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The bodyguard warns Mo-yeon and her team not to move the president to surgery, but Si-jin tells his team to protect the medical team no matter what and even gives them permission to shoot if necessary. It’s chaos in Korea as the politicians are agonizing over what it could mean to their nation should anything happen to President Mubarat. Mo-yeon and her team begin the surgery and Si-jin’s superior, Park Byung-soo, is frustrated because no one in the alpha team is answering his messages on the walkie. Byung-soo threatens to shoot them all if Si-jin doesn’t get the medical team to stop the surgery but the men ignore him and side with their Captain. Mo-yeon notices a scar on the Mubarat’s stomach and she deduces that it’s from a surgery that wasn’t included in the patient’s chart. Sang-hyun starts to tell her that many lives are at stake and she replies that not doing anything is going to make certain that the patient will die. As the surgery proceeds, Mubarat’s blood pressure begins to drop and Sang-hyun is worried but Mo-yeon insists that they continue because they can handle this much. They are finally able to stabilize him and complete the surgery when the President’s doctor arrives. The doctor says the surgery must have gone well and Mo-yeon replies that it’d have been easier if she had the right chart and the doctor say that the patient needs to wake up before they can be sure of anything. He tells them not to relax yet and Mo-yeon fires back that if she had worried earlier the president would be dead.
The stress finally gets them and the doctors sink to the floor the minute the Arab doctor leaves. Sang-hyun offers to stay in Mo-yeon’s place and tells her to go get some rest. She replies that she’s fine only a little hungry and tells Cchi-hoon to go and get some food with the nurses. Chi-hoon is filled with worry about what would happen if the president doesn’t wake up and Sang-hyun replies that they’d have to write a report and oh, history might change a little bit. The Korean president meets with the Surgeon General, another politician and Commander Yoon to discuss diplomacy and the Surgeon general assures them that it’s highly likely that the President would wake up. The Korean President stills wants them to cover their behinds just in case he doesn’t and looks to Commander Yoon. Commander Yoon places a call to the men and gets in contact with Dae-young and gives him the uneasy task of putting Si-jin in detention for insubordination. He makes sure to add, to the hearing of the Korean president, how proud of them he is but says that his order cannot be changed. Chi-hoon and the nurses sit down to a dinner of ramyun and Min-ji worries if she left a gauze inside the patient. *aigoo*
Dae-young detains Si-jin in a storage unit and Si-jin jokes that he wishes it was a food storage instead. Byung-soo busts the door open and orders Dae-young to go outside, looking ready to beat Si-jin. He doesn’t beat him though, only giving him a kick to the shin and saying he should have just laid low so they could have gone back home and gotten their promotions. Si-jin apologizes and Byung-soo wonders why he did something to apologize for. Si-jin says he has no regrets and vows to take responsibilities for his actions. Mo-yeon hurries to find Dae-young and asks him where Si-jin is and out walks Byung-soo demanding to know where that Doctor Kang is. She tells him she’s right here and he takes her outside to chastise her for basically ruining Si-jin’s career. He tells her that if the president doesn’t wake up then Si-jin’s whole life is down the drain. *Wow, what a gentleman, way to put pressure on the girl*. Then he says that they should keep monitoring him. He finds Dae-young and tells him to pack his things up because he’s still going back to Korea. Dae-young starts to say that he’s the second-in-command and their team is without a leader but Byung-soo cuts him off and asks if he also wants to face disciplinary action for insubordination. He puts Staff Sergeant Choi Won-geun in charge before leaving.
