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We pick up where we left off at the end of episode with Si-jin walking away from Mo-yeon. Nurse Min-ji wonders to Nurse Ja-ae if he isn’t the soldier from before. Si-jin introduces himself as the Captain of the team that is in charge of the medical team’s safety while they are in Urk and Dae-young fills them in on how they’re going to their settlement from the airport.
Si-jin notices Mo-yeon’s scarf which had flown off her head when the plane landed. He picks it up and wordlessly hands it to her. The whole team arrives at the settlement and they are welcomed warmly by the soldiers. The soldiers even put garlands around the neck of the ladies but completely ignore the men.
Doctor Chi-hoon points out where they’ll be staying and Doctor Sang-hyun complains about having to stay in the army in his old age. Chi-hoon says he likes it because it feels like he’s camping. Tsk tsk, you just wait pretty boy.

Ki-beom comes to pay a visit to Mo-yeon and Nurse Min-ji and he jogs their memory by telling them he’s the one who ran away from the ER. Mo-yeon “oh that thie…omo omo”. Min-ji says how amazing it is and asks him what he’s doing in the army. Uh, is that a coupling I smell? She asks him if he’s all better now and he jumps in place to reassure her that he’s fine.

Sang-hyun complains and tells Ja-ae that now’s the perfect time to run away from this place. He asks her if she knows just how many diseases are here, Her “I don’t know, you tell me.” He doesn’t know either. He wonders if Ja-ae didn’t hear the conversation between Mo-yeon and the chairman over the phone about how this isn’t volunteer work but a punishment. She fires back that knowing him for 30 years is a punishment in and of itself.

Wow, Chi-hoon must not know how serious the work he came to do in Urk is because he acts like a total tourist and takes selfies. He accidentally takes a picture of one of the soldiers, Won-geun. Won-geun takes his camera and asks that Chi-hoon deletes the picture he has taken because they aren’t supposed to have their pictures taken. Chi-hoon asks him why not and Won-geun says he can’t tell him because it’s a military secret. Mo-yeon pipes in and says all the soldiers here are like that, i.e. not sharing things because national secrets. Chi-hoon asks her how she knows this but she doesn’t answer and walks away.
Mo-yeon takes off her shoe to remove a stone and stands there shoe-in-hand as Si-jin walks past her again holding a package. She wonders if he really didn’t see her or if he’s just ignoring her. Turns out that he did see her but for some reason he was choosing to pretend he didn’t.



vlcsnap-2016-03-04-19h55m22s666He drops the package on Dae-young’s desk and asks him if he won’t open it. Dae-young says no, he can just open it later but Si-jin reasons that it could be filled with Chocopies. Dae-young replies that it could also be a bomb but Si-jin’s all “a man can only die once” then steps back just in case. Haha. Dae-young opens up the box and it contains gifts from Myeong-ju to his colleagues. Si-jin wonders where his present is and Dae-young hands him an empty box. Si-jin says that it seems Dae-young didn’t get anything, but Dae-young, who is holding a handwritten letter from Myeong-ju, replies that his gift is on the way.
In Korea, Myeong-ju is reporting to her father that she’s been deployed to Urk and promises to return safe and sound. Commander Yoon asks if she’s really going and Myeong-ju replies that she’s very happy to be able to go. Dad says he already told her that he preferred Si-jin as his son-in-law since he’s good enough to rise to the position of general *groan*. She replies that personal greed is a violation of the military law and asks if he’s willing to lose another subordinate. Dad says that Dae-young remained under him because he understood dad but Myeong-ju replies it’s not because of dad but because Dae-young is a real soldier and that’s also why she loves him. She tells him not to interfere with her being deployed again or he’ll lose both his daughter Yoon Myeong-ju and his subordinate Lt Yoon Myeong-ju.
Mo-yeon talks to her friend, Ji-soo, and tells her that both Myeong-ju’s boyfriend and that soldier are here, and Ji-soo asks her if she’s happy to see him again. Mo-yeon complains that it’s uncomfortable and Ji-soo says it must be fate since they met again halfway around the world. The networks breaks and Ji-soo can’t hear Mo-yeon anymore. Mo-yeon sees some local children playing and digging the ground so she takes pictures of them. She notices one of them put a piece of metal in her mouth so she hops the fence that clearly says ‘do not enter’ and tells the child to not eat that because it’s dirty and gives her a candy bar. Next thing you know, all the other kids are asking Mo-yeon for candy bars too. Si-jin tells her that giving a candy bar to one child without having enough for the others is unkind. Then he hops the fence to tell her off for hopping the fence. She points out that he hopped the fence too and he says she’s not even sorry. He sends the kids on their way by telling them that there’s a party in the training unit and when she asks him what he said, he says he told them to leave or he’d shoot them. She tells him not to lie but he says with a totally straight face that he was joking.

