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Si-jin pulls back from the kiss, takes the bottle from her and sets it on the table. When he moves to kiss Mo-yeon again, she turns her head, rejecting him. She grabs the bottle off the table and after bidding him goodnight, she escapes to her room. She sits in her room and recalls the events of the day. Ye-hwa is asleep at home when she hears sudden movement. She reaches under her pillow and pulls out her gun but it only turns out to be her husband, Daniel. She yells at him for not letting her know his whereabouts and when she asks where he’s been, he replies that he was in Libya for a while and in North Urk with someone named Chen Kang. Ye-hwa is mad and says that he’s gone to all the dangerous places. She’s clearly worried out of her mind that something might have happened to him and he jokes that his wife waving a gun in his face is the most dangerous thing. *They look so in love* She asks him if he came back with Chen Kang and he replies that Chen Kang has gone back to the place he came from, which I’m assuming means Chen Kang is dead. She asks him when but he doesn’t answer. Judging by the looks on both their faces though, Chen Kang must have been someone important to them.
A man explains to the medical team how Hae-sung group was able to outbid Germany for rights to build solar panels in Urk. This is Manager Go and he’s the foreman on site where the solar panels are being built. Another man walks up to them and introduces himself, as arrogantly as possible, as the Chief Manager of the site. His name is Jin Young-soo. He requests to talk to the person in charge of the medical team but they all ignore him and walk away. Mo-yeon gets a call from Chi-hoon who tells her he has good news and bad news. She asks to hear the good news first and Chi-hoon tells her that he found out the name of the little boy they had treated for lead poisoning, his name is Bleki. The bad news is Bleki is no longer in the hospital. Mo-yeon arrives at the hospital and asks Nurse Min-ji when she saw him last and she replies that she checked that he was receiving the IV fluid properly and then left to get something to eat. Chi-hoon shows them a map that Bleki had drawn and wonders if the boy meant to tell them that he was going home. Chi-hoon offers to go find him but Mo-yeon says there’s no way it’s possible since they don’t know their way around and are surrounded by mountains and forests. Chi-hoon suggests getting Si-jin’s help but Mo-yeon protests too loudly about that idea. Chi-hoon mentions that Si-jin is already here though and Mo-yeon can’t help but remember how he kissed her the night before. Chi-hoon shows Si-jin the map and Si-jin is able to figure it out quickly. He corrects Chi-hoon’s thinking that Bleki was the boy’s name, it was actually the name of his village and Mo-yeon scolds him for not even getting the boy’s name. *hey, don’t take your frustrations out on him*. Chi-hoon wants to go at once but Mo-yeon tells him she’ll go herself and she’ll take Si-jin along since he knows his way around.
On the drive, Si-jin keeps stealing glances at Mo-yeon and she tells him to concentrate on the road before they get into an accident. He asks her if she was able to sleep well the night before and she replies that she couldn’t because of him. He brings up the kiss and she says she’s been avoiding talking about it but he seems to not have noticed. He asks her why she’s doing that and she replies that she’s confused about her feelings and she wants to continue avoiding the talk about it until she can sort out her feelings properly. He tells her to go ahead and avoid it if she wants, she can even get angry but he hopes that she doesn’t think he attacked her. He tells her it took him a lot of courage to be able to do it. They arrive at the village and see the little boy who waves at them. Mo-yeon sees the boy’s mother and draws pictures in order to explain the dose of the medicine he needs to take. She notices the kids who were playing in the mine fields before and Si-jin compliments her on her good memory. She replies that it’s why she can’t forget everything and tells him not to say or do anything memorable to her.
