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Disclaimer: The character, Gwi, is the intellectual property of the writer of the manhwa, Scholar Who Walks The Night and the writer of the drama of the same name. This story has no basis in the original and is just a figment of my imagination.

Gwi sat in a tree and looked at the night sky through the leaves. The moon was full and shining, illuminating the forest. He sighed, he was going to age waiting for his teacher, Hae-soo to show up. He and Hae-soo were vampire hunters. They were vampires who hunted other badly-behaved vampires and killed them so they wouldn’t wreak havoc on the unsuspecting humans. Gwi was getting tired of hunting the other vampires, the humans never thanked them for saving them from impending doom. He complained of this to Hae-soo many times, but Hae-soo only told him that they didn’t need the acknowledgement of the humans. Hae-soo was a guardian vampire and therefore, he could be so goody-goody that it made Gwi sick. Gwi wondered what Hae-soo was doing and why he kept him waiting, he was beginning to become thirsty. He leapt out of the tree he was sitting in and decided to go hunting. He closed his eyes and tuned his senses of hearing and smell and suddenly, the sweet smell of blood filled his nostrils. He smiled and turned in the direction of the smell, dreaming of the feast he was about to have. He reached a clearing and suddenly, a gazelle jumped into his field of vision. He was about to attack it when the gazelle, having sensed something, sprang as fast as her legs could carry her. Just then, a young boy, who looked no more than sixteen years old, ran out from the bush he had been hiding and took off after the gazelle. Gwi stood still for a moment, it looked like he wasn’t the only one hunting tonight. He ran after the hunter and the prey and almost caught up with them, when the hunter tripped over an exposed root and fell badly allowing the gazelle to escape to safety. He snarled, this incompetent person had made him lose his dinner and he couldn’t even feed on this person because vampire hunters weren’t supposed to feed on people. He noticed the young boy struggling to get up and crumpling repeatedly. “Is he hurt?” He wondered to himself. He made a few moves towards him, stopping a few times, before making his mind up and going to help the boy. “Are you hurt?” Gwi asked startling the boy who didn’t know he wasn’t alone.

“Who are you?” The boy replied and pulled out a knife.

Gwi sneered, “You really think you can take me with that puny thing?”

“I will defend myself if need be. Who are you?” The boy said again, dragging himself backwards on the forest floor, trying to escape from the slowly approaching man.

“It seems like you’re hurt, perhaps you need my help?” Gwi answered as he continued to approach the young boy. He knelt in front of the boy and suddenly, he felt lightheaded. The smell coming from the boy was intense, it wasn’t the smell of his body but the smell of his blood. He hadn’t drank blood from a human in over a hundred years but he suddenly wanted to sink his fangs into this young boy in front of him. He controlled the overwhelming urge that was building inside him, if he bit this child right now, he wouldn’t stop until he drained every last drop of blood from his body. Gwi reared back from the boy. “Do you know how dangerous it is to walk around the forest at night? Do you have any idea what you could run into?” Gwi asked angrily.

“I can defend myself just fine, besides I don’t live very far from the forest and I wanted to get some food.” The boy looked away angrily and muttered, “You probably have no idea what hunger is.”

Gwi looked him up and down, there was something really strange about this boy. He glanced at the boy’s ankle and saw that it was twisted in an awkward direction. “You hurt your leg, I’ll take you back.” Gwi reached to pick him up and the youth brandished his knife again.

“Don’t touch me, I can take care of myself just fine.”

Gwi disregarded the knife and picked up the boy. “Tell me how to get to your house.” He said.

“Put me down right now. What is the matter with you? Do you not hear my words? Put me down I say.” The boy argued but Gwi pressed on, ignoring the boy’s complaints.

When they came to the mouth of the forest, Gwi took a path that led into the town and came to a crossroads. “Which direction?” He asked but the boy stubbornly refused to answer. “I said which direction?” Gwi asked again. He was using every last will he had to keep from drinking the boy even as he tried to help him get home safely.

The boy sighed and pointed to the left. He figured there was no point arguing with the man carrying him. He gave him directions till they came to a little house just before the entrance to the main town. “‘This is my house.” He said and Gwi set him down at the door.

“Do not ever wander into the forest at night again, it’s more dangerous than you know.” Gwi warned and walked away.

The youth wondered who this person was for a while, before pulling himself into the house with much difficulty. He reached for the band he had used to tie his hair and pulled it loose letting long, black locks cascade down her back. She looked at herself in the mirror, she was so tired of dressing as a boy. She wondered where her father was and why he wasn’t back yet. She was so hungry and regretted letting the gazelle go. Her ankle needed urgent tending, so she dragged herself to the kitchen and boiled some water. She grabbed a cloth and mopped her swollen ankle with it. She sighed, it would seem she wasn’t going hunting for a while.

Gwi strolled back into the forest, occasionally glancing back at the path to the house had dropped the young boy. He wondered if the boy would be okay, it seemed to him like the child lived alone. He went in search of another animal and this time he came across a boar. He attacked it and in the twinkling of an eye, the boar was dead and he had drank his fill of the blood he wanted. He took the dead animal to a stream and washed off the remaining blood on it, then he took his knife and cut its neck in a way to make it look like he slaughtered it.

Hye-jung hopped to the door on one foot after hearing the second knock, when she got there, she saw no one. The only thing she saw was a dead boar on her doorstep. She looked around to see who had brought her such a darling gift but when she saw no one, she smiled. “Providence!” She said and dragged the animal into the house.

Gwi stood to the side and watched from the shadows, there was shock written on his face. “It was a girl?”