for the unity of the country. I’m not even gonna lie, their love story was so underdeveloped but so damn cute I cried hot tears when she died.

10. Z-Hera as Park Soon-deok from Scarlet Heart: Ryeo


Park Soon-deok is the daughter of Great General Park Soo-kyung, and there are only two things she loves in her life. Fighting and Prince Wang Eun (played by EXO’s Baekhyun). When she was younger, she was a tomboy and Wang Eun was the only boy who thought she was cute. She nursed the biggest crush on him and when she grew up, she decided she was going to marry him. She even killed a bear for him, true love I tell you. Wang Eun wsa having none of that because he was nursing a crush on Hae Soo, who at the time was in love with Prince Wang Wook and saw no one but him (until he abandoned her). Soon-deok managed to marry Eun and eventually win his heart. But just when they start to enjoy being together, Wang Yo (who killed his brother and became king) arrests them on trumped up charges of treason and kills the both if them.

Moral of this story, do not fall in love with a Goryeo Prince, you will die.

11. Park Hye-soo as Yoo Eun-jae, Ryu Hwa-young as Kang Yi-na, Han Ye-ri as Yoon Jin-myung, Park Eun-bin as Song Ji-won, and Han Seung-yeon as Jung Ye-eun from Age Of Youth (The Girls of Belle Epoque)


Age of Youth is possibly one of the cutest dramas about female friendship that I have ever seen. It is a story about 5 girls who live in a share house named Belle Epoque and their different lives. Eun-jae, far left (played by Park Hye-soo) is the youngest and is in her first year in college. She is painfully shy at first and can’t make coherent sentences, however she hides a huge secret. Jin-myung, second left (played by Han Ye-ri) is the oldest and in her final year of college. She has a very hard life and works three jobs to be able to pay off the loans in hospital bills her mother has saddled her with. She rarely laughs and tries not to deal with the other girls too much. Yi-na, middle (played by Ryu Hwa-young) is the second oldest and lives a very lavish lifestyle which she finances through her sugar daddies, however she struggles to find meaning in her life because she suffers from survivor’s guilt after surviving a terrible accident. Ji-won, second right (played by Park Eun-bin) is a journalism student at the same university as Eun-jae and Ye-eun. All she wants is to get a boyfriend and she’s the type to fall in love at the drop of a hat. She’s the bubbliest of them all and tries to act as mood-maker in the house. Ye-eun, far right (played by Han Seung-yeon) is a nutrition student at the same university as Eun-jae and Ji-won. She’s extremely dedicated to her boyfriend even when he’s a total jerk to her. She is sometimes brash and tactless but she is kind when she needs to be. She is also obsessed with not gaining weight. The girls’ friendship develops over the course of the drama as they band together to help one another through difficult situations whether it’s saving the youngest Eun-jae from being attacked, helping oldest Jin-myung work one of her jobs when she gets stuck out of town, comforting Jin-myung when her brother dies and her mother goes to prison, or going to rescue Ye-eun when she gets kidnapped. They laughed together and cried together and helped each other through whatever curve ball life threw at them.

Honourable Mentions: Park Shi-eun as Lady Hae and Woo Hee-jin as Lady Oh from Scarlet Heart: Ryeo

Two women who also fatally loved Goryeo Princes.

Lady Hae (left) was Hae Soo’s cousin who was married to Prince Wang Wook and loved him very dearly. She has a very kind heart and tells her husband to go ahead and marry Hae Soo after she dies because the jerk told her that he was in love with Hae Soo.

After the death of Lady Hae, Hae Soo has to become a court lady because she cut herself trying to prevent the king from marrying her. Since the king had once proposed to her, she became the king’s woman whether he married her or not and no one else was allowed to marry her unless the king released her. She enters the palace as a court lady and Lady Oh takes her under her wing, after much punishment that is. Hae Soo wormed her way into Lady Oh’s heart and Lady Oh became the mother she didn’t have. It turns out Lady Oh and the King (Wang Geon) loved each other at some point in their life and the King had convinced her he wasn’t interested in the throne and would do anything for her, until he became interested in the throne and abandoned her (you know, I’m starting to think there is something awfully evil about that throne). When Hae Soo is accused of trying to kill the crown prince and is sentenced to death, Lady Oh takes her place and sacrifices herself but not before she tells Hae Soo to be careful about falling for a prince because at the end of the day, they will abandon her. If only Hae Soo had listened to mother, because mother always knows best.

So, those are some of my favourite women from k-dramas this year. It has been a really good year for dramas, a lot of good ones came out this year. Goodbye, until my next blog post.

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Descendants of the Sun Series Review


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I would have loved, more than anything, to be able to write all the recaps of each episode but life happened and I got buried under everything and before I knew it, the finale arrived.

This drama reminded me of why I dearly love Kim Eun-sook’s stories, not that I ever forgot thanks to my endless re-watching of Heirs. I’ve heard a lot of people say that the felt a disconnect from the drama after the Urk episodes ended, but I disagree with that. One of the things I love about Kim Eun-sook is how character-centered her dramas are. It’s always about people and their lives. The Urk episodes were just a chapter in the lives of the characters and when that chapter ended, they moved on to another chapter. Life in Seoul. Danger doesn’t only exist in war-torn countries, and the Seoul episodes also proved that.

What I liked:

  1. The story. This drama is contending with Heirs for my favourite Writer Kim drama and so far they are neck and neck. I loved the simplicity of the story which is truly Writer Kim’s trademark. Sure on the outside, her stories may look farfetched and out of this world, but if you strip away all the pomp and glitter, it’s just a story of people falling in love and struggling for that love.
  2. The Characters. I have family in the military so this drama became special to me on a deep level because I was able to experience it much differently than maybe others would. I sympathized with every single one of them even the minor ones, I felt their struggles and their pain and I saw them as real people and not just characters in a drama.
  3. The OST. The OST is one of my favourites, Always and This Love always bring me so many emotions.
  4. The Cinematography. I have no way to describe this except that one needs to watch it to really see it.


What I didn’t like:

There are only two things I really don’t like about Writer Kim’s dramas, her depiction of foreigners (this drama is not different than most other K-dramas in that sense honestly) and the over-saturation of product placements. I do realize that dramas require a lot of money to be made and I’m grateful to the sponsors because they allow me to watch so many awesome dramas, but one of Kim Eun-sook’s weakness is merging PPL into the plot. She managed to sell Samsung’s waterproof feature amazingly well, see Mo-yeon’s confession at the end of episode 8, but everything else almost made my eyes glaze over.

Here are a few screenshots from the series finale, I’m going to miss this drama a lot and I look forward to Writer Kim’s next drama, like I always do.



Is it really you?


Sorry I left


I Missed You



I’m sorry.


Hyung is back, Ki-bumah


Look at this. No, I want to look at you.


You’re so pretty


I know right?


Fan-boy Dae-young


Dae-young enjoys Red Velvet


Dae-young REALLY enjoys Red Velvet


Exhibit A


It wasn’t me, honest.


Father, I’m Pregnant.


Fall into my eyes Ja-ae




Beauty and Big Boss


*Puking Rainbows*


Didn’t even get to see the bride.


Hmm, Smell of Weddings


Onew Breaks The Fourth Wall.


Man, I’m going to lose another heel.


Why Now?


Sigh, Paperwork


Must Wipe Lipstick Before Going Into Battle


Get Up Sang-hyun


But I’m On Vacation


Here We Go Again

Drama Spotlight: Moorim School


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Moorim School aired a while ago but I just decided to do a spotlight now because my brain feels like it’ll implode from trying to get my Descendants of the Sun episode 10 recap done.


Moorim school is basically about four people, Yoon Shi-woo (played by Lee Hyun-woo), Wang Chi-ang (Played by Vixx’s Hongbin), Shim Soon-deok (played by Seo Ye-ji) and Hwang Sun-ah (played by Jung Eugene).

Yoon Shi-woo is an idol singer who starts losing his hearing and has become expendable to his company. They scheme a plot to destroy his reputation and have him leave the industry since his contract is almost up anyway.

Wang Chi-ang is the illegitimate son of Wang Hao, a Chinese businessman (played by Lee Bum-soo), whose only joy in life is his mother.

Hwang Sun-ah is the daughter of Hwang Moo-seong, the Dean of Moorim School, and also attends the school.

Shim Soon-deok is the daughter of a blind man, she works a part-time job at a chicken restaurant and is best friends and roommates with Sun-ah.

Chi-ang meets Shi-woo for the first time in his father’s hotel and it’s hate at first sight. Shi-woo can’t stand him because he thinks Chi-ang is arrogant without reason and Chi-ang hates him because he thinks he has not talent. Soon-deok is on one of business days and camps out in front of the hall where Shi-woo is performing to sell dumplings. Sun-ah has snuck out of school to watch Shi-woo perform against her father’s wishes. As the performance is going on, Shi-woo suddenly loses his hearing and at the same time an accident occurs. A light falls and it’s headed straight for him but he can’t hear everyone telling him to get out of the way. He looks up just in time before the light hits him and stops it with his force. Sun-ah notices this and tells him to come to Moorim School if he wants to get his hearing fixed. Later that day, Shi-woo and his ex-girlfriend meet but unknown to him, the ex-girlfriend is a trap his company set to destroy his career. They hired some guys to pretend to be thugs and harass the girl and they set paparazzi on him to catch everything. Soon-deok who is passing after a day of successful business notices that Shi-woo getting into his car and driving off after the paparazzi to get the camera and back and thinks he ran away to save himself. She beats up the thugs and does an interview with a journalist who just happened to be standing there (part of his company’s plot) on how Shi-woo just left the girl standing there and went off on his own.

His career is ruined but he remembers the girl telling him to go to Moorim School if he wanted to get his hearing fixed and decides to try to find this school. Meanwhile, Chi-ang’s father wants him to go to Moorim School but the boy doesn’t want to be away from his mother. His father’s men all but kidnap and take him to the school. On the way over, he pretends like he needs the toilet and when they let him out of the car, he runs straight for a cliff, loses his footing and falls in the water. Soon-deok happens to see him and pulls him out of the water, saving his life. Chi-ang’s father promises to take his mother back to China with him (which is Chi-ang’s only wish) if Chi-ang will go to Moorim School and he agrees. They have Soon-deok take him since she’s also attending the school, albeit without her father knowing, and that’s where she and Chi-ang run into Shi-woo again. He’s trying to find his way to the school since you have to be a student to be able to access the school which is in the middle of the forest. He sees Soon-deok and realizes she’s the girl who gave the interview that ruined his life and he gets mad at her. Chi-ang warns him not to yell at Soon-deok and they get into a fight. They roll around a bit when suddenly the school appears in front of them, the seal has been opened. Welcome to Moorim School.

Okay, this drama reminded me a lot of Harry Potter when I was watching it, since it had a lot of supernatural elements and I even renamed the characters to give them matching Harry Potter character names. Yoon Shi-woo became Shi-woo Potter, Wang Chi-ang was Chi-ang Longbottom, Shim-Soon-deok was Soon-deok Granger (my Harry/Hermione ship) and Hwang Sun-ah was Sun-ah Lovegood (because she’s awesome like Luna). I had a lot of other cool names too for the other characters too but that would take a while to write.

What I liked:

  1. The Premise. Like I said, the drama reminded me a lot of Harry Potter and that is one of my favourite series ever.
  2. The Characters. There was a huge variety of characters from all over the world in this drama, Europeans, Africans, English, and of course Asians. I loved that the writer tried to be diverse but there were some ridiculous things too. There are no moose in Ghana, okay writernim?
  3. The Soundtrack. I love the soundtrack. I’ve got one of the songs as my ringtone right now. There were a few fast-paced songs like this and this and my personal favourite, this, but there were some other smoother ones like thisthis, and this. Depending on what’s your flavour.
  4. The chemistry between the characters. I loved the romance, the bromance, the womance, the side romance they were all so cute.