Myeong-ju sits in the headquarters office with Byung-soo and wonders at all the top quality supplies the soldiers get. Byung-soo replies that it’s so that Korean soldiers don’t feel inferior to soldiers from other places *and I say PPL gotta happen somehow*. He asks if the Commander is doing well and laughs that his fate is quite entwined with the commander’s. Myeong-ju “um sure” face is my expression. Myeong-ju’s phone rings and she asked to be excused because it’s an important call. Byung-soo asks if it’s the commander and she replies that it’s even more important than that. *is it Dae-young?* It’s not Dae-young, it’s the spy she fixed on him calling to report what Dae-young did that day. The officer gives a very detailed report but doesn’t notice that Dae-young is walking past his wide open office door. The officer reports that they locked eyes and Myeong-ju muses that it must be nice being him right now. She asks what Dae-young is doing and the officer replies that Dae-young is coming towards him. The officer asks Dae-young what he should do and Dae-young tells him to hang up, he doesn’t since he can’t hang up on Myeong-ju who is higher than both of them in ranking. Myeong-ju smiles as she hears the conversation the two officers are having over the phone. She’s happy that she at least got to hear his voice and hangs up first. *I like giggly Myeong-ju* Dae-young asks the officer what kind of punishment he’d prefer, laps around the track or making him some ramyun? The officer chooses making ramyun and Dae-young tells him to make it with his sweat. Laps it is. *Man, why is it so hard to capture Dae-young smiling?* As he leaves, the officer informs Dae-young that a letter came for him.
Si-jin and Mo-yeon sit at a café and Si-jin is doing his best not to look at the waitress whose chest is right in front of his face. Mo-yeon has no such qualms because she actively shoots daggers from her eyes every time the waitress leans in to put food on their table. As soon as the waitress leaves, Si-jin heaves a huge sigh and Mo-yeon says that he chose a restaurant men like a lot. Si-jin retorts that it’s actually Dae-young’s favourite restaurant, he happens to prefer the Post Exchange. *sure honey sure.* She thanks him for helping her find her patient and offers to pay for lunch. Since she’s doing that, she wants to ask him a personal question. He gives her the go-ahead and she asks why he became a soldier. She says not the fantasy about the uniform excuse but the real reason. He pauses for a second and replies that someone has to do it. He figures it’s because of his job that her heart is unsettled and she wonders just how patriotic he is that he’s willing to die for his nation. He asks her what her understanding of patriotism is and she replies that it’s pledging allegiance to your country and its citizens. He asks her why only soldiers have to do that? He simplifies it for her by saying that protecting women, children and the elderly, having the courage to say something to high schoolers smoking in the streets, knowing what is wrong is wrong and what is right is right even in the face of a gun is his own definition of patriotism. His turn to ask a question. He wonders if he were just a chaebol and not a soldier, if they’re relationship would have been easier and she laughs that that’s too ordinary.

Si-jin steps outside and sees two men standing in the square. One of the men is the one who had posed as a UN official and had been arrested. The man cockily raises his bottle to him, just then Mo-yeon walks out of the café having paid the bill. She says they can leave and starts to go when he holds her by the shoulder and tells her to go to the hardware store he had taken her before. He confirms that she remembers how to get there and she says yes. He tells her to borrow a car from the store and go back to the base before him since she has to do afternoon check-ups. She asks him what the problem is and he says he has to go to the headquarters. She wonders if the issue with the Arab president isn’t over yet, he tells her he’s going to write a report and she agrees to go. He walks her a little further and Mo-yeon finds her way to the store. She arrives looking for Ye-hwa but finds Daniel instead. He knocks that she needs a car because Si-jin had called ahead of her arrival. Si-jin walks towards the fake UN official and pulls his gun. The smuggler says it’s not right for a peacekeeper to threaten an unarmed civilian with a gun and Si-jin shoots the tires on a car which makes the men pull out their weapons. *Nope, not civilians, not unarmed.* Mo-yeon hears the gunshot from the store and her eyes widen in terror. Reinforcements for the smugglers troop out of the shop behind them and Si-jin stops in shock to see a familiar face. It’s the soldier he served with before, Captain Argus.