Dae-young goes to see Si-jin to let him know that he’s leaving Urk at 9:00 pm and Si-jin asks him why he doesn’t try to resist a little. Dae-young replies that he’s not leaving on his own will but because it’s an order from above. He starts to report to Si-jin but Si-jin stops him, saying that he doesn’t need to since he’s no longer his Captain. Dae-young tells him that all the orders Si-jin gave him today were honourable and he’s more or less proud of him and Si-jin promises to buy him soju…for three days straight. Dae-young goes to find Mo-yeon where she is watching over the president and tells her that she has exactly ten minutes to see Si-jin and then leaves for the airport. Mo-yeon goes to the storage room where Si-jin is and sits outside the door. When she makes herself known, he asks if she came to visit him. She apologizes but he tells her that she hasn’t done anything to be sorry for. She tells him that the president isn’t awake yet and he tells her off for worrying about every man. Si-jin, “From now on, you should only worry about me.” *Stop it Song Joong-ki*. He says that he realized that what she said earlier about being sexy in the operating room was true and she asks him why he defied his superior when he could have easily done what was wanted of him. He replies that it was because of his motto that the beauties, the elderly and the children should always be protected. He asks her if she realized how brave she was and she is so overwhelmed by guilt that she starts to cry. Since he can only hear her, he asks if she’s crying and she asks him if he needs anything. He replies that he needs explosive, he was fine before but now he really wants out of the storage room, “because of someone”. She laughs through her tears and wonders how he can joke in this situation. He says that he knows he shouldn’t but he still does anyway. Time’s up and Mo-yeon has to leave but before she goes, she gives him a mosquito coil because she thought he might need it. He thanks her and says it’s exactly what he needs and then the camera pans out to show that he was locked in a storage room filled with nothing but mosquito coils. *Aww, tears.* The medical team is saved because the president finally wakes up, Sang-hyun says that he’s only been scared of surgery once before in his life and when Chi-hoon asks when that was, he replies that it was when he operated on nurse Ja-ae’s mother. He was so scared something would go wrong. *Really, what is their relationship?*

Won-geun reports to Dae-young over the phone that president Mubarat has been transferred to a proper hospital in the city and cutie Ki-bum listens in, his ear pressed right next to the phone. Won-geun puts it on speakerphone and Ki-bum cries asking Dae-young how he could just leave him like that, *aww he’s cute* and Dae-young replies that he left him a dictionary so he should study up for his GED. Dae-young arrives at the plane just as Myeong-ju is getting off. The smile falls from her face when she sees him standing there. She asks him where he is going since she was just coming to find him and when he starts to report to her, she smacks him across the face. He finishes his report that he was ordered to return to Korea and she starts beating him weakly on his chest. Myeong-ju “Tell me it’s a strategic retreat, tell me to wait for you, tell me that you’ll return at all costs.” He tells her to always wear her uniform even if it’s hot since there are so many mosquitoes and he starts to leave. She grabs his wrist and he pulls her into a hug. *I’m not tearing up, I swear.* She asks him what the meaning of his hug is and he just replies that she take care of herself before he salutes and leaves. She yells at his back, asking him to take responsibility for his actions. Myeong-ju “You give considerations for other women, so why not me?”
Flashback time.
Myeong-ju asks Dae-young if he had loved his ex-girlfriend that much and when he asks why she’s curious, she responds that there are different levels of revenge. He replies that he had promised to make her happy. She says she doesn’t think the bride would be happy if he ruined her wedding and he tells her that you can’t be happy if you have lingering feelings. She figures that he’s not here to ruin her wedding but to make her not regret letting go. Bride sees him and wonders what he’s doing here. He replies that he wondered what kind of man she was getting married to but he’s already seen him. Bride worries that Dae-young has introduced himself to her fiancé and he replies that he might just do that on his way out. Bride starts to freak when Myeong-ju walks up to Dae-young and loops her arm through his. Myeong-ju congratulates her on her wedding and bride wonders who she is. Myeong-ju introduces herself as Dae-young’s girlfriend and thanks her for letting such a wonderful man go. Myeong-ju says it’d be awkward for them to call each other ex and current so she should just call her Doctor Yoon, Myeong-ju “I am a doctor after all.”Dae-young takes Myeong-ju’s hand in his and tells bride not to worry about him since he’s already moved on as well. Myeong-ju looks at his face as the hand gripping hers tight shakes form nerves. They sit at a bar later and Myeong-ju asks Dae-young if he regrets it, he replies that he feels extremely free but she says that she feels regret. When he asks her why she says she doesn’t know. *I believe you’re catching feelings, sweetie.* She tells him not to forget his end of the deal and he tells her not to worry.