She starts to leave but doesn’t get very far before she hears a clicking sound. He tells her not to move since she just stepped on a landmine and she freaks out. Well, as much freaking out as she can do while standing on a landmine that is. He says that he has been in the army 15 years and he’s never seen anyone who stepped on a landmine live to tell the tale. She freaks out even more and asks him how he could say such a thing as a soldier. She rambles on and on about Macgyver and how he’s able to disarm a landmine with a swiss army knife. He acts all serious and says that including his time as a boy scout, he’s been in the field for 25 years and he’s only ever seen one man do what she claims and when she asks who that is, he replies “that guy in the movie you saw.” Mischievous little…She gets mad and calls him a jerk and he points out that he’s the only one here who can help her so she shouldn’t be cursing at him. She asks if she’s going to die and he says no since he’ll stand on the mine for her. At this point, I’m pretty sure there’s no mine. She asks if the mine won’t explode if he steps on it and he says of course it will but he’d just die in her place instead. She hits his chest and tells him to go find someone who can help them instead of saying nonsense and while she struggles, she loses her footing and they both fall. She closes her eyes expecting an explosion and Si-jin just lies there like he’s on a picnic.



She wonders why it didn’t explode and he asks her how she has been. She asks if he lied about the landmine and gets upset. She tells him not to talk to her and not to follow her before walking off.
Mo-yeon returns to the settlement and Chi-hoon tells her to come and have some meat. She tells him to leave her some and storms away. Dae-young sees her and asks Si-jin, who followed her anyway, what the problem was. Si-jin replies that he made her cry, Dae-young “Already?” That’s what I said!
Si-jin stops her as she walks away and apologizes to her. He tells her that because he’s used to joking with guys he didn’t realize that he went too far. She says she understands and starts to walk away when the national anthem begins to play. He salutes the flag and so does everyone else at the settlement. She doesn’t understand why since her back’s turned towards the flag. He turns her around and she stands at attention in front of him. Si-jin “It was nice seeing you again.”
Min-ji and Mo-yeon openly gawk at the soldiers who do their routine shirtless morning jog and Mo-yeon says if they do it at night too she might just consider moving to Urk. Ja-ae pipes in and says to inform her so she can retrieve her deposit too. Si-jin comes up to the ladies and wonders if they can’t sleep because it’s too loud. He purposely stands in front of Mo-yeon to block her sight and she asks him to please move so she can see. He asks them what their schedule for the day is and she’s so distracted by all the beef she asks if he meant morning or afternoon. Si-jin calls a halt to the jogging and orders them all back to the quarters and this makes Mo-yeon pout.
The soldiers all gather at the medi-cube to get blood drawn and totally bypass Dr Sang-hyun for the pretty lady doctor. Si-jin shows up and wonders what all the fuss is about and Mo-yeon asks him to go first. She sticks him with the needle and he warns her that a soldier always carries a loaded gun. Mo-yeon, “You might as well go ahead and shoot me then.” He yelps again and she says she hasn’t even put the needle in. Everyone sniggers around him and he whispers to her asking if she’s still mad about the joke he played yesterday. She replies that she’s not so petty as to hold a grudge. She continues to fish for his vein, hovering over his skin until he grabs her hand and sticks the needle in and surprises her.
A man comes into the cube and thanks Si-jin for the gifts he sent and Si-jin offers to buy him some meat on the weekend when they hear an explosion. The man wonders if it’s one of their trucks, I’m not sure exactly who this guy is but he might be from the UN. Si-jin, Dae-young and one other soldier race off to the accident site and they see an upturned UN truck. The driver is dead but the passenger survives. The survivor tells them he wants to get a treatment box from inside the van but he pulls a gun instead. Si-jin swiftly disarms the man, and notes that even UN security officials aren’t allowed to carry guns and his shirt doesn’t fit right so he can’t be a member of the UN, plus he has a foreign legion tattoo. Dae-young opens up the back of the van and finds weapons hidden beneath first aid materials, smugglers. Si-jin informs the local authorities about the fake ID of the criminal and the officer thanks him and takes the smuggler away.
Mo-yeon approaches Dae-young and Si-jin as soon as they arrive at the settlement and asked if no one got hurt. Si-jin replies that they’re fine and Mo-yeon says she’s not too surprised by the incident since she’s also used to emergency situations. Si-jin tells Dae-young that he’s going to the headquarters and when he leaves, Mo-yeon asks Dae-young for the Wi-Fi password. Dae-young tells her that civilians aren’t allowed to use the military Wi-Fi but he tells her that there are internet cafes in the city and since Si-jin is going to the city anyway, he could give her a lift. Si-jin doesn’t wanna though and he asks if Dae-young ate something wrong. Dae-young says seriously that Si-jin need not worry about him, tells him to have a nice trip and leaves. Hee, he’s so adorable playing cupid.
Mo-yeon talks on her phone to her landlord and gives her recommended PPL description of all the cool stuff that her Samsung phone can do including internet banking. Si-jin wonders if she’s moving and she says she’s going to open her own clinic. He asks her if it’s because of what happened with the chairman and she wonders how he knows that. He tells her that it’s all her team ever talks about. He comments that he doesn’t seem like a good person and Mo-yeon says she wouldn’t be in Urk if he was. Si-jin muses that he didn’t not date her so she could be with guys like that, she starts to say that she didn’t date him but tells him to forget about it. She sees a sign that points to a shipwreck beach and her eyes turn to dinner plates as she asks where that is. He replies her that it is too far away and she wonders why he’s annoyed at her all of a sudden.
They stop in front of a store and he tells Mo-yeon to get off since this place has the fastest Wi-Fi in town. When they enter, the lady who owns the store comes out to meet them. She’s the same girl as the one who bought a gun before and he wonders if the ownership of the store changed. She retorts that the store as always been hers. He wonders about Daniel whom he knows to be the store’s owner and she says they are co-owners. He wonders if Daniel wasn’t prohibited from entering the country and she blusters that she doesn’t know who that fool is. Sure. She notices Mo-yeon and asks who she is, wondering if she’s part of the medical team that came from Korea. She sniiiiiiifs Mo-yeon and smiles, ah the smell of ethanol. M-yeon asks Si-jin who she is and Si-jin says she’s Ri Ye-hwa, a full-time nurse deployed from Peace Maker. Mo-yeon comments that she’s doing a meaningful job that doesn’t pay a lot of money and Ye-hwa retorts that she’s doing it because it’s fun. It’s not like all you need is money. Mo-yeon’s expression is “sure honey, you keep telling yourself that.” Ye-hwa wonders how Si-jin knows about her full-time and part-time jobs and Si-jin tells her that Daniel told him about his Korean-Russian wife and she says they’re just comrades. Sure. She asks them what they want since she has everything except Daniel and he says they need the Wi-fi. Ye-hwa wanders away muttering about pies (fi) and Mo-yeon is skeptical about the Wi-fi here. He tells her to wait here and he’ll come get her when he’s done and tells her not to start a fight.
Si-jin reports to his superior about the man that they arrested and his superior tells him that he did some investigating and he found out that these were not your friendly neighbourhood smugglers. They’re big time crooks who have no fear of the law. At the same time, a man is opening up a cache of weapons hidden in a UN care package box. The officer from before report to the man about how dangerous it is to continue to pose as UN officials because they’ve been discovered now. He tells them to find another way to smuggle their goods. The man is bored by all this and points a gun at the officer to get him to release his smuggler. The man throws a wad of hundred dollar bills at the officer and then proceeds to shoot him in cold blood. Si-jin’s superior tells him not to mess with the Merchants of Death, that’s what they’re called, since their time here in Urk is almost up and they are up for a promotion when they return to Korea. He hands a piece of paper to Si-jin and it turns out to be a transfer order for Dae-young from the Commander.
Dae-young sits at his table and flashes back to a time when he was just a staff sergeant. The commander had come into the mess hall when the boys were eating and he had sitten directly opposite Dae-young at his table, possibly to intimidate him. Dae-young hadn’t eaten even after the commander was done. A shot of their hats facing each other emphasizes the great difference in their positions. Commander Yoon asks Dae-young if he’s dating Myeong-ju and he doesn’t deny it. Dad says he’s worried about her future and he hopes that Dae-young does the same. Dae-young asks him if he’s commanding him to break up with her but dad says that he’s not commanding to do so yet but will do it if he has to. In the present, Dae-young packs his bag and re-read Myeong-ju’s letter. “Major Sergeant Seo Dae-young, your present is on its way. I miss you every day. Salute.” *tear*
Si-jin drives Mo-yeon back and she asks him what the problem is since he looks downcast. He tells her that Dae-young is being transferred back to Korea. She asks him if he’s jealous that Dae-young gets to go home early or if he’s sad that he and his friend are being separated. He tells her that he’s frustrated because the command is unfair. She replies that he said they always follow a command and he says that this command is not from a Commander but from a father. She asks him how Myeong-ju and Dae-young met. We go into flashback as Si-jin narrates the story. There was a thousand-mile march and Myeong-ju was the attending army surgeon at the time. She had notice him take on a comrade’s bag to keep him from falling behind the others. She had noticed that he had been around the path three times already and while she commended him on being a good soldier and team member, he would likely get discharged with an injury if he kept it up. He had told her that he wouldn’t mind being discharged if he got first place and started to walk away. She had grabbed him by the shirt and said she hoped it was not because of something like getting a vacation so he could go and crash his ex-girlfriend’s wedding and he deadpans, “that’s right”.
Mo-yeon is surprised and asks Si-jin if he’s being serious and he replies that he is. He tells her to get off as they had arrived at the beach she wanted to go before. She says that she thought he said it was too far away, Si-jin “It is, I wanted to spend some time with you.” *whimpers* Mo-yeon is probably in shock because she doesn’t go with him at first until he starts talking about Myeong-ju and Dae-young’s story again. He tells her that Dae-young and Myeong-ju end up going to the ex-girlfriend’s wedding together and tells her to come with him if she’s curious about the rest of the story. Flashback time.

Myeong-ju climbs into Dae-young’s car and he asks her what she’s doing here. She congratulates him on getting to crash his ex’s wedding and when he asks her if his question was difficult to understand, she replies that is her too difficult to understand? She explains to him that crashing the wedding his own way will not make the girl regret leaving him but will make her feel good that the guy is still pining over her. She tells him that she’d help him so that the girl can regret all night and he says he’s interested. She tells him that she has a condition though and tells him to turn the mirror away and proceeds to change in the back seat. In the present, Mmo-yeon comments that Myeong-ju is an expert in getting people to break-up after all and wonders what her condition was. Flashback, Her condition is that he has to pretend to be her boyfriend because her father is insisting on having her married to Yoo Si-jin. Dae-young asks why she doesn’t like Si-jin and she replies that he looks like a girl and she doesn’t like dandy men. Girl, please! Dae-young agrees to co-operate since he likes her reason. She asks him if he likes her ‘uniform’ saying she chose a white dress on purpose, to upstage the bride maybe? She says that she looks really pretty when she wears heels and lets down her hair. She does and while you can tell Dae-young totally thinks she’s pretty, he wonders aloud if her concept is to look like a virgin ghost and she says no, she’s supposed to be an angel. This is so funny.
In the present, Mo-yeon asks Si-jin if he, Dae-young and Myeong-ju are in a love triangle and he replies that they are. She asks if it’s still valid and he wonders why she’s interested since she was the one who dumped him. She says she’s not interested in his opinion but he draws in reeeeaaal close and says her face totally looks like she is. They take a boat to the shipwreck and we are treated to shot after shot of the beautiful Mediterranean sea.
They get to the shipwreck and she wonders how such a place exist. “It’s pretty enough to make me faint.” She says and he tells her to come back again. Hhe tells her of a local superstition that if you picked a pebble from the beach here, you’re bound to come back again. She says it’s ridiculous since then there would be no more pebbles on the beach and he replies that those who had come before probably returned the pebbles they picked. Mo-yeon and Si-jin go into the shipwreck to look around, and Mo-yeon asksed how it ended up like that. Si-jin replies that it was bewitched and this is usually what the end of enchantment is. I’m guessing he’s referring to the shipwreck as a ship that crashed because of a siren’s call. Mo-yeon asks him if he has ever been bewitched and he replies that he has. “I think you know.” Oh my gosh. He says he still hasn’t gotten a response to his question of how she has been. He wonders if she’s still sexy in the operating room and she replies that he must be misunderstanding because she’s npt here to do good but because someone powerful is punishing her. She says she doesn’t have the skill to do surgery anymore and that she’ll have to start from the bottom when she gets back so she’s really busy right now. She unconsciously rubs the pebble that he gave her.