Daniel talks to someone over the phone to get some information on what happened and he finds out that it’s Argus’ gang. He tells Mo-yeon not to worry since it’s just some gangs around the area and offers her some tea. She wonders if they need medical help and he waves her concerns away. They’d have called if they did. She asks him how he knows Si-jin and he says he knows him mostly from memorial services. She figures she could try to get some answers out of him and asks him if he knows exactly what kind of job Si-jin does. Daniel looks like he doesn’t know how to answer that and we go into a flashback.
Si-jin is chained up and being tortured for information by some terrorists. He refuses to answer their questions and keeps repeating his name and ID number in Korean. He is rescued by his team members and he informs them that there’s one more soldier left in the basement, Argus. They go back for him and safely load him into the chopper and just as they are about to leave, a shot rings out and Si-jin’s senior takes a bullet to the back and dies in his arms.
Si-jin wonders why Argus is smuggling now and Argus replies that he changed jobs. He says it’s not like being a smuggler and being a soldier are all that different, you still get paid to shoot people. Argus warns him to mind his own business and says that Si-jin has always been too empathetic. Si-jin is mad and he says that it’s his fault for interfering in God’s Will since there probably was a reason Argus was dying anyway and he shouldn’t have saved him. Si-jin warns him to never come near him anymore or he’ll pay the price. Having told Mo-yeon the story, Daniel asks if she wants to know anything else and she replies that what he told her was enough. He asks if it was enough for her to understand Si-jin or enough for her to stay away from him but she doesn’t answer.
Mo-yeon is preoccupied by thoughts while she drives to the settlement, she places a call to Si-jin and puts the phone on her dashboard when suddenly a huge truck comes out of nowhere. She swerves to avoid the truck but she can’t see because the truck kicked up a cloud of dust so she ends up at the edge of a cliff, just as Si-jin answers the phone. She reaches for her phone, which has fallen to the floor of the car, and tips the car close to falling off the cliff. She cries for Si-jin to save her and Si-jin jumps into a vehicle and drives like he’s about to lose his country. *I wonder if she could have just kicked the car into reverse*. Mo-yeon records her last will and testament and wonders if she’s really going to die like this, so unfairly. *I can’t help it that I’m laughing like a crazy person*. The car lurches forward again and she steps on the brakes just as Si-jin jumps into the back of the car. He tells her to open the windows and lean back as far as she can go, he’s going to make the car fall. *Are you out of your ever-loving mind soldier?* Mo-yeon tells him he’s crazy and he asks her to trust him and let go of the brakes. She refuses and he stabs the steering wheel so hard the airbags pop out and startle her so hard she takes her foot off the brakes. The car plunges into the beautiful blue sea. Si-jin pulls an unconscious Mo-yeon out of the water and gives her mouth-to-mouth to wake her up. She wakes and he asks her if she’s hurt, Mo-yeon “why wouldn’t I be hurt?” She beats his chest and asks him how he could have done that to the car, then she takes her own pulse and cries about it being unsteady. *And here I am again, laughing like a loon*. Si-jin thinks it’s pretty funny too because he can’t stop smiling. He says they need to leave and she replies that she can’t get up right now because her legs are paralyzed from fear, she almost died don’t ya know. Si-jin jokes that he can’t send her off alone because she always seems to get into trouble, I mean here she is hanging off at the edge of a cliff. Where would she be if he had sent her off by train? They arrive at the settlement and Si-jin gives her his jacket as soon as they get out of the car. Her blouse is now see-through because it’s wet and she yells at him for not giving her the jacket earlier. Si-jin “I’ve seen everything, no one else needs to see.” *You mischievous little…*
Chief Manager Jin gets in way over his head in trying to do shady business with Argus. Argus ends up shooting one of Jin’s men. Argus points his fingers at Jin like a gun after giving him some money and tells him to deliver his diamonds in a week. Jin says that it usually takes ten days. *Er Jin, did you hear the scary man stutter?* Manager Go holds a delinquent worker by the ear and chastises him for not working, the worker replies that he has no interest in working overtime or getting paid for it. Manager Go tells him to go open his own business if he wants to get off work whenever he feels like and the boy threatens to report him to the department of labour when they return to Korea. A foreign worker runs up to Manager Go to tell him that the Chief Manager has arrived, he doesn’t know how to say Chief Manager in Korean so he starts to call him a son of a- but the delinquent worker blocks his mouth. *Ha, is that what they’ve been calling him?* Manager Go greets him but Jin just walks by them and heads to his office, his thoughts on his meeting with Argus. Delinquent worker notices there’s blood on Jin’s sock, where Jin’s fallen man had held onto his foot before he died.

Mo-yeon sits in her room and thinks about the moment when she heard the gunshot earlier, just then Si-jin walks in with instant coffee. She calls him a pervert and he wonders if it was because he saw her underwear before, the black ones. Mo-yeon “They were navy blue!” *What the-? These two crack me up.* She wonders to herself what he would have been if he wasn’t a soldier. She offers to give him some medicine for anxiety just in case he needs it. She figures he must have been scared earlier because she was scared too. He asks if she’s worrying about him now and she replies that she is, after all he did save her life. Si-jin gets disappointed and says that he has to save her life just to get some concern from her. She asks him if he realized that he risked his life to save hers before and he replies that she asked him to save her so he did. She says that when they first met, he told her that he walked through a stream of bullets to save a comrade, she figures he wasn’t joking about his Saving Private Ryan moment. She asks if he managed to save him and Si-jin thinks back to the moment that he lost his sunbae while trying to save Argus and to the moment when he sees just how rotten Argus has become and says he did but now is regretting doing so. Mo-yeon says he lied about going to the headquarters after sending her away earlier didn’t he? He arrived at the scene of her accident way too quickly. She asks if the gunshots she heard from the hardware store were his and he says that she must be feeling a lot more confused now. He wonders why she cannot just trust her heart to him and she replies that it’s making her crazy with how complicated the situation is. Suddenly, the electricity goes out and Si-jin tells her not to worry since it’s only out because they need to inspect it, it’ll be back in about thirty minutes. He tells her not to do anything weird to him in the meantime. She thanks him for saving her life and he repeats that she shouldn’t anything weird because of that. *Shouldn’t that be the other way round?* The lights come back on and Si-jin and Mo-yeon can’t seem to take their eyes off each other *and I can’t take my eyes off the both of them either.* Si-jin wonders if Mo-yeon has been staring at him like that all the while and Mo-yeon replies that he must have dated lots of women since women like funny guys. He replies that there’s a dark person around him and says that she has a lot of fun staring at the soldiers during their morning jog. She says that’s her reason for living these days and he grumbles that this is the thanks he gets for saving her life. She worries about retrieving the car and getting it fixed and he snaps that he already called the repair shop and they’ll done it tomorrow. *Hehe, jealous Si-jin is second only to charming Si-jin.*
The following day, the car is towed to the hardware store, dripping water out of every part and Mo-yeon wonders why Si-jin couldn’t have saved her without drowning the car. She apologizes for complaining after Si-jin saved her and he tells her to trust Daniel since he can fix anything. The front bumper chooses that moment to fall to the ground and Daniel drops to his knees in front of his beloved wreck. Later, Daniel presents a box of walkies to Mo-yeon and Si-jin and Si-jin explains that it’d be easier to communicate using these than cellphones in this area. He says that if an incident like yesterday’s occurred and the cellphone doesn’t work there’d be a big problem. *aww* Mo-yeon asks how much it would take to fix the car and Daniel says he’ll do his best. He says forlornly, how he didn’t treat the car right when he had it by not giving it a new paint job and feeding it the delicious premium gasoline it liked so much. Si-jin says that this might be the last time he sees the radios so he better say goodbye to them now and Mo-yeon gives him the stinkeye.
Si-jin teaches Mo-yeon how to use the walkie and tests it out by talking to her using his nickname Big Boss, he tells her it’s a call sign and asks if she chose hers yet. She hasn’t and can’t decide what she wants to be called. Si-jin has a suggestion, Cutie. *Oh my gosh, my poor fingers.* Mo-yeon smiles and calls him crazy but he says that she resembles a cutie. She sniffs at that. Does he mean she isn’t cute but just looks like one? Myeong-ju, who is already in the room, knocks to get their attention and Mo-yeon doesn’t seem too happy about that. Si-jin asks her why she’s here and she replies “to marry you” and Mo-yeon’s eyes widen to the size of dinner plates. Si-jin tells her to not make jokes like that and Myeong-ju says that she’s reporting for duty, she’s been assigned to the medicube. Si-jin glances at Mo-yeon briefly before saying that Myeong-ju must have abused her power as the Commander’s daughter. She jokes back that her life is uneasy because of a conflict only advantageous to her. Mo-yeon leaves the both of them to talk and grabs the box of walkies in her hand. Myeong-ju tells her to try getting along with her and put the past in the past. She puts her hand out for a handshake and Mo-yeon indicates that her hands are kinda full right now and she doesn’t have the heart to forgive her before walking away. When Mo-yeon leaves, Si-jin asks what relationship Myeong-ju and Mo-yeon have with one another and Myeong-ju wonders if Si-jin met her here by co-incidence or if he keeps meeting her and calling it co-incidence. Si-jin retorts that he’s not like Myeong-ju and asks her to speak more respectfully about Mo-yeon since she’s older and more experienced.
*Hahahaha* Mo-yeon is pressed against the door with a stethoscope, trying to listen to what Si-jin and Myeong-ju are talking about. Chi-hoon joins her, wondering if the door is sick. She shushes him and pulls him away. Inside, Si-jin tells Myeong-ju that her father had called him and asked that he take care of her and Myeong-ju wonders if he’s going to through with it. He says he plans on giving her such a hard time that she leaves on her own. Myeong-ju wonders if her father is favouring him because he’s allowing him to go home early to attend his father’s discharge ceremony and he retorts that it’s consideration not favouritism. She says that her father must really like his dream son-in-law and Si-jin says he’s the reason why they aren’t married yet so she needs to be good to him. She wonders if she should marry him and Si-jin tells her not to joke like that. He asks if she’s spoken to Dae-young yet and she replies that he’s not answering her calls. Si-jin gloats that Dae-young answers his calls just fine and when he calls Dae-young, it goes straight to voicemail. *You were saying?*
Dae-young is back in Korea training the new cadets, he’s teaching them how to hit a target and they’re so bad he walks through the spray of bullets and doesn’t get hit. He is summoned by Commander Yoon who asks him if he has any candidates for the Alpha team yet and Dae-young replies that they are still been trained. Commander Yoon tells him to live up to his Officer From Hell nickname and train them well. Dad tells him to take the opportunity Si-jin created by making mistakes as a chance to do even better and asks if he thinks his order to bring Dae-young back was unjust like Myeong-ju said. Dae-young agrees that it was. Dad says that Dae-young can go ahead and have him investigated for misusing his position but Dae-young says that he doesn’t need to do that because he’s already lost against Commander Yoon. Dae-young says he lost because Commander Yoon is sincerely worried about his daughter’s future, so Dae-young is unable to fight against that. He thinks of his memories with Myeong-ju as he walks through the empty hallway. *They are so cute I’m tearing up.* Myeong-ju calls him again and he stares at his phone with tears in his eyes but doesn’t answer.
Chi-hoon walks up to Myeong-ju and asks her if she’s the new army surgeon and she wonders if he’s an intern at the Haesung hospital. He corrects her, he’s been a resident for a year. He has a few questions for her. Firstly, do they give army surgeons guns? She replies that they do after all, army surgeons are soldiers. He asks if the surgeon treats the enemy in the case of a war and she replies that an army surgeon is a doctor too. He thinks it’s pretty cool and Myeong-ju wonders if he’s hitting on her. He says he’s not he just thinks the job description is pretty cool, besides she’s not that pretty. *Say what now pretty boy?* Mo-yