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I’ve been an avid We Got Married fan since the first season, watching as many couples as I can. I’ve always had favourites in every season and I even cried a few times when some of my favourite couples ended. I don’t do shipping ever since my one and only ship sank so miserably I don’t think I would ever recover, however since I met this couple, I have dabbled in shipping again. Nothing serious, because I keep telling myself that none of this is real and they’re going to end one day and all I would have left are my memories. I won’t even venture into delulu-land because there is nothing in this world worth the heartbreak but I will sit on the road and wave at all the people who are brave enough to make the journey.

Now introducing season 4’s finest couple; Song Jae-rim and Kim So-eun or as they are popularly known by lovers and haters Solim Couple. I’ve been following Kim So-eun since I first saw her as Cho Ga-eul in Boys over Flowers and I’ve seen a couple of her dramas so I’m more biased towards her than Song Jae-rim who I only saw in The Moon Embracing The Sun as the loyal bodyguard of Kim Soo-hyun’s character.

This couple have had such an amazing chemistry ever since they met in a darkened room, curling people’s fingers and toes with their cheesy and unbelievably corny dialogues, mostly on the part of virtual hubby Song Jae-rim. Everyone loved them and they even went on to receive the best couple award at the 2014 MBC Entertainment Awards ceremony, a feat I don’t think any other We Got Married couple had ever achieved. Until disaster struck early this year when a tabloid newspaper reported that Kim So-eun was dating another actor while her we got married contract hadn’t expired.

There was confusion everywhere, some fans of the show quit watching, some even demanded that she be kicked off the show and this was a perfect opportunity for those who didn’t think she was good enough for Jae-rim to point out that they knew she never even liked him anyway. But the couple persevered, they sorted out the misunderstanding and life continued for them as normal, until the new couples joined. The new husbands became a Song Jae-rim-lite with all their cheesy and fast attempts at skinship with their virtual wives and more criticisms came for the Solim couple. There were cries of “when is So-eun going to let her husband kiss her? Henry already kissed Yewon” or “why can’t So-eun be more like Seung-yeon, it’s obvious she likes Jong-hyun?” and “oh poor Song Jae-rim, why couldn’t he have been paired with one of the other girls?” and my favourite “why are they still on the show?”

It’s not easy being the eldest couple on We Got Married, Solim are like the last generation that straddles the divide of the conservative old school and the forward-thinking liberal new generation. They are entertaining in their own right, they have proven time and again that they move at their own pace and they do what makes them happy. A lot of people may argue that they have become boring ever since the new couples joined the show, but I would like to remind those people that the new couples are well new, it’s when the novelty of being newly married wears off that the real fun begins for the viewers. Solim couple have managed to keep things fresh despite being a “seven-years married couple”.

Either you love them or you hate them, but you can’t deny that they are entertaining.

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