At another date in the same bar, Myeong-ju says that she only said she’s not marrying Si-jin not that she’s not marrying at all. Dae-young says he only said that they were dating and Myeong-ju wonders why then rumors are going around base that they are sleeping together. *Oh boy.* Dae-young replies that soldiers have a very active imagination. Myeong-ju asks him if he finds it funny and he replies that it’s not boring.
Winter, same bar. Myeong-ju still can’t get over the fact that the guys seem to equate dating with sleeping together and Dae-young tells her not to worry so much “if you do, you sleep er, lose.” She catches his slip and he apologizes. She’s annoyed and she wonders if men’s heads are only filled with thoughts of sex. Myeong-ju “because of this, I’ll always be sleep er, losing.”
Spring time, same bar. As they step out of the bar, Dae-young says he knows a way to even the score and when she asks how, he replies “by turning the lie into the truth.” Myeong-ju hits him with her purse and says she didn’t know he was such a sly person. *Hahaha, neither did I.*
Commader Yoon receives the report that he has successfully separated the two lovers, then takes a call from the Korean president who tells him that the Arab league has decided to act like the surgery incident in Urk didn’t happen so he’s leaving whatever happens to Si-jin in the Commander’s hands. He orders that Si-jin be released but be disciplined as planned. Cutie Ki-bum makes a huge spread of nothing but tofu dishes and Si-jin wonders why no one bothered to stop him. Si-jin addresses his team and praises them on a job well-done, he also promises to treat them all to samgyeopsal on the weekend and that’s enough to help them swallow the tofu meal.

Mo-yeon races into the mess hall to see Si-jin and then turns around to leave when all eyes focus on her. Si-jin asks why she is leaving since she came to see him. She tells him to let them talk later but he insists that they talk now. Outside, Si-jin says that he thought she was just posing but turns out she’s actually a doctor and Mo-yeon replies that he did tell her to save the president. He brings up her statement of letting the medical team manage the medical issues and she sniffs that he’s being petty. She thanks him for trusting her and he asks if she was scared and she replies honestly that she was. When she asks him if he was scared, he replies that it’s a situation he’s used to and you can just see the overthinking wheels turning in her head. He apologizes for calling her a doctor who should only be on TV and she replies that he wasn’t all that wrong. He says that it was wrong of him to say it to a doctor who still insisted on saving a patient even at gunpoint and she decides that he’s right. She says that the guard wouldn’t have shot her though, right? He looks at her like he’s reluctant to answer and she can already tell what it’s going to be so she plugs her ears and says she doesn’t need an answer. The both of them are summoned to President Mubarat’s house and he thanks them for saving his life. He gives them a gift in form of a card and tells that it would get them out of any trouble they might find themselves in and Mo-yeon haggles for two cards since there are two of them. Mo-yeon wonders at the card, it must be some kind of free pass and Si-jin takes one and decides to test it out. He gives it to the bodyguard and asks for a car. In the car, Mo-yeon asks how Si-jin could have used such a gift on something like renting a car and he replies that he thinks he used it well. He tells her that they’re going on a date and she retorts that he didn’t even ask her. Mo-yeon and Si-jin sit at a café and have tea and Mo-yeon tells him to not even dream about touching her card. She agonizes about not taking a picture with President Mubarat because it would have been great business for her clinic. *aigoo this girl* Si-jin asks her why she became a doctor and she makes it sound like she wanted a profession that would make her a lot of money. Si-jin doesn’t believe a lick of what she says and asks her why she insists on pretending like she’s a bad person. She tells him that she has changed a lot since they last met and she figures he hasn’t changed at all. He says he has, “I’ve become even more handsome.” *stop it Song Joong-ki!* She smiles and says that he even still jokes the same way and he replies that even the way she smiles is still has pretty as it was. *sigh, somebody please make him stop.* They have a moment where he looks at her like he’s trying to make her spontaneously combust and the music quickens and intensifies to match the look in his eyes. He gets a call again and has to leave her again and she says that even the way their dates end hasn’t changed. She asks him where he is going and if she can’t go with him and he replies that it’s not that she can’t go, it’s that he can’t gain anything from taking her. She asks him why he is always trying to gain something and he replies that because of the nature of his job he always has a lot to lose. She asks that what about if she insists on going with him in spite of that? He takes her and it turns out to be a ceremony of paying respects to a fallen soldier. Si-jin flashes back to a time when he had served with some foreign soldiers. He takes a picture with one of them and it turns out to be the smuggler guy who also happens to be watching the ceremony from a distance. *Did he betray them?*

They get back to the settlement and Si-jin tells Mo-yeon to get some rest. She wonders if he was comforting people at the memorial service earlier and he replies that it was a soldier he served with. She wonders how he died and Si-jin replies that he was trying to keep the peace. Mo-yeon starts to ask him if the same could happen to him too and he says it’s better that they not talk about it. At the look on her face, he says that it’s why he told her that it’d be disadvantageous to take her along. He tells her to rest and leaves her alone. The following morning, Mo-yeon intercepts Won-geun who’s leading the soldiers on their morning jog and asks him where Si-jin is since she hasn’t seen him at all. Won-geun tells her that Si-jin is in the headquarters for his disciplinary hearing and she wonders why they’re still going ahead with that. Won-geun reminds her that for a soldier commands are the most important things and as the doctor who insisted on doing a surgery that everyone was against, she should know this. Si-jin’s punishment is a three month salary decrease and remaining in Urk while everyone else returns to Korea. He’s so preoccupied that Myeong-ju is able to trip him easily. He treats her like a little sister and asks her why she came back to the army when she could just open up a hospital in Gangnam and she replies that she came to get her stars and might even be able to get it before him at the rate he’s going. He figures that she knows that Dae-young isn’t here since she isn’t looking for him and she tells him that they met at the airport. Si-jin “Is the airport okay?” He notices Mo-yeon around the area and wonders why she’s here.
Mo-yeon is asking why they can’t change Si-jin’s punishment since the whole incident was her fault and Byung-soo tells her that the problem isn’t something she can do anything about since military issues are separate from medical issues. He asks her if she can be responsible for ruining Si-jin’s military career. Si-jin comes in, apologizes to Byung-soo and takes Mo-yeon away. They drive somewhere, they both get out of the car and Si-jin asks her why she did something so useless and she retorts that it’s her fault that his life is ruined. He replies that it’s not her fault at all, he says he didn’t disobey because of her. He asks if she recalls the bullet wound on his body from when they met in Korea, and explains a senior once told him that a soldier lives wearing a shroud i.e. the uniform. He continues that if a soldier dies in a foreign land that place becomes his burial ground. His senior had told him to wear his uniform with that determination and to always be honourable. He says that his decision was not only about him but also about the honour, glory and sense of duty of his comrades. He says that while he doesn’t regret his action, he still broke the military law. He calls back her words that the military will handle military issues so she should stay out of it and the words hurt her. She apologizes for minding his business before leaving him and driving off.

Si-jin wanders along the road and takes a call from Dae-young. Dae-young asks where he is and Si-jin replies that he’s on the road. Dae-young thinks he’s speaking metaphorically but Si-jin just says he’s on an actual road. Dae-young changes the subject and asks if Si-jin has seen Myeong-ju. Si-jin asks if Myeong-ju is more important than he who got a pay cut and lost his promotion. Dae-young, “Serves you right.” He wonders just how much trouble he’s going to get into because of that girl and Si-jin retorts that he didn’t do it because of a girl he did it because of the citizens and Dae-young replies “Sure, and that citizen is pretty.” *Lol, I like snippy Dae-young.* Si-jin asks if Dae-young called him just to pick on him and Dae-young replies that he’s picking on him since they’re already talking. He asks again if Si-jin saw Myeong-ju and it’s Si-jin’s turn to get snippy. He asks Dae-young if he even knows how much an international call costs and marvels that he’s doing all this because of a girl and hangs up. Si-jin manages to get a ride back to the settlement and heads to the kitchen. It turns out that Dae-young figured he’d be in a crappy mood today and tells him where to find some hidden alcohol. Si-jin is about to pour the wine into a cup when Mo-yeon enters. She sees him and starts to leave when Si-jin stops her. He asks her what she wants and she says she needs some water. He tells her to drink before she goes and she answers that he looks like he wants to be alone. He says he wants to be with her and tells her to come closer. *uh Mo-yeon, spider and fly ring any bells?* He offers her wine instead of water and before he can give her a cup, she drinks it straight out of the bottle. She offers him some and he tells her that expeditionary soldiers aren’t allowed to drink alcohol. She points out that he was going to drink it before she came and he replies that he can’t do that now since he has a witness. She apologizes for acting up before and he says that he was going to apologize for hurting her feelings. He says that they can just assume he did and she points out that he didn’t though. She asks him how he got back and he says he ran. She tells him that she saw him get out of a car and he wonders why she asked him when she already knew the answer. She replies that she wanted to hear him joke. *aargh, Si-jin is rubbing off on her.* She tells him that he looks good in his dress uniform, though she thinks she shouldn’t say that to someone who just returned from getting punished and he asks her how she knows what it is. She replies that women fantasize about men in uniform and he replies that he knows and that’s why he became a soldier. *groan and facepalm*
He asks her if the wine is good and she replies that it’s a little okay. She asks him if he likes to drink and he replies that he wanted to watch a movie and have drinks with her. He asked her if she ever saw that movie and she replies that she didn’t. He asks her why not and she replies that because it was a movie she wanted to see with someone. She says that she thought to herself that next time she wants to see a movie with a guy, she should avoid fun movies. She says she kept seeing articles about how that movie was a good date movie but she couldn’t watch it because it would remind her of him. *I’ve turned into a pile of goo while writing this and only my fingers remain*. Si-jin stares at her and I swear the girl will burst into flames any minute now. She figures he really wants to drink and shakes the bottle at him. Si-jin says that it’s not like there’s no other means for him to taste the wine and then swoops in for a kiss.

Blogger’s note
Because it’s less intoxicating than drinking from a cup right?
There’s something I’ve noticed about the way Kim Eun-sook writes her leads, well for the last three of her dramas anyway, her men are spontaneous and ready to plunge into the romance once they find the girl they like but her girls are more reserved and tend to try to be rational. It was the case for Kim Do-jin and Seo Yi-soo, Kkim Joo-won and Gil Ra-im, Kim Tan and Cha Eun-sang and now Yoo Si-jin and Kang Mo-yeon. Mo-yeon being a doctor realizes just how tiny the line between life and death is and she realizes that the chances are increased for Si-jin because he’s always putting his life on the line. She possibly doesn’t want to get into a relationship that might end before they can even begin, the fact that he has had to be called away on not one, not two but three dates just makes her sure that the relationship isn’t worth the heartache. But this exact reason seems to be why Si-jin is ready to go all in for it, because they aren’t guaranteed the next moment. He faces death on the frontline in every waking moment and he knows how quickly life can go. I’m almost certain that over the course of the next few episodes, we’ll see Mo-yeon struggling with her attraction and finding ways to deny it and we’ll see Si-jin going after her relentlessly, trying to make her admit what everyone already knows.
Commander Yoon, please let Dae-young and Myeong-ju love, don’t you see how happy he makes her? I love this couple the exact same amount that I love the leads and I’m just as invested in their story. I love the relationship between the three people in the ‘love triangle’ because they don’t even let it bother them. Si-jin treats Myeong-ju like a little sister and Dae-young knows he has no reason to be jealous of Si-jin so I don’t have to worry about their friendship suffering. One of my favourite scenes in this episode was when Dae-young was telling Si-jin just how proud of him maintaining his stance on getting the president treated. It spoke volumes about how much respect is between the both of them and though Si-jin is his superior, they have a very easy relationship. Most of all, I want to see more smiley Dae-young.