Sang-hyun makes a huge bowl of bibimbap and Chi-hoon gets irritated at having to eat from the same bowl as everyone else. He takes the whole egg on top of the food and refuses to eat when Sang-hyun dips his spoon into Chi-hoon’s food to take the egg out after already putting the spoon in his mouth. He goes outside and calls up his girlfriend to complain about not having warm water when he is scared witless by a little child who touches his shirt. The child leaves fingerprints and he scolds the child telling him not to touch people with his dirty hands. What the…The child begs for food saying that he was told that if he came here he’d get food but he couldn’t come the day before. The child retches and proceeds to pass out on the ground and Chi-hoon forgets about his shirt and carries the child to the medi-cube. Mo-yeon and Shi-jin arrive and Chi-hoon explains that the child fainted suddenly, he had thought he was suffering from malnutrition so he had given him some nutrients in an IV bag. Mo-yeon examines him and notices that he has a pain between his stomach and his liver. Si-jin suggest lead poisoning as the cause and Chi-hoon says that lead poisoning doesn’t show itself this quickly. Mo-yeon recalls the girl she had seen licking a piece of metal before and asks Chi-hoon if the boy was sucking on anything when he found him. Chi-hoon said he was sucking his fingers and Mo-yeon says that they’re going to need to detoxify the boy. Chi-hoon asks if it is really lead poisoning and Mo-yeon says it’s anemia caused by malnutrition but because the boy ingested lead, his red blood cells thought it was nutrients leading to the poisoning. Chi-hoon goes to get some medicine and Si-jin tells her to let him know when the boy wakes up so he could translate for her. She thanks him for his help but asks that he let the medical team handle medical issues from now on. He tells her to just be grateful if she is since she had said before that there was nothing higher than the dignity of life. She says defensively that this case is not something common in Korea but he retorts that it’s as common as the cold here and that it would have been nice if a doctor who knew about these things was sent instead. She snaps that they can’t all be like Albert Schweitzer and he replies that yes, some doctors are only good enough to be on TV. *sigh*
An alarm goes off and Dae-young tells Si-jin that the medi-cube is under Force Protection Condition which is basically military speak for “important international VIP patient incoming”. It’s President Mubarat of the Arab league returning from an unofficial visit to Urk and since he’s such an all-round good guy, the terrorists hate him. Si-jin hands Mo-yeon a medical history but he might as well not have because a lot of things have been crossed out and falsified. Chi-hoon wonders what kind of crazy doctor would falsify a patient’s chart and Mo-yeon replies that a doctor like her, i.e. a quack like Si-jin seemed to think she was. Mubarat’s blood pressure is high and Mo-yeon wants to start treatment but the bodyguard tells them to wait and hands them a vial saying it’s a prescription from the president’s doctor. They inject him with it and he begins to have an adverse reaction. Mo-yeon makes another call and examines his stomach, something is wrong. Si-jin’s superior asks what’s going on over the walkie, and Mo-yeon explains that the president is bleeding into his abdominal cavity. She says they’re going to need to operate on the patient. The bodyguard refuses to let her operate since the president’s doctor will be here in an hour. Mo-yeon counters that they have to do something now or he won’t last twenty minutes. The guard pulls a gun and Si-jin grips his gun, Mo-yeon tells everyone to stand down but warns the guard that he’ll die if she takes her hands off the president. Si-jin’s superior tells Si-jin that the only thing important here is who’ll take responsibility should Mubarat die. He tells Si-jin to do what the Arabs want since if the president dies they can always blame the doctor for not operating on him. He nds to Dae-young then asks Mo-yeon if she can save the patient. She starts spewing medical terminologies and he tells her to answer straightforwardly. Can she do it? She nods firmly, yes she can. He turns off his radio, pulls his gun and tells her to go ahead then.

Blogger’s note
This show keeps getting better. I love that we got a part of Dae-young and Myeong-ju’s story this episode, I’m really curious to know the rest of it. Their story is same-old same-old but I’m lapping it up no less, Jin Gu and Kim Ji-won have a fantastic chemistry and I like that there seem to be different sides to Myeong-ju. She’s sweet but she’s also fierce. I love all the couples and possible couplings in this drama so it’s all fine with me. I suspect that Mo-yeon’s self-esteem was hit a lot more by not being chosen for that fellowship than she would like to admit and having Si-jin diagnose her patient correctly hit her pride deeply.