What I didn’t like:

The Pace. The writer dropped the ball around the 8th episode as far as I’m concerned. The drama was initially scheduled for 20 episodes but was cut down to 16 due to low ratings and I think at that point about 12 episodes were already filmed. The writer now had only four episodes left to finish up her story which took her about 6 episodes to set up. We ended up being rushed through everything and at the end of the day we got a happy ending but not a very satisfying journey.

Would I watch Moorim School again? Maybe when there’s nothing else to watch and with a lot of fast forward.

Critical rating: 5/10.

Emotional rating: 7/10. I really enjoyed it, flaws and all.

OST rating: 9/10.


Lee Hyun-woo as Yoon Shi-woo


Seo Ye-ji as Shim Soon-deok


Jung Eugene as Hwang Sun-ah


Hongbin as Wang Chi-ang


Shin Hyun-joon as Hwang Moo-sung


Shin Sung-woo as Chae Yoon

Image credit to all original owners.

Descendants of the Sun episode 9 recap


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Mo-yeon runs into the room, grabs her phone and runs right out again. Daniel comments that music really does change a lot of things and Si-jin figures he’s the one in the middle of the change. Si-jin leaps out of the window shocking poor Daniel and cuts of Mo-yeon’s exit. Mo-yeon wonders how he’s in front of her when she clearly just left him in the room upstairs and Si-jin replies that he kinda has an advantage, special training and all that. *I just have to say, I love all the faces that Mo-yeon makes. They are so cute and funny.* She complains about him using his powers for personal reasons instead of protecting the country and he says it’s because she totally just broadcasted how crazy about him she is all over the base. She says that he did say that there needed to be doctors who did broadcast, besides why was he listening to someone else’s recording? He says he wasn’t listening that he just happened to hear it and she says that even if that’s true, how could he have just listened to it all the way? *She is so cute when she’s embarrassed.* Si-jin moves closer to her and she backs away. He says she confessed when she thought she was going to die and changed her mind when she survived and Mo-yeon replies that it wasn’t a confession. Si-jin reminds her that it was her voice over the speaker before but she denies it. When he points out that the phone is hers, she says it’s not even a phone. *I’m dying here. Why is she so cute?* She scolds herself for rambling and Si-jin can’t help but smile at her cuteness. He tells her how honoured he feels to be included in her will and she says it’s okay as long as he knows and starts to leave. He holds her arm and tells her that just knowing isn’t enough and when she tries to distract him by pointing to something over his shoulder, he doesn’t fall for it. He tells her to stop rejecting him already and confess to him directly. She promises to not run away and talk to him if he lets go of her arm and when he does, she totally runs out the door. *I love her, where can I get one?*


Ja-ae and Sang-hyun are enjoying a night stroll and Sang-hyun tells her that they should follow in Si-jin and Mo-yeon’s footsteps and kiss between work breaks. Ja-ae acts all scandalized at that idea and Sang-hyun reminds her of his dying wish to get rid of his secret folder. She gets flustered and runs off and Sang-hyun runs after her. Woo-geun, Chul-ho and Kyung-nam soldiers sit behind a building and talk about the confession they just heard. They had placed bets on whether anything was going on between Si-jin and Mo-yeon. Woo-geun lost and he has to pay up. Chul-ho wonders if they have to refer to Mo-yeon as sister-in-law now and Woo-geun says that Si-jin and Mo-yeon would have to get married first. He says he doesn’t like Mo-yeon at all and Kyung-nam and when Kyung-nam asks him why since she’s pretty, hardworking and a successful doctor, he replies that it’s the reason he doesn’t like her. He doesn’t understand why a woman like that would want to be with a soldier. He says she would eventually ask Si-jin to quit the army or transfer when she finds out what they do. Then he totally walks away without paying.

Mo-yeon is trying to have a meeting with her team but they tease her about her confessing her feelings or if we’re going to be formal, Si-jin confessed first. She tells them to at least talk behind her back since they are educated people but they pay no mind and ask her teasingly if their first day is today or tomorrow.  She ends up making a slip about today being their first day and yells at them in frustration to just go back to Korea already.


Chi-hoon is trying to take Min-jae’s blood pressure but his hand is shaking badly and Min-jae requests another doctor. Sang-hyun says there are no other doctors that can treat him and tells him not to treat his doctor like a TV channel that he can just change at will.

Mo-yeon does her to best to avoid running into anyone and creeps along the side of the Medicube. *She is so adorable I really can’t deal.* When she tries to avoid some passing soldiers, she turns around and runs straight into Myeong-ju who wonders what she’s doing. She says she was totally nothing doing anything and Myeong-ju replies that she looked like she was trying to avoid the people because of embarrassment and commends her bravery in wanting to date the captain of the alpha team. Mo-yeon candidly asks her if she’s not scared because of the work Dae-young does. She worries about things like him leaving and not returning and Myeong-ju tells her that she knows every dangerous thing Dae-young and Si-jin do but more than his job, the thing that scares her is not being able to be with him. She figures that as long as they are under the same sky, she’ll be fine. She leaves and Mo-yeon ponders over her words.

Si-jin is sitting outside and playing with the rock from the beach while he broods and Myeong-ju comes up to him, catches the rock, and asks him what’s up. He asks her how she feels about her boyfriend doing such a dangerous job and she sighs at the fact that everyone is treating her like some all-knowing eight ball. She says that Mo-yeon asked her the same question and when Si-jin asks her what she told Mo-yeon, Myeong-ju replies that he get that answer from her. Myeong-ju asks him who he’s going to throw the rock at and he tells her to give it back. She playfully tells him to try taking it from her and she backs away from him, she collides smack with Dae-young’s chest. She starts to walk away and he holds her by her shoulder and comments that she and Si-jin look quite close. He asks her if she’s still mad and she says of course she is. She doesn’t understand why he won’t do that thing that everyone else does with her and it’s not like she’s asking for it three times a day. Si-jin’s mind goes straight to the gutter and he’s all “you mean that thing”. *Boy, calm yourself.* Myeong-ju clarifies that she meant for Dae-young to hold her hand properly and give her hugs but he won’t even do any of that. She hands Si-jin the rock and tells him to please throw it at Dae-young before she walks away.


Life is back to normal for the women as they resume their morning ogling and Ja-ae even refers to the men as Urk’s doves. Ja-ae tells her about the meeting she’s supposed to attend at the UN office and how she’d be late and Mo-yeon just decides to be late while staring dreamily at the jogging soldiers. Min-ji calls out Si-jin’s name and Mo-yeon bolts as far as her legs can carry her, straight into a sea of jogging soldiers. I don’t know which flusters her more, the thought that Si-jin could be behind her or the fact she’s running straight into a sea of half-naked men. Si-jin isn’t actually behind her and Min-ji wonders how she can fall for that. She wonders if they did more than kiss and Ja-ae asks her if it’s true that people kiss between work breaks. *Why are all the women in this drama so adorable?*

Mo-yeon takes a break from running and hides behind a wall, under a window, which Si-jin just happens to be looking out of. She breathes a sigh of relief and turns around only to see him standing there and watching her, chin-in-hand. She almost falls over from shock and asks him how is standing behind her when he was supposed to be all the way over at the women’s end. He replies that he’d been standing here for a while and she realizes she’s been had. He asks her if she’s been tricked and she starts to say it is his fault but she says she’s busy instead. She has a meeting to attend so she starts to leave and he holds her back and says he can just give her a ride since he has to attend the meeting too. She refuses and promises to call him if she’s in trouble again. He tells her to not deny her feelings after she already confessed them since he’ll end up liking her more that way. He tells her she looks extra pretty today and she tells him to stop it. *But your face is totally don’t stop it. Mo-yeonah!* He sees Dae-young approaching and tells Mo-yeon to meet at the gate in 10 minutes before he closes the window and leaves. Mo-yeon shuts the outside window just as Myeong-ju approaches and asks her what she is doing. Mo-yeon leaves without answering Myeong-ju and when Myeong-ju opens the window to see who Mo-yeon was talking to, she sees Dae-young on the other side and because she’s still pissed off at him, she slams the window shut in his face.


Ye-hwa gives the soldiers acupuncture treatments and Ki-bum studies for his GED while he gets his treatment. He asks if Ye-hwa went to school for Oriental Medicine and she replies that she only learned from her dad who was an Eastern Doctor. The men begin to shift uncomfortably because she isn’t certified but she yells at them and gets them to stay still.

Mo-yeon and Si-jin are returning from their meeting at the UN and Mo-yeon comments on how she thought they’d be all serious because of the situation on-hand and Si-jin tells her that humor is a must in serious situations so that the atmosphere is not so tense. She asks him if he’s proud of doing a job that someone has to do and he replies that it’s not conducive for dating which makes her laugh. He asks her how many boyfriends she’s had and she wonders why guys always ask that question. He wants to know who else has asked her that and while she is thinking, the truck goes over a landmine. The truck comes to a stop and Mo-yeon wonders what’s wrong. He tells her not to move and throws a rock in the direction they came. Mo-yeon asks him what it is and he replies that it’s a landmine. He says they must have moved around as a result of the earthquake and tells her not to wander around on her own. Mo-yeon’s phone isn’t working and neither is Si-jin’s radio. He asks her for her bag and puts some flags with ‘mine’ written on them in it and tells her they’re getting out of there. She wonders how that’s possible and he tells her to follow his footsteps. He checks for the first mine and tells her to come to him, she takes his hand to aid her jump and because it’s a little far she ends up in his arms. *Geez, why am I getting butterflies?* They keep moving and find another mine, so Si-jin makes the location with a flag. He tells her to not worry and just enjoy the view and she replies that it’s his jokes that give her strength in moments like this. Mo-yeon is so obedient in following Si-jin’s exact footsteps and not moving until he tells her to and when they finally get out of the minefield, she crouches down in relief and Si-jin holds her shoulder and tells her she did a good job. Mo-yeon complains about her life, she’s always at the verge of dying and has already wrecked two cars *Mo-yeonah, I’d argue that Si-jin’s the one who keeps killing the cars though* and Si-jin says that they might as well wreck some lipstick now. *Soldier boy say what now?* It’s not what I was expecting though since Si-jin just wanted the lipstick to draw a sign to warn people about the mines and Mo-yeon adorably draws a skull and crossbones on the sign because there might be people who don’t understand English.

They walk along as the sun sets and Mo-yeon wonders how much longer they have to keep walking. Si-jin replies that it’ll probably take them until the following day considering their pace and when she groans, he offers to hold hands with her as they walk. She glares at him and refuses and he reminds her that she said he was ‘her’ sturdy man in the recording and she reiterates that it wasn’t her voice. He wonders how she can be so different in the morning and in the afternoon. She asks him how she is different and he replies that she’s extremely pretty in the morning and frighteningly pretty in the afternoon. *Oh my gosh Yoo Si-jin, just stop it already!* Mo-yeon scoffs and tells him to admit he’s dated a lot of women. Si-jin wonders why women like asking that question but never believe his answer. If he says he’s dated many they get upset and if he says he didn’t date many they don’t believe him. Now it’s her turn to ask who the woman who got upset and the one who didn’t believe him are and he tries to distract her by pointing out an approaching truck. Mo-yeon jumps in front of the truck, trying to get the driver to pull over and help them but Si-jin pulls her out of the way before the driver runs her over, he has no intention of stopping. Another truck approaches and Si-jin pulls out his gun and says he’s going to hijack it but Mo-yeon tells him to put it away before jumping up and down and waving her arms at the driver again. The truck drives by them again and she tells Si-jin to go ahead and hijack it. He points out that the truck has stopped a little ways from them and they hop on-board. She thanks him for saving her again and he replied that he was strong because she helped him. She tells him that she’ll live well and he replies that if she’s going to live well with another guy then he doesn’t want her to do so. He says that Myeong-ju told him about her asking if she wasn’t worried about the work he boyfriend did and Mo-yeon wonders if Myeong-ju told him the answer. He says that she told him to hear the answer from Mo-yeon and she repeats what Myeong-ju said about being more afraid of not being with Dae-young. Si-jin asks if they are going to be apart soon too, “Is Doctor Kang on the list of medical team members returning to Korea?” She replies matter-of-factly that her name isn’t on the list and Si-jin, trying not to get his hopes up, says that it can’t be because of him. She replies matter-of-factly again that it is because of him, because she wants to be with him longer. *Attention everyone, we have a confession. I repeat, we have a confession.* She says since she just confessed, would he like her to apologize instead and in response he pulls her close and kisses her. He pulls back from the kiss and they look at each other for a beat before she wraps her arms around his neck and pulls him in for a deeper, and longer kiss as the truck disappears into the sunset. *I’m not exactly sure how I’ll manage to be coherent from here on out.*


Si-jin and Mo-yeon finally return to the settlement that night and as if they weren’t just making out in the back of a truck, they tell each other calmly that they worked hard and leave to do their duties. They turn to leave and they have pieces of hay stuck to their hair. *Omgah! Omgah!! Omgah!!! Am I the only one losing my mind here?* Ja-ae and Sang-hyun watch them as they leave and Ja-ae says Mo-yeon will be very embarrassed later while Sang-hyun comments that Si-jin must have been very happy earlier. *Do you guys know something?* Ja-ae says she wishes she could remove the hay for Mo-yeon and Sang-hyun says he wishes he could hit Si-jin. Ja-ae glares at him, they are obviously having different reactions to the same thing, and she says she wishes she could hit him. *Just date already.*

Jin is about to run away from the factory carrying a bag on his back when he runs into Argus and his men. He surrenders the bag which contains the safe where the diamonds are hidden and tells Argus that he’s going to need to open it himself since the lock is broken. Argus’ man takes the safe and Argus points a gun at Jin’s head and tells him that he’s 27 hours and 48 minutes late. *Okay, this guy can be really menacing.* Jin begs for his life and blames the earthquake but Argus tells him that in war and disasters, no one ever cares or notices corpses. Jin promises to do anything and everything for Argus and Argus tells him to only worry about doing what he tells him to do before he leaves. Jin looks like he just crapped his pants in relief. Argus’ man opens the safe back at the hideout, and there are no diamonds. Argus is understandably furious and when his man offers to go and get Jin, Argus tells him to forget about it since Jin is already in another territory. *That greedy son of a biscuit eater.*


Jin is making a fuss at the Medicube, asking to be sent to Korea because he’s dangerously ill. Ja-ae tells Myeong-ju that nothing showed up on the X-ray and Myeong-ju tells Jin to quiet down. She scolds him for only coming to the Medicube for a ticket and he makes to hit her when Dae-young grabs him by the collar and asks him to come outside with him. Outside, Dae-young offers to beat Jin and break whatever bone he needs to be broken since he desperately desires to be a sick person. Dae-young kicks him and knocks him around a few times before Jin starts begging for his life like the disgusting rat that he is. Dae-young gives him five seconds to go back and apologize to the ladies and Jin tells Chi-hoon, who happens to be standing behind Dae-young, to go and relay his apology to Myeong-ju and Ja-ae. Chi-hoon asks if he wants a seat on tomorrow’s plane and offers up his own.

Jin sits on the bus headed to the airport the next day and recalls how he had swallowed the diamonds the day before, before locking the safe, busting up the lock and handing an empty safe to Argus. *This guy has a serious death wish.* In the present, Chi-hoon is nowhere to be found and Min-ji wonders if Jin stole his seat on the plane. Sang-hyun finds Chi-hoon crouched behind a stack of boxes in the Medicube and sits next to him. He asks him why he’s not going back to Korea and while he jokes about it being that since his fiancée had put on a lot of weight he doesn’t feel as eager to be with her, he tells him that Urk is too far to run away from her. Chi-hoon says that if he left he wouldn’t be a doctor and Sang-hyun asks him if it has anything to do with his patient, Min-jae. He offers to help Chi-hoon but Chi-hoon just shakes his head and says he’ll try to do it by himself now and if he still fails, he’ll ask for help.


At the airport, Jin is about to board when he notices Argus’ men ahead of him in the queue. He hides behind a wall and waits for them to leave. In the hideout, lackey boy informs Argus that Jin didn’t show up at the airport but he’s set up a trap with the chief of police. Argus says he’ll like to rip Jin to shreds when next he sees him *you have my blessing* and tells lackey boy to prepare a red rose as a gift for some guy named Colonel Aman. The red rose is a girl who sits in a tent and combs her hair lifelessly as other kids look on. *sick*

Si-jin aims a sniper rifle at a target who turns out to be Mo-yeon washing her face. *Boy, do you know how dangerous that is? That gun better not be loaded.* He aims the gun at her and draws little hearts on her face with the laser. *I’m dying here.* Dae-young comes in and asks him if he’s trying to shoot someone in the head and Si-jin replies that he’s looking for a heart on his very pretty target. Dae-young tells him that the team firearms check has been completed and Si-jin said his firearm is also fine. Dae-young isn’t worried about the firearm, he’s more worried about the fact the shooter is acting strange and Si-jin says he’s not taking any more questions. Woo-geun, who’s transmission name is Harry Potter, tells them over the radio that Yellow Tiger is arriving tomorrow and they freeze. *Is that who I think it is?* Myeong-ju adorably asks Woo-geun who Yellow Tiger is and he informs her that it’s Commander Yoon’s call signal. *Oh boy!*

The following morning, Si-jin tells his men about the Commander’s visit and says they can go about their chores as normally as possible, which obviously means they have to be extra hardworking. The men are working their behinds off, cleaning everything only for Woo-geun to come and inform Si-jin that their visit has been cancelled since the Commander has to meet with the UN General. Si-jin isn’t pleased. Woo-geun says the Commander wants to see Si-jin and Mo-yeon instead.

Myeong-ju steals glances at Dae-young as they wait to welcome Commander Yoon at the airport and he tells her not to worry about him. She says she isn’t and tells him not to worry about her either. Everyone is standing still and Mo-yeon is the only one rocking back and forth on the ball of her feet like a child who can’t stay still. *So cute.* She asks Si-jin what she’s supposed to call Myeong-ju’s father and he replies teasingly that soldier ajhussi would be just fine. Commander Yoon arrives and everyone salutes but Mo-yeon who places her hand on her chest. She tries to unceremoniously move it up into a salute and Si-jin can’t help but smile at her cuteness. He calls the four of them into the office and Myeong-ju glances at Dae-young with worry. In the office, Commander Yoon tells them all to take a seat but only Mo-yeon actually goes to take a seat and when she sees the rest of them standing she hurries back to her standing position. Commander Yoon compliments her on her achievements and says that she would have made a great soldier. She thanks him but says she likes to sleep in *a girl after my own heart* and Commander Yoon says it must be why she’s so pretty. *Not you too.* He tells her he’d like to work with her again then dismisses her and she adorably pokes Si-jin to let him know that she’d be waiting outside.

Commander Yoon asks them if they were injured in the earthquake and when they reply in the negative, he asks Si-jin for the last time if he has absolutely no feelings for Myeong-ju. Myeong-ju is offended on Dae-young’s behalf but Dae-young does a good job of hiding his feelings. Si-jin replies that he’s known Myeong-ju for seven years and while he cherishes her as a soldier and a junior, he has never been attracted to her as a woman. Commander Yoon says he understands and then dismisses Si-jin. He meets up with Mo-yeon outside and she wonders how he’s coming out so quickly since they were supposed to have a serious discussion. He said they did and he was kicked out as soon as it ended. Mo-yeon is surprised and asks if he was kicked out of the army and he replies that he was kicked out of the General’s favour since he’s no longer a candidate for son-in-law. Mo-yeon smiles at that but wonders what will happen with Myeong-ju and Dae-young now and Si-jin replies that the difficult part is up to Dae-young.

In the office, Commander Yoon asks Myeong-ju if she still likes Dae-young after seeing him again and she replies that she does. He asks the same question to Dae-young and Myeong-ju starts to take up for him again when he replies that he does, shocking Myeong-ju and her father. Dad says he thought he and Dae-young were of the same mind and Myeong-ju grabs Dae-young’s arm and tells her father that she’s not leaving Dae-young no matter what his response is. Dae-young removes her hand from his arm and lets it drop, then he takes her hand in his and tells dad that he’s never letting go of Myeong-ju’s hand either. Dad asks him if he thinks he’s qualified to hold her hand and he replies that he’s willing to go wherever he’s dispatched, but he’s not letting go of her. Dad tells Myeong-ju to leave but she refuses so Dae-young calms her and reminds her that he told her not to worry about him so she does. Dad tells Dae-young that all he ever wanted in his military life was to be an honorable commander and to gain the respect of his daughter following in his footsteps but he appears to have failed on both counts. He admits that his orders recently have been unjust and he has also lost the respect of his daughter. He agrees to let them be together but only on the condition that Dae-young quit the army because he will not have a staff sergeant for a son-in-law. *Excuse me, were the words you just said not actual words but farts coming out of your mouth?* He tells him to join Myeong-ju’s mother’s family company and learn the work and gives him until the troops return to Korea to make his decision.


Mo-yeon stands under the shade of a tree, pondering something while Si-jin pumps gas. He asks her what she’s thinking about and she replies that she can never understand why he never dated Myeong-ju since she’s pretty much perfect and when he replies that you don’t just date someone because they’re good-looking, Mo-yeon huffs, she didn’t mention anything about Myeong-ju being pretty. He wonders if she’s getting jealous and calls her over to come and hold the gas nozzle for him. She takes the nozzle from him and continues talking about how Si-jin should have just dated Myeong-ju when he plants a surprise kiss on her. She asks him what he’s doing when he pulls back and he replies that he’s covering her mouth in a sexy way and dares her to continue talking. She tells him to go away and he kisses her again. *These two! He’s using whatever excuse to kiss her and she’s using whatever excuse to get him to continue doing so. I swear!* She asks him when the gas will be done pumping and he replies that it was done a while ago. He goes to pay and runs into a little boy being chased by the shopkeeper for stealing medicine. Mo-yeon examines the boy and says they need to go to the boy’s village because he might have the Measles and they have to get it under control before it spreads even more.

Dae-young shares the good news of dad granting them permission with Myeong-ju but leaves out the ultimatum. She’s so happy that she bounces up and down like a little girl, then he wonders if something is wrong with her father and leaves to go and call him.

Si-jin and Mo-yeon arrive at the little boy’s village and Si-jin reports back to base, telling to track the village on the GPS. Over at the base, Woo-geun tells Dae-young that they traced the location but the village doesn’t appear on the map. Dae-young tells him to get Daniel since he might know about the village. Mo-yeon and Si-jin try to get information from the children on how long they have been sick but they get no response. The girl from before tells Si-jin and Mo-yeon that the children get no food for three days if they talk to strangers. Si-jin asks if it’s okay for her to be talking to them and she says it doesn’t matter to her anymore. Mo-yeon asks her if she can gather all the children together so she can look at them because if she doesn’t they’ll die from the Measles. The girl replies that it’s better for them to die than to live here. The boys join gangs and the girls are pimped off when they grow up. Today is her turn. She promises to cooperate under the condition that they get her out of the village. Over at base, Dae-young asks Daniel about the village and he replies that it is called the Goblin Village, a place where war orphans live terrible lives. Dae-young reports to Si-jin who’s standing on a hill to receive the call over the phone and adds that the kids are always on the move that’s why it’s called the Goblin Village. While Si-jin is on the phone, he sees Argus arrive in his car and tells Dae-young to speed things up before running to Mo-yeon. Argus walks up to the village and all the kids scatter, Mo-yeon asks him if he is the children’s guardian and tells him that some of the kids have got measles and she needs to take them to the hospital. He comments that she’s too pretty to be doing this *ugh, he’s making my skin crawl* and Si-jin runs in front of her and tells her to stay behind him. She asks him who he is and Si-jin replies, “Private Ryan.” Suddenly, a shot rings out and Argus goes down with a bullet wound to the belly. The girl had shot him and now she runs to Si-jin’s side and begs him to leave with her right now. Argus calls out to Mo-yeon to do something since she’s a doctor and she struggles with herself. She took an oath but Argus is a bad person who will only kill more people if she saves his life. Si-jin tells her to do her job as a doctor and save him and if the need ever arises for Argus to die, he’d do his job and kill him.

Blogger’s Note

The only thing I can say right now is, I love this show. There are no other words needed because Kim Eun-sook is just that awesome. I would love to get my hands on a copy of the script and read it even if it’s in Hangul.

Descendants of the Sun episode 8 recap


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Mo-yeon finishes the stitching and Si-jin gets up and tells her to get some rest, *like she can, after that earth-shattering confession* and apologizes for not being able to drive her back since he has to go to the command center. She asks if the phone at the command center works because she needs to make a call and they go there. Si-jin watches her as she places a call to Manager Go’s wife. She relays his will to her including not wanting her not to remain alone for too long.

Back at the settlement, Sang-hyun sits outside and Ja-ae joins him and offers him a drink. He produces a wedding ring from nowhere and Ja-ae wonders if he stole it. He didn’t though, it belongs to a patient whose one arm has been amputated and has the other in a cast. Sang-hyun worries about not being able to give the ring back to the patient and Ja-ae gets a string and makes the ring into a necklace. She puts it around the neck of the patient and tells him to wear it that way until his cast comes off.

Daniel is working his second job as car repairman and Ye-hwa holds the flashlight for him while trying to convince him to do the interview for the newsmen since they already donated their blood. He indirectly refuses, all the while telling her to move the flashlight left and right. She gets frustrated and tells him to at least use his looks for good since there’s nowhere else he’d use it and he replies that he’d use it to make her his wife. *Geez Kim Eun-sook, you’re killing me here. And oh, aren’t they married already? Hmm*. Ye-hwa tells Daniel to fix the car later since he said he was hungry and leaves to get him some food and she leaves, Chi-hoon, Min-ji and another doctor come out of the building. Later in the Medicube, Min-ji wonders who the guy fixing the car is and the doctor replies that he is a doctor from the Peacemaker team. Min-ji thinks his looks are wasted on being a doctor and Chi-hoon rightly guesses that he is Doctor Daniel and proceeds to fanboy over him. Sang-hyun and Ja-ae come in, and Sang-hyun asks what they are talking about and Chi-hoon replies that Daniel is like Schweitzer who’s also like Bill Gates. Daniel is popular among the NGOs because his dad owns a huge hedge fund in Canada. Min-ji wonders why he’d work with an NGO and Sang-hyun replies that it must be because he’s rich and has no worries. Working at an NGO will give him something to worry about. He then wonders if Mo-yeon is still at the command center.


At the command center, Mo-yeon steps outside after relaying Manager Go’s will to his wife and sheds some tears. Si-jin approaches her and she tells him not to look at her. She asks if there’s anywhere quiet around here, possibly so she can cry alone and Si-jin replies that it seems like something a man would say. He makes a joke, making her smile through her tears before telling her that she did a good job today. Hearing that makes Mo-yeon’s tears fall even harder and he tells her that he can’t wipe her tears since she didn’t give him an answer to his question. He tells her to look at him and points out the stars shining brightly in the night sky. She says that the stars sure are shameless for shining so brightly like normal with everything that happened down here and he says ruefully that he hoped they would bring her comfort. She says she’s already been comforted, by him. *Man, his face though.*She thanks him for coming back to her and giving her strength because she might have run away otherwise. He tells her that next time she feels that way, she should take him along so they can run away together. *Gosh, why are they so cute?* She agrees to that plan with a smile.


Jin is being beaten by Argus because he has failed to produce the diamonds and he begs for more time since it has been difficult for him to get them because of the earthquake. Argus doesn’t have time for his excuses and gives him one day to bring him the diamonds. *You know, I’m not terribly opposed to the idea of Argus ending this guy.*

DW is still trapped underneath the rubble and calls out for help. He flashes back to Manager Go telling him to always wear a safety helmet on site and says he wore one now so can someone please come rescue him.

Outside, a soldier is digging through the rubble with a mechanical digger and Jin says excitedly that they need to keep digging till they get to the office. Dae-young calls a stop to the digging and Jin’s excitement. He says that his team will go in and search for survivors and tells the medical team to be on standby. Jin freaks out and says they need to forget about survivors since they’ll be dead by now anyway, and just focus on digging through to his office. Dae-young tells him that only the doctors are allowed to make that call and Jin is forcibly removed again. Dae-young tells his team that everyone missing should be treated as alive until proven otherwise, “We don’t give up on survivors.” Chi-hoon takes a deep breath and follows the soldiers into the rubble, ready to administer medical help to any survivors they find. Chi-hoon is the first one to find DW and he’s trying to figure out to how to save him since he’s a floor underneath him and there’s a glass covering above DW. Just then, a tremor shakes the site. The soldiers worry about it being an aftershock and hustle the survivors out. Chi-hoon grabs DW’s hand and tries to pull him out of the hole, when a falling rock hits his hand and he’s forced to let go of DW’s hand leaving him crashing back into the hole. Chi-hoon runs out of the building immediately, DW yelling for him to come back and get him out before a pile of rocks cover up the hole. Outside, Won-geun sees Chi-hoon cowering in a corner and asks him if he’s okay, Chi-hoon replies desperately that there’s a survivor in the building who needs help.


Dae-young instructs Ki-bum on what to do if something start and runs into Myeong-ju who asks him if he’s okay. He says that he is and that he’s instructed Ki-bum on what to do if the aftershock gets worse. Myeong-ju says she understands then asks for his hand, she squeezes and he winces in pain. He is not okay and she bandages up his hand with a sigh.

DW lays underneath the rubble, still alive. He calls out, hoping someone would hear him and Dae-young calls back having heard. Si-jin arrives on the scene and Myeong-ju informs him of the survivor in basement level three and that Dae-young has gone in to secure a passage. Mo-yeon wants to go with him to see the patient but he tells her to wait because they can’t make new patients right now and that’s what’s going to happen if they let untrained people go in before securing a passageway. Dae-young tells Si-jin over the radio that he has almost gotten to the survivor and asks him to bring along a first aid kit with him. Mo-yeon labels a bottle in Korean for Si-jin and he tells her that he understands English well enough but she tells him that she needs to be safe. He tells her that he’d definitely speak in English to her when he gets back and leaves with a smile. Mo-yeon watches him leave, clearly the survivor’s not the only one she’s worried about.


In the building, Dae-young lifts the huge blocks of DW’s leg with a jack and DW asks Si-jin if he brought any food, calling him ajhussi. He whines that Dae-young only gave him some water *geez, this kid* and told him that he can’t eat anything yet. Dae-young says that since DW is so loud, he’s clearly okay and Si-jin agrees. Si-jin asks DW how he got to the west wing since he works in the east wing and DW replies that he just crawled through whatever hole he could find. Si-jin reports DW’s vitals to Mo-yeon over the radio and she replies that his vitals seem good. She tells him to administer some glucose and painkillers to him through a drip and wonders if he knows how. He replies that he learned what he needed and DW’s eyes get shifty with apprehension. DW refuses to let Si-jin stick a syringe in him and Si-jin wonders why everyone is underestimating him today. He says he’s either going to take the injection in his arm or his forehead and asks him to pick one. He lets him know that the forehead is a lot more painful and DW agrees to take it in the arm. Si-jin successfully administers the drip to DW and Dae-young says they’re going to need another hydraulic pump. Si-jin replies that it looks like Dae-young is going to need to go and get another one since the tunnel is too narrow for the both of them, he’ll stay behind. Dae-young leaves and DW asks Si-jin how long it has been. Si-jin replies that it’s been three days and when DW asks if many died, Si-jin replied that many people did die but many people were also saved, like him. DW begins to itch and Si-jin radios Mo-yeon to tell her what happened and she figures he’s having an allergic reaction to the IV. Mo-yeon gives Dae-young an antihistamine to take back to Si-jin when tremors begin again. It’s no aftershock this time, it’s just Jin trying to clear a path to his office using a mechanical drill. *What the…?! I really can’t stand this thing!* The drilling causes even more damage to the building and a pile of rocks fall on Si-jin and DW, cutting their connection from the others. Mo-yeon listens as Myeong-ju tries to reach Si-jin but he isn’t answering. Dae-young is furious and tells Won-geun and another soldier to keep Jin locked up somewhere he won’t cause anymore trouble. He threatens to smash his head in if anything happens to Si-jin. Dae-young starts to go back for Si-jin when Myeong-ju grabs his hand. She starts to worry about there being another collapse but she realizes that Dae-young doesn’t care about that. He salutes her and walks away.


Underground, DW wakes, yet again, and calls out to Si-jin and worries that he might be dead when he doesn’t answer back immediately. DW calls out for help and Si-jin quietly tells him not to call him ‘ajhussi’. *cause you know that’s what matters now, right?* Si-jin asks if DW is hurt and DW replies that he should worry about himself since he’s bleeding from his wrist. Si-jin notes that DW’s foot came loose and ever the Debbie Downer, DW replies that there’s no point since they’re still trapped and going to die down here. Si-jin says they won’t and DW insists that they totally will, they lost contact and everything. Si-jin says he must have a girlfriend waiting for him on the other side, DW says he doesn’t then asks if Si-jin’s got one. Si-jin, “Did you hear that lady doctor a while ago? I like her a lot but she rejected me three times. Should I die?” DW wonders how he’s still alive, if it were him he’d be dead just from the embarrassment.

Outside, Myeong-ju is still trying to reach Si-jin with no luck. She tries to comfort Mo-yeon by telling her that he’ll be okay and notices her tying her shoelaces. She asks her what she’s doing and Mo-yeon replies with determination that she needs to be prepared to run down there and she can’t be falling down. *Get your man girl!* Down under, Si-jin tells DW that Mo-yeon must be worried sick about him right now, thinking him dead and regretting rejecting him.  DW wonders if Si-jin is happy at that but he replies that he’s actually worried. He asks for DW’s arm and writes his chart on it, the way he did for Ki-bum in the first episode, just in case he doesn’t make it out. DW’s throat begins to swell and he says he’s going to die. Si-jin tells him to have some faith in the Alpha team because he has faith in them too and just then, they hear someone breaking through the rocks. Mo-yeon? No, it’s Dae-young. He tells Si-jin to please answer next time if he’s alive before tossing him the bottle of antihistamine.


Mo-yeon is at the mouth of the tunnel, waiting as the soldiers carry DW out. Chi-hoon watches from afar and turns away, ashamed for leaving him behind. Mo-yeon notices the chart written on DW’s, whose name is Min-jae, arm and she asks him who wrote it. He replies that it’s the soldier ajhussi who saved him and comments that it’s so nice to be alive since he got to see such a pretty doctor. *Is there something in the water?* Si-jin walks out of the tunnel and says that the kid needs to stop calling him ajhussi since he did just save his life. Mo-yeon tells the men to transfer Min-jae to the Medicube before turning around to look at Si-jin. They stand for beat, just looking at each other, the silence heavy with unsaid words. Si-jin eventually calls for a stretcher and when Myeong-ju asks if there’s another survivor, he tells her that he’s the survivor. Mo-yeon says she’ll go take care of Min-jae and Si-jin stops her by holding on to her. Si-jin calls out his favour to Myeong-ju in a roundabout way and gets her to go to Min-jae instead. Si-jin tells Mo-yeon that he’s really hurt, really really and Mo-yeon replies that it’s not like she said he wasn’t. She agrees to treat him and tells him to let go of her wrist. Dae-young storms out of the tunnel just as Jin is brought in. He says that since everyone came out safe and sound that’s all that matters, right? Dae-young can’t stand him anymore and punches him. He’s ready to beat him up some more but the other soldiers hold him back. Si-jin can’t help but comment on how cool Dae-young is. *No argument from me on that.*


Over at the Medicube, Mo-yeon cleans Si-jin’s cuts silently and he complains that it stings. He wonders if she’s making it sting on purpose and complains that although he came back alive, she won’t even answer him. She just sits there quietly and continues to clean his cuts. When she’s done, she asks him why he’s joking around when he almost died out there. She says she was so terrified he was going to die and he replies that he went in because he believed in her abilities as a doctor and he knew she wouldn’t leave him alone to die. She asks if he always risks his life like this and he replies that he is a man who’s good at his job and part of what his job demands is not getting himself killed. Ki-bum runs in to inform Si-jin that Lt Col Park Byung-soo is here. Si-jin tries to get up but Mo-yeon tells him to lay back down. She tells Ki-bum to tell Lt Col Park to come see Si-jin here and Ki-bum is all “You want me to tell him that?” Si-jin starts to raise his voice asking if Mo-yeon wants him to be punished again but a simple glare and “what did you say?” from her is enough to quiet him down. Lt Col Park does come to the Medicube to see Si-jin and asks him if he’s been hurt. Si-jin says he hasn’t but Mo-yeon says he has, which has him correcting his statement immediately, he has definitely been hurt. *hehe, that’s cute* Lt Col Park informs them that Haesung Hospital is sending over a plane to take the medical team back to Korea and tells Mo-yeon to prepare a passenger list of all the people leaving. Jin comes in and tells Lt Col Park that he needs to talk to him. They go back to the headquarters and Jin shows his bloody lip to Lt Col Park. He goes on and on like a little whiny child, saying he’ll file a complaint against a soldier for beating up a civilian and Lt Col Park is trying not to roll his eyes. When he’s done with his tirade, Lt Col Park tells him to go ahead and do whatever he wants, go and file as many complaints as he needs to but when all that is over, he’s going to bring Jin to the military court for attempted murder. He then scolds Dae-young, Won-geun and Si-jin (who’s in a wheelchair) in the most sarcastic way possible. He tells them to pack their gear and run 100 laps, except Si-jin because he’s a patient. Si-jin smiles and thinks he’s let off the hook but Lt Col Park tells him to run 200 laps when he’s done with his IV. *Lololololol* He shoots out of his wheelchair and insists on running right now.


The men run and, aww Won-geun is carrying Si-jin’s gear, Si-jin wonders why he’s being punished since only Dae-young and Won-geun were involved in the issue. Dae-young says if only his condition was okay, he would have ended Jin. They pass by Myeong-ju who says that’s why he shouldn’t have hit Jin so half-heartedly, he should have beaten him to death and Si-jin laments the missed chance. Dae-young tells Won-geun to count the number of laps they’ve run so far and he says it’s been 7. Si-jin’s all “did we run 27 laps already, my goodness” and Won-geun corrects him, no it’s 7! Dae-young says if Si-jin says it’s 27 then it is 27. Si-jin sees Mo-yeon standing aside and tells the men to go on without him since he needs to see his doctor or he might die. *I’m about to die from cringing Si-jin.* The first thing she does when he approaches her is to nag him about taking off his IV. She says she wasn’t lying when she said he needed rest and he replies that she shouldn’t have come since his biggest problem when it comes to resting is her. She asks him what he did to deserve being punished and he says he didn’t do anything per se, it’s just rules. She says that they sure are rigid and he replies it means order is being kept. She says she doesn’t care much about that and only wishes he’d stay alive. She gives him some medicine and says she’ll give him the list of people returning to Korea later. He asks if the list has been finalized, she says not yet because she still has to go to a meeting and she starts to leave. He stops her and asks if her name is on the list and she replies that it’s her chance to abandon him this time.


That night, Mo-yeon holds a meeting with her team to get the names of those leaving for Korea. She tells them that since their official volunteer period is over, they can return home but they can also choose to stay although she can’t guarantee when the next flight will be for those who do stay. She tells whoever wants to stay to raise their hand and no one does. Ja-ae says instead that she has a patient that needs an MRI so she’d like to give up her seat to that patient and leaves to check on her patient. Min-ji also volunteers her seat for a patient and leaves. Sang-hyun wonders if the ladies have lost their mind by choosing to stay and another doctor says he’s sorry but he really wants to return to Korea. Mo-yeon tells him and everyone else that it is nothing to be sorry about, she’s not going to judge them for wanting to return. Sang-hyun doesn’t raise his hand and Mo-yeon asks him why, he replies that he’s not returning but to leave his seat open because his soul will ride the plane. Mo-yeon notices that Chi-hoon is absent and wonders where he went.

Chi-hoon is standing outside the door of the wards and is watching Min-jae. Min-jae gets up from his bed and notices Chi-hoon, he remembers him as the doctor that left him and ran away before. Min-jae gets all up in his face and sneers at him for calling himself a doctor when he abandoned his patient and ran away. Chi-hoon stays frozen until Mo-yeon taps him on the shoulder, snapping him back into reality. She asks him why he didn’t attend the meeting he apologizes and she commends him for finding Min-jae. She tells him about the return flight and says she put his name on the list so he can leave without feeling burdened, his fiancée is almost due and he needs to be there for her. He says okay and she notices his bleeding hand where the rock hit him earlier, and asks what happened.

Min-jae is going round the ward looking for Manager Go and when he doesn’t find him, he asks one of the other factory workers. He whines that after everything he’s been through today, Manager Go doesn’t even worry about him. *I really want to smack this brat.* The factory worker points to the list of deceased people and Min-jae sobs that he thought Manager Go had a helmet on and he kept himself going by thinking that. *You seem to forget that he took off his helmet and gave it to you moron. Whatever, I don’t feel sorry for you.* Outside, Chi-hoon sobs his little heart out along with him.


Si-jin gathers everyone at the site and tells them that there are no more personnel under the buildings, everyone has been accounted for. Jin says that he’s now back in charge of the sight and doesn’t want to see either soldiers or doctors there. *Whatever loser*. His rant is cut short by a loud siren and Si-jin says that because of the earthquake, a siren will go off at the same time henceforth to commemorate the dead. He tells them to stop whatever they’re doing when they hear the siren and pay their respects to the dead. He leads the first tribute and all the soldiers salute and the civilians lower their head respectfully. *I swears, I’m not crying at all.*

The medical team sit down to a meal at the settlement and they talk about how it’s almost impossible to recover from the psychological trauma associated with disasters. Sang-hyun gets bit by the YOLO bug and decides he’s getting a new car when he returns home. He asks Ja-ae what kind of car he should and she’s puzzled as to why he wants her opinion since it’s his car. The whole table oohs at them and begin a ‘you should date’ chant. *Listen to your hoobaes Ja-ae.* Just then, everyone gets messages on their phones, the signal is back! Ki-bum runs into the hall excitedly to tell them about the signal being back but his thunder has already been stolen. Mo-yeon says that her mother has sure been doing well without her, Sang-hyun complains about his friends’ insincerity and Min-ji finds out her ex is getting married. *Well, you still have Ki-bum, right?*

Ji-soo calls Mo-yeon and Mo-yeon tells her that they decided to send patients over instead of going back themselves. Ji-soo tells her to stop trying to be Schweitzer already and just return because she’s the most important person to her and Mo-yeon smiles and tells her not to worry since the situation is not dangerous anymore. Ji-soo wonders if Chi-hoon got a new girlfriend because he hasn’t been answering Hee-eun’s calls. Elsewhere, Chi-hoon cries alone while ignoring his ringing phone over and over again.


Daniel is sitting on a bench and tinkering away yet again. Ja-ae and Min-ji approach him carrying a huge equipment between them and they swoon over how perfectly handsome and how handsomely perfect he is. They say they’ve heard he’s good at fixing things and he agrees. He’s good at fixing machines and people, the only thing he can’t fix is a woman’s heart. This makes Ja-ae and Min-ji giggle like a bunch of schoolgirls. *Geez ladies!* Sang-hyun is passing by, sees Ja-ae fawning over Daniel and hurries over to break it up.

Si-jin and Dae-young attend to a mountain of paperwork and Dae-young asks if he has heard from his father. He hasn’t but to him and his father, no news is good news. Si-jin wonders if Dae-young has anyone he needs to call but figures he doesn’t since Myeong-ju is already here. Dae-young says it’s been so long since he and Myeong-ju were deployed to the same place and figures it needed an earthquake for that to happen and Si-jin tells him to just go ahead and have a baby with Myeong-ju while they’re here. Myeong-ju comes into the office because her father wants to speak to Si-jin over the phone. She doesn’t see Dae-young immediately so she says that her father wants to speak to his son-in-law. *awkward!* She hurriedly hangs up the phone and Si-jin wonders if she just hung up on the commander, Myeong-ju, “I hung up on my dad.” Dae-young looks from Myeong-ju to Si-jin and narrows his eyes at the word “son-in-law”. Myeong-ju is ecstatic because of jealous Dae-young and Si-jin complains that Dae-young never says anything to Myeong-ju. He says he needs medical treatment now because his heart is so hurt! He leaves the office in a snit. Dae-young asks her if she always enters a man’s room without knocking and Myeong-ju says it seems like he’s jealous. He asks her what she’ll do if he was and she replies that she’ll reward him with all her heart. She says he can look forward to it. *Can I look forward to it too? These two are so cute.*

Daniel tests the mic having finished with the speaker repairs. Mo-yeon says she’ll choose the music and plugs her phone to the speaker. Soft, soothing music is played across the settlement and everyone’s mood improves visibly. Ja-ae and Sang-hyun have a moment where he hands her a cup and holds her hand much longer than needed all the while gazing into her eyes and flustering her like crazy. Dae-young and Myeong-ju are standing opposite one another in the office and Myeong-ju points out that they’re the only ones here. She comments on how romantic it is with the music and he doesn’t even budge. *Sigh, this one.* She leans in and tells him to do it, he takes a step back and says he needs to get ready for the evening roll call then proceeds to walk out of the office. Myeong-ju is stunned. *So am I.*

Si-jin goes into the room Daniel is and asks him what the next song is. Daniel doesn’t know since it’s Mo-yeon’s playlist. Suddenly, the sound of a crying Mo-yeon fills the air, it’s the will she recorded while she was hanging off the edge of the cliff in Daniel’s car. *Aargh, no!!!* We hear the rest of the clip after she begs Si-jin to come save her. Mo-yeon, “You know what, if I had known I’d die like this, I should have honestly confessed my feelings. I was kissed by an awesome man. My heart was fluttering the whole time.” Outside, Mo-yeon runs like crazy to get her phone and Si-jin smiles a very satisfied smile. You’ve been caught Kang Mo-yeon.


Blogger’s Note

Aaargh!!!! Ground please open and swallow Mo-yeon up. That has got to be the most embarrassing thing ever in a girl’s life. It’s about time Mo-yeon admitted her feelings for Si-jin, I mean it’s not like she didn’t already admit an attraction but now it has gotten a lot deeper than that. Two of my favourite scenes in this episode involved the lead couple. The first was when Mo-yeon laced up her shoes, ready to go into the debris and save Si-jin. You could literally see all the reasons disappear into nothing in the face of the fear that she would never see him again. The second one was when he came out of the tunnel after rescuing Min-jae, they stood and stared at each other. Mo-yeon’s eyes filled up with tears and I could feel her worry at never seeing him again, her relief that he came back alive and her anger that these dangerous things keep happening and there’s nothing she can do about it. She can’t ask him to quit his job because she knows how much it means to him.

The second couple doesn’t lose to the lead, their chemistry is just as palpable, their story just as heart-wrenchingly beautiful and their dynamic just as frustratingly delightful to watch.

I’m ready for Jin to die and be done with, guy’s really starting to tick me off.

Descendants of the Sun episode 7 recap


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Si-jin and the other soldiers look for survivors under the collapsed building and when no one answers their call, Won-geun says he might have been wrong about there being survivors. Si-jin says that there are possibly survivors since most of the second shift members would have been at work at the time of the earthquake and Dae-young comes up to inform them that he has cut of the gas supply. Jin wants them to go dig over there, there being the entrance to his office, because he thinks it’s easier digging through a building that’s still standing than one that’s collapsed. Dae-young tells him that in the aftermath of an earthquake, standing buildings are more dangerous than collapsed one because rocks are still falling. He grabs a piece of wood and hits the building and the sound of falling rocks proves his point and has Jin scurrying backwards like the little rat he is. The soldier manning the sound machine announces that he’s heard a survivor from inside and Si-jin tells him to get the equipment ready. Inside the building, the foreign worker continues to hit the metal according to Manager Go’s instructions so as to get attention of the rescuers outside. Manager Go tries to comfort him by telling him to hang in there since the rescuers would come for them at any moment when they hear the voices of the other workers who are directly above them.

Outside, the men try to come up with a plan to get the survivors out and Won-geun suggests drilling. Dae-young tells him it’ll take them three days to drill through the reinforced steel and Jin says they should just go with the easy method, i.e. using heavy machinery. Dae-young reminds him about the danger of that idea and Jin says they should go through his office then. He says he has ‘important documents’ in there and Si-jin yells at him if his documents are more important than the life of the survivors. Jin says that he’s in charge of the building of the power plant and therefore they should obey him and Si-jin tells him that he’s the commander of the rescue operation, therefore he’s in charge and then he has Jin forcibly removed. Si-jin and Dae-young come up with a plan to use water-filled bags to prop the fallen rocks open long enough for a body to slide in and they go ahead with it to rescue the survivors.


Mo-yeon and Ja-ae attend to patients and are facing difficulty transferring patients to the medicube since they don’t have enough functioning vehicles. Ki-bum comes running with radios from Daniel and tells them that Daniel is at the medicube with a patient from a village that disappeared because of the earthquake but isn’t allowed access without Mo-yeon’s permission. Mo-yeon talks to Daniel over the radio and instructs one of the doctors in the Medicube to let Daniel get in and use whatever supplies he wants.

An opening is finally made and Si-jin and Dae-young crawl into the crack to get the survivors out. The first set of the, are saved and Mo-yeon treats them. Si-jin comes out to prepare for the second phase of the rescue operation and when he catches Mo-yeon’s eye, he tips his helmet to her and goes back in.

Myeong-ju attends to a patient on the stairs of a half collapsed building and when she runs out of IV fluid, Mo-yeon runs to her and gives her one. The patient’s vitals start to malfunction and Myeong-ju instructs Nurse Min-ji to give him an epinephrine shot. Before Min-ji can carry out that order though, Mo-yeon repeatedly slams her fist down on his chest and soon enough, the man’s heart starts beating again. Myeong-ju says that she’s going to need to perform surgery on the man because he’s hemorrhaging in his abdomen and tells Mo-yeon to get a vehicle ready to transport him to the Medicube. Mo-yeon replies that they have no vehicles and wonders about a helicopter. Myeong-ju says the nearest hospital is too far away even by helicopter and the patient won’t make. Mo-yeon tells her to move the patient out into the sunlight and do the surgery there since it’s too dark in the building and Myeong-ju asks if she wants her to open up a person in a place that has cement dust flying around. She lists all the possible side effects and Mo-yeon asks her if there’s another choice for the patient. Myeong-ju hesitates and Mo-yeon tells her to decide fast since the patient is hers and Myeong-ju figures she has no other choice but to go ahead with the surgery. She sends Min-ji over to the medical tent for surgery supplies and Mo-yeon enlists Ye-hwa’s help in moving the patient.

Ki-bum is feeling useless with his arm in a sling and runs around giving everyone walkies. He hands one to a nurse and accidentally knocks over a box of supplies. The nurse scolds him to stay still since he’s not helping *aww, don’t kick the poor kitten* and Min-ji arrives and wonders if an aftershock hit the site. She shoves Ki-bum out of the way in her haste and runs after grabbing what she needs and Ki-bum just stands there feeling even more useless.

Chi-hoon and a soldier help a woman with a fractured leg sit down and as Chi-hoon tries to give her an anesthetic so he can set her broken bone, she violently refuses. Chi-hhon assumes she’s terrified of needles and tries to calm her down but she shows him a sonogram of her baby and tells him that she can’t get an anesthetic because it’s dangerous to the baby. Chi-hoon sighs and tells her that it’s going to be really painful and the woman promises to be brave. Chi-hoon goes ahead and sets the broken bone *wince*.

A van filled with English newsmen arrive on the scene and one of them approaches Ki-bum for information and since Ki-bum can’t speak English, he directs the man to Ja-ae. Ja-ae can’t answer any questions since she’s busy and Ki-bum directs him to Sang-hyun instead. Sang-hyun offers to answer their questions, if they come along to the hospital. Ki-bum gets a message over the radio that they need a blood group AB  donor and his eyes totally light up at the thought of being finally useful since his blood group is AB. *Isn’t he the cutest thing?*

Mo-yeon, Myeong-ju and Min-ji perform surgery on the patient while Ye-hwa sets Ki-bum up to donate blood. Si-jin comes to Mo-yeon and she immediately worries about him being hurt. He tells her that it’s not him but another patient inside that needs her help. They’ve found Manager Go! He’s the one who needs help and Mo-yeon gives him some painkillers and asks if he has any strength in his legs and toes and Manager Go jokes that he’s too old to have any strength in his lower body. He puts all his effort into making his foot move but Mo-yeon notices that it doesn’t. He tells her that it was hurting only a few minutes ago and the pain must have disappeared after seeing the doctor’s pretty face. *Geez, how can he even say such things in this situation?* Mo-yeon asks how long it’s going to take to move the huge slab of rock on Manager Go and Si-jin replies that there’s another patient she needs to see. He takes her to the impaled foreign worker and she fits him with an IV. She tells him that he’s lucky the rod missed his heart but if he moved around too much it might pierce his spine and that would be dangerous. The man wonders if he’s going to die and she tells him he won’t if he stays very still. She tells the men that they need to cut the rod so they can move the patient to the hospital but Si-jin asks to talk to her privately. He tells her that the rod in the foreign patient is connected to the huge slab on Manager Go and if they cut the rod, Manger Go will be crushed to death. If they try to move the rock, the rod will dig deeper into the patient and kill him. *Man, literally the devil and a hard place.* Si-jin asks her which patient she wants to save and says she needs to make a decision. He tells her that they are preparing for whatever decision she makes and will have it ready in ten minutes. Won-geun comes and asks if she’s decided whose life was worth saving more and she replies that she needs ten minutes too. Won-geun retorts that they don’t have enough time as it is and Si-jin says they’ll grant her the time.

Jin comes to Si-jin and tells him to hurry up with saving the easier patient so they can go get his precious documents and Si-jin tells him that they are going in order of priority. Jin says that the documents are vital to the balance of diplomacy between Urk and Korea, *and I just want to punch this jerk in the mouth*. Si-jin has had enough of his nonsense and calls him “hey you”. He tells him that his job is, unfortunately, to protect the people even irritating jerks like him. Si-jin hands him a shovel and tells him to go dig up his precious documents by himself. Jin tells Si-jin that he’s making a huge mistake and Si-jin tells him to get lost already. Just then, a huge slab of concrete falls from above them and Si-jin shields Jin with his body. He asks Jin if he’s okay and walks away after confirming that he is, without realizing that blood is dripping from his own shoulder.


Mo-yeon tells Manager Go that he needs to hang in there because the pain will be intense when they lift the boulder off of him. He figures that it’s difficult to save him and the foreign worker too. He tells her not to worry as tears roll down her eyes, he says he’s lived a good and fulfilling life anyway. Mo-yeon goes over to the foreign worker and when he asks for more painkillers for the pain, she refuses because he’s going to need to go under anesthesia for his surgery later. She tells him to clench his fist and determines, thankfully, that he still has use of his arm.

Outside, Myeong-ju and Min-ji continue to perform surgery on their patient. Myeong-ju tells Ki-bum to get the patient to buy him a meal once he wakes up and Ki-bum gets all excited about his good deed he begins to stand up. Min-ji shoots him a glare since he can’t move around while donating blood and he lays back down. He wonders if he can brag about it to Dae-young and Myeong-ju tells him to wait his turn because she needs to brag first. *cute*

Ye-hwa gets the English newsmen to give blood in exchange for an interview with anyone they want. She offers to link them up with Si-jin or Mo-yeon or any of the other in-charge members but they insist in interviewing Daniel and she wonders what’s so special about him. Englishman says what makes Daniel special is not only the fact that he has a way with words but his face is also good for the screens and she gives him a ‘ugh gimme a break’ look.


Dae-young and another soldier advance even deeper into the collapsed building in search of more survivors and they are faced with the possibility of explosions. Dae-young says they need to be careful since the floor is unstable and at that moment, the floor beneath him gives way and he drops into a hole. The startled soldier calls out his name and Si-jin and Myeong-ju hear it on the radio. Si-jin asks what happens and the soldier says he lost Dae-young. Myeong-ju’s world comes to a grinding halt but she can’t show fear because she’s in the middle of surgery. Ki-bum tries to get up to go save his brother but Myeong-ju scolds him for trying to kill a patient right now. Ki-bum is still giving blood and shouldn’t be moving around. Dae-young comes in over the radio and lays their worries to rest, he fell on a huge pile of sand so he isn’t injured. Myeong-ju breathes a very visible sigh of relief. Ki-bum is also relieved and tells Myeong-ju so and she tells him to stop talking to her because it’s distracting.

Si-jin comes up to Mo-yeon and tells her that they have finished all preparations and it’s now time for her to let them know who she’s decided to save. She mentions the condition of the two patients to Si-jin and asks his opinion on who should be saved. He says it’s her decision since she’s the doctor but she says she’s asking him because he’s the one more experienced in this kind of dangerous situations. Who’s the best candidate? He replies her that there is none since one of them has to die anyway. She gets worried and says she’s been doing everything without rhyme or reason and she’s not sure anymore but Si-jin tells her that she’s done great so far so she needs to focus on just picking the best case scenario and not on working a miracle, she’s just a doctor, not a god. With tears of frustration in her eyes, she sighs and informs him of her decision. The impaled worker it is since he has the best chance to survive after surgery.

They wheel the impaled worker into the Medicube and Mo-yeon starts to explain the situation to Sang-hyun but he already knows since she said it over the radio before. He tells her to go get some rest and leave the surgery to him but she insists on doing it but asks for his help and the help of the others since she can’t do it all alone. They get into their scrubs and Mo-yeon tells them that this patient isn’t going to die today.


At the site, the corpses’ pictures are taken before they are loaded into body bags. Si-jin places a wallet containing a picture of Manager Go’s family in his hands and then salutes the man for his great sacrifice before the corpse is taken away. *sniff* In the hospital, Ye-hwa picks up a broken clock and Daniel takes it from her, winds it up and the clock ticks to life unlike the countless other people who didn’t. Time moves on like it normally does. Myeong-ju finally finishes surgery on her patient and she commends Ki-bum on a job well done. Lt Col Park Byung-soo arrives with men to relieve the Alpha Team and they all get in the vehicle and leave. On the truck, Myeong-ju looks wearily at the blood on her hands and Dae-young watches her from afar.

In Korea, Commander Yoon and Si-jin’s dad meet and Yoon tells Si-jin’s dad that he heard news that everyone was safe. Si-jin’s dad asks about Myeong-ju and Commander Yoon says she’s fine and Si-jin is also fine too. He figured Si-jin’s dad would be worried and that’s why he asked him to come. Si-jin’s dad says that a soldier’s job is for the nation so he wasn’t really worried about Si-jin. Commander Yoon replies that he knows how capable Si-jin is and that’s why he was at peace because he knew Mmyeong-ju would be safe. Si-jin’s dad visibly squirms at that. *Don’t you see how uninterested he is in this union, Commander Yoon? Just accept Dae-young already. Geez!*

The Haesung group Chairman assures everyone that the medical team in Urk is okay and Hee-eun almost collapses out of relief. Chi-hoon’s mom *hey, it’s everyone’s favourite chaebol mother* insists on a phone call to Chi-hoon to make sure he’s okay and alive. Chairman tells her that personal calls aren’t allowed on the satellite phone and she reminds him that she contributed to that satellite phone so she needs it this instant!


Chi-hoon sits on the ground outside, thinking about the patient who died because he misdiagnosed him and Sang-hyun joins him, pulling out a cigarette and popping it in his mouth. Chi-hoon asks him if his patient survived and Sang-hyun says that he did for now, while he searches himself for a lighter. He starts to ask Chi-hoon something but Chi-hoon immediately replies that he doesn’t have a lighter. Sang-hyun was actually going to ask him if he was okay. He notices Chi-hoon clutching the black band tightly in his hand and figures he shouldn’t have asked. Chi-hoon asks him for a cigarette and he jokes that a doctor shouldn’t smoke. *Oh hello there pot, I’m kettle.*

Jin walks into the Medicube insisting that he’s sick. He asks Ja-ae for a saline drip and she rolls her eyes before she pulls out her radio and asks if there’s any doctor who has nothing to do because she has a patient who needs some attention. She says that he must be sick in the eyes since he can’t see just how crazy busy everything is right now.


Si-jin and Dae-young worry about not having enough food for everybody and the waitress from town arrives with a truckload of PPL Subway sandwiches. Si-jin promises to buy a hundred drinks from her, on Dae-young. He pouts that his salary has been deducted after all. *cheeky little…* He briefs them as they eat about continuing work on the rescue site tomorrow and tells them to go to bed immediately after dinner. He tells them to forget about what happened today and only focus on following commands properly.

Dae-young washes all the dirt and grime of the day off his face, and Myeong-ju arrives, takes the towel from around his neck and pats his face dry. She asks him if he came back to Urk on his own or because her father commanded him to. He replies that dispatching soldiers is the job of the commander and she wonders why he’s taking her father’s side. He tells her to call her dad because he would be worried about her and she asks if he was worried about her too. She asks him what he would have done if something had happened to her and he replies that he would have regretted all those times he pushed her away. She wonders if he’s going to keep standing and staring at her then and he pulls her into a hug and she hugs him back.


Ja-ae sterilizes the surgical instruments by boiling them since they’ve run out of alcohol when Sang-hyun joins her and tells her to let him do it instead. He says that it sure is hard and wishes he had a wife and children so he could have used them as an excuse to run away from here. She wonders what he was doing all this time instead of having a family and he turns the question back on her. He tells her the password to his laptop and tells her to delete a folder if anything should happen to him. She starts to ask what the folder contains and her face contorts in disgust at how dirty he is. *Dying laughing.* She tells him to delete the folder himself but he says he’s never going to do it until he dies. *I bet that folder has got all kinds of pictures of her though.*

After doing the rounds, Mo-yeon returns the boots she wore to the worker and thanks him for it before leaving the Medicube. She returns to the site, lights a candle for the deceased and walks around the site. She imagines the normal everyday life of the victims before the earthquake. In her imagination, the impaled worker carries a sack of cement, the pregnant woman greets her with a smile as she goes about her duty and Manger Go grabs DW by the ear and scolds him for oversleeping and not showing up to work. Mo-yeon finally breaks down and allows herself to cry and Si-jin watches her from a distance. *I promise, I’m not crying.*

Another soldier comes up to Si-jin and asks him if he needs something but Si-jin says he’s just looking around. The soldier notices Si-jin’s hurt shoulder and says he’s going to need stitches. He offers to take Si-jin to the Medicube but Mo-yeon tells him to come over with her and she’ll take a look at it. She stitches his shoulder and asks him how he got hurt. He replies that it was because he was rescuing haphazardly and that makes her smile. She tells him she’s okay and he wonders if she heard since he asked in his thought. She replies that she heard loud and clear. He tells her that he was glad she was here with him, fighting together and she says that she feels the same way. He starts to apologize for being mean to her earlier and she says that she understands about the situation. She tells him that the only one who has seen more deaths than a soldier holding a gun is a surgeon holding a scalpel. He apologizes again for his clumsy choice of comforting words but says he’d like for her to be okay sincerely. Instead of being serious, she wants him to do what he does best, joking. He tells her she’s pretty but she says that he can’t see her right now since his back is turned to her. He says that he saw her earlier and she’s someone who’s always pretty. She tells him not to be too serious and he replies that he was joking that time. She finishes the stitch, and out of nowhere he says that he really missed her. He tells her that he tried everything, drinking, working hard, exercising but nothing worked and he just kept missing her. He asks her if it isn’t something she can re-think because he’s really serious this time.

Blogger’s Note

And sensible Mo-yeon’s thread is hanging on its last strand. That thread will snap and Mo-yeon will be plunged into the abyss of Si-jin’s love and my heart will sing a thousand choruses. This drama has consistently held my emotions and my attention from the first episode till now and it’s not letting up. Manager Go and the other side characters wrecked me completely. I’ve only known him for three episodes but Manager Go’s character is a hero.

Myeong-ju and Dae-young continue to take baby steps towards each other, well Dae-young anyway because Myeong-ju has been waiting on him for ages. Keep taking those steps Dae-young, you never know what will happen t our woman next.

Descendants of the Sun: Episode 6 recap


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Mo-yeon says she finds Si-jin very charming but he’s dangerous. She says she falls for his charms every time he catches her eyes but she can’t get over how dangerous he is. She wishes that she had more time to resolve her conflicted feelings and decide if she can love such a charming yet dangerous person but she doesn’t because he keeps leaving. She says it’s not like she can get angry at him for leaving nor can she ask him not to, so right now in this moment, she doesn’t like him and would like him to apologize for the kiss. Si-jin nods in understanding and apologizes to her and wishes her well before leaving. *sniff sniff*. Later that night, Mo-yeon and Si-jin are in their respective quarters. Mo-yeon lights a candle and Si-jin looks at his dog tag, possibly feeling regret for the first time in his military career and on the bedside table, a mosquito coil burns. The following morning, Mo-yeon steps outside and runs into cutie Ki-bum and asks him where Si-jin is since she didn’t see him in his office and Ki-bum informs her that Si-jin left the night before. She sighs that he doesn’t even give her a second chance.
Si-jin is back in Korea to attend his father’s discharge ceremony. His father says that he should have listened to his mother and become a judge or a doctor since no one appreciates soldiers these days and Si-jin replies that with all skills, anything else would have been a waste. He tells dad he’ll be a general and make him take a picture with him and dad muses that no one would make him a general without connections. Dad, “You even threw away the chance to become a Major.” Si-jin says that he did as taught him to so can he please be proud of him? Dad replies that there are days in a soldier’s life when going to the guardhouse is more honourable than being promoted and slaps his shoulder with a ‘you did well’. Si-jin tells dad to go ahead and brings along a picture of his late mother so she can be in the picture with them. *I’m not crying.*







Oppa, wait for us!!!


Dae-young is seated on the shoulders of a cadet while training the new privates. He’s definitely living up to his Officer From Hell reputation as he punishes them when one member of the team fails to descend the zip-line properly. He asks another cadet to switch with the one carrying him then asks the former cadet if he feels like killing him right now and the cadet says he does. Dae-young, “Well, you can’t kill me with that stamina.” He tells him that he’s willing to go up against him if they ever run into each other outside but would like for him to bring up his stamina today. Dae-young others the cadet to run when suddenly a voice calls out, “the handsome cadet is now descending”. Si-jin’s here. He even gets his own action bgm and everything as he descends the zip-line. Dae-young asks to be put down, he tells Si-jin to stop fooling around and come down. He even calls him cadet, then he tells the newbies to focus on how Si-jin rappels down because that’s the proper way to do it. Si-jin ends up upside down in front of Dae-young and Dae-young wonders why he’s here when he’s supposed to be off duty. Si-jin replies that he missed him so much so of course he had to come and asks him when he gets off. *Are you asking him out on a date Si-jin?* Si-jin and Dae-young sit at a bar afterwards and Dae-young tells him that it’s nice to see him again, especially since he’s healthy and they clink glasses to that. A bunch of soldiers walk into the bar and Dae-young turns away when he sees them. Si-jin wonders if he knows them and he says he was their training officer when they were cadets. *Ruh-roh*. Dae-young puts up his collar, hoping the soldiers won’t recognize him but they do anyway. They come up to him and remind of his promise to throw down with them should they ever meet outside. Dae-young “We’re inside right now.” Si-jin whispers that they’ll run on the count of three. Si-jin, “One,” Dae-young “Three” and he takes off. Si-jin is stunned but not for long because he runs right after him and the soldiers chase after them like a bunch of fangirls, out and down the street. Dae-young hops a staircase and Si-jin hops right after him. When they’re sure that the soldiers are gone, Dae-young and Si-jin take deep breaths. Si-jin says that Dae-young sure counts in a weird way, since when did three come after one and Dae-young replies that he’s terrible at math. Dae-young says he’s tired from all the running and Si-jin wonders if now’s the right time to pick a fight with him since he was also Si-jin’s training officer from hell. *This whole scene is so funny, I need to go and watch it again.* Dae-young asks if he drank the wine he left for him and Si-jin replies that he only tasted it *amongst other things*. Dae-young asked if he drank it alone and Si-jin replies that he drank it with Mo-yeon. Dae-young asked if it went well and Si-jin replies that it didn’t and feels like he always gets dumped whenever he’s on vacation. Si-jin says he misses her but he’ll be fine soon. *Yeah, I don’t think so lover boy.* Dae-young gives him advice saying that little strokes fell great oaks and Si-jin says he shouldn’t talk since he didn’t even try. Dae-young says he tried, only against himself.
Dae-young heads home and gets a call from Myeong-ju, this time he answers. Myeong-ju is excited that he answered then worries about the fact that he answered. She tells him not to say anything and just listen to her and he does, with tears in his eyes. She tells him that she’s doing well and that she wears her uniform all the time like he said she should and that she misses him a lot. She tattles to him about how Si-jin teased her for not having any pride running after Dae-young and she says she doesn’t care since she knows just how much Dae-young loves her too. *I’m not crying*. Mo-yeon gets a message from her friend Dr Ji-soo saying that she has some good wine for when Mo-yeon returns to Korea and Mo-yeon replies that she doesn’t drink wine with women but asks her to prepare a good man for her instead. Ji-soo wonders about the man she met again on the other side of the world and if he’s not that great the second time around. Mo-yeon replies that he was the best and instead of an apology, she should have held on to him and confessed her love. She says she’s the one who missed all the opportunities and wonders just how much Si-jin must have loved her. In Korea, Si-jin rides a bus with a huge picture of Mo-yeon on the side. *So close, yet so far away.*vlcsnap-2016-03-12-17h24m11s072vlcsnap-2016-03-12-17h25m22s545vlcsnap-2016-03-12-17h26m48s401vlcsnap-2016-03-12-17h28m58s881

Si-jin hangs out at a pool bar and waits on Dae-young to arrive. He does and they’re wearing couple shirts. *I’m dying here, it’s so cute. Seriously my new favourite bromance.* Si-jin takes out his phone and snaps pictures of Dae-young and Dae-young tries to stop him, even throwing his jacket at Si-jin. Si-jin sends the pictures he took to Myeong-ju and she smiles as she looks through each one. Mo-yeon and the medical team clean up the little children, and the boy who had lead poisoning comes and gives her a picture he had drawn. It’s a picture of Si-jin and Mo-yeon talking to the children.
Mo-yeon asks Si-jin to translate for her and she tells the children not to lick the metals because it would make their tummies hurt. Si-jin, “If you lick things like this, I’ll shoot you.” The kids all laugh at that and Mo-yeon wonders what’s so funny. She tells them to wash their hands before they eat, Si-jin “If you don’t wash your hands before you eat, I’ll shoot you” and the kids laugh again. Mo-yeon wonders if he’s saying weird things to the kids and Si-jin just replies that kids laugh a lot at that age.
vlcsnap-2016-03-12-17h36m35s184.pngvlcsnap-2016-03-12-17h39m21s949.pngvlcsnap-2016-03-12-17h40m12s568vlcsnap-2016-03-12-17h40m33s374Si-jin camps alone outside and decides to call Dae-young. He asks him where he is and Dae-young replies that he’s at the base. Si-jin tells him how calm and healing camping and fishing is, Dae-young, “Then why did you call me?” Si-jin replies that he’s bored. He wonders if Dae-young can come and join him because he’s scared being by himself and Dae-young just hangs up. Si-jin calls him up again and acts like he’s in trouble but Dae-young just hangs up again. He brings out the stone and rubs it as he remembers Mo-yeon giving it back to him at the beach, saying he had a better chance of coming back here than she did. At the same time in Urk, Mo-yeon stands at the edge of a cliff and imagines what it would be like if Si-jin and her came back to the site of the wreck together. *I’m not crying.*

vlcsnap-2016-03-12-17h42m43s630.pngvlcsnap-2016-03-12-17h49m00s411vlcsnap-2016-03-12-17h51m04s318vlcsnap-2016-03-12-17h52m04s085vlcsnap-2016-03-12-17h53m15s881vlcsnap-2016-03-12-17h53m35s737vlcsnap-2016-03-12-17h56m57s197vlcsnap-2016-03-12-17h58m04s015vlcsnap-2016-03-12-18h02m34s333vlcsnap-2016-03-12-18h04m47s614Daniel brings the car to Mo-yeon and when she offers to pay him he tells her to donate that money to a charity instead. He tells her to call him if she ever wants to volunteer and she says that she’s had enough of volunteering for one lifetime. She tells him to give her greetings to Ye-hwa and leaves. Speaking of whom, Ye-hwa is picking flowers in a field and stops when she sees a butterfly. It flies away and soon she sees a large number of birds flying away too. *Oh no, those are never good signs.*
Mo-yeon takes stock of the supplies and Myeong-ju comes to tell her that everyone’s waiting. Apparently, today’s the day the medical team returns to Korea. Mo-yeon says she needs five more minutes and Myeong-ju says she should have started five minutes earlier. Myeong-ju figures that she and Mo-yeon are never going to meet again so she decides to ask her a question even though Mo-yeon tells her not to. Myeong-ju, “Do you like Si-jin?” Mo-yeon is stunned and Myeong-ju figures that she does. Just then, Si-jin calls Myeong-ju’s phone. He’s just the person she wants to talk to and she asks if Mo-yeon likes him. Mo-yeon is mortified and moves to snatch the phone out of Myeong-ju’s hand but Myeong-ju brushes her away. Si-jin tells her that he’s with Dae-young right now and they’re having coffee. Si-jin is drinking a latte and Dae-young is having an espresso. Si-jin quips that Dae-young probably doesn’t know what he’s drinking and Myeong-ju retorts that he does know, she taught him after all and Dae-young just drinks his coffee seriously. Si-jin asks what she was talking about earlier and Myeong-ju says she just wanted to fluster him a little bit. She tells him that’s she locked in a battle of wits against Mo-yeon right now. He tells her not to pick on civilians and Myeong-ju says he’s changing the topic and asks if he wants to know how she reacted. He asks if Mo-yeon got angry and Myeong-ju replies that she did but she still looks pretty. That makes Si-jin smile and he tells her she’s worked hard and hangs up. Myeong-ju muses that she expected Si-jin to ask her to put Mo-yeon on the phone but he must have been too flustered. Mo-yeon says that of course he was since she’s so unforgettable and Myeong-ju wonders if this straightforwardness is why Si-jin likes Mo-yeon. Sang-hyun comes in and asks the medical team to come out for a group photo and Myeong-ju tells Mo-yeon to go since that’s why she’s here anyway. Mo-yeon replies that it’s not the only reason she’s here and hands Myeong-ju the list to finish up the inventory since Myeong-ju interrupted. She tells Myeong-ju to take care of herself before she walks away.
vlcsnap-2016-03-12-18h05m41s471vlcsnap-2016-03-12-18h11m43s505vlcsnap-2016-03-12-18h11m24s365Outside, pictures are taken and Won-geun says that the Commander asked them to take the medical team in the chopper as a show of gratitude for all they’ve done. They have to leave in batches though because the chopper has a weight limit and Sang-hyun and Ja-ae play rock, paper, scissors to decide who gets to leave first. Sang-hyun wins and they leave. Over the sea, Sang-hyun says that it’s so beautiful and complains that this should have been the sight they saw during their stay. Won-geun says that Si-jin always said that seeing the sea always makes him want to protect this place, and an invisible stake is driven even further into Mo-yeon’s heart.


Chief Manager Jin opens up a safe under the floor in his office and pulls out a small pouch of diamonds, unknown to him though, delinquent worker is curled up on the chair in his office and watches him as he leaves. Before the camera cuts away, there’s a slight shaking. The following morning, work on the site proceeds as normal and delinquent worker checks himself out in the mirror. Manager Go scolds him for not wearing a helmet and says that he’d be dead if something were to fall on his head. Manager Go takes off his helmet and puts it on DW’s head. Suddenly, things start falling and glasses start cracking. *I’ve seen this before, where’s my blankie?* Over at the settlement, Ki-bum goes to the kitchen to get some plates and everything begins to shake. He’s thrown to the floor by the shaking and the other soldiers yell that it’s an earthquake, everybody needs to get out. Ki-bum starts to move but the refrigerator falls on him. *No!!!!!* It’s chaos as Myeong-ju races to get the remaining medical staff out of the building. Everyone’s losing their minds and running for their lives as buildings are crumbling to the ground. In the factory, Manager Go buckles up DW’s helmet and says they need to get out. Meanwhile, people and vehicles are falling into sinkholes. *I can’t watch this anymore.* The shakes cause DW to lose his footing and when Manager Go turns back to look at him, a huge pile of rocks fall on him. *Okay, now I’m crying.*
In the chopper, the medical team watch as a bridge collapses before their very eyes and in Korea, Si-jin sees the news about a 6.7 magnitude earthquake in Urk. He turns on his radio and tells the person on the other side to not hang up but give him all the information on what’s going on in Urk. In the hospital, Ji-soo and Hee-eun, Chi-hoon’s fiancée who’s heavily pregnant, watch the news of the earthquake and Hee-eun begins to sob because of Chi-hoon. Commander Yoon gets information that the carrier is ready to leave but they haven’t been able to contact Myeong-ju. The officer tells the Commander that they’ll focus on getting Myeong-ju out and the Commander says they shouldn’t focus on only one person since she’s there on duty. He asks that Dae-young be summoned to join the rescue team but the officer tells him that Dae-young already volunteered.
At the airport in Urk, Mo-yeon is refusing to get on the plane since she believes that they are needed here because of the earthquake. Won-geun can’t let her stay because he has orders but Mo-yeon stands her ground and reminds him that the rest of her team is back in the settlement and she’s not leaving without them. In Korea, Commander Yoon tells the politicians that he’s sending in his best men and the chairman of Haesung group promises to support them with however much they need. Therefore, Si-jin and Dae-young are on a plane back to Urk.
Sang-hyun runs into the hospital screaming for Nurse Ja-ae and is so relieved to find that she’s okay. Mo-yeon asks if everyone is okay and Ja-ae replies that they are. Mo-yeon sees Ki-bum, who’s sporting a sling because of a dislocated shoulder, and asks if he’s okay. Chi-hoon replies that Ki-bum is fine since Myeong-ju took care of him. Myeong-ju asks why they came back, wondering if it’s worse at the airport. Sang-hyun replies that they couldn’t leave because they were worried about everyone back at the barracks and that look of reluctant admiration crosses Myeong-ju’s face again. Just then, Myeong-ju gets a message over her radio, the power plant building has collapsed and they need help.
They head over to the site and they are taken aback by the disaster that faces them. Mo-yeon tells her team to put on their vests so they can be easily recognized by the victims and she tells them to follow standard protocol for marking the victims for treatment. Chi-hoon recites the protocol, green for non-emergencies, yellow for slight injuries, red for emergency patients who need immediate treatment, and black for patients they can’t save. They grab their supplies and head out and Mo-yeon takes off her shoes to break the heels so she can move around better. Chief Manager Jin approaches a soldier and asks if they’ve gone inside yet and the soldier tells him no. Jin isn’t worried about the people inside, he’s more worried about someone stumbling across his safe of diamonds. *Pig.* The soldier asks him if he knows the head count because they can’t find Manager Go and Jin replies dismissively that Manager Go must still be in the building. Manager Go is indeed in the building, he’s alive but there’s a huge wall on top of him. He calls out for help and someone replies him. It’s the foreign worker and he’s impaled by a large piece of steel. He says it hurts and Manager Go tells him not worry. He grabs a piece of rock and hits it against some metal, trying to make enough noise so someone can hear and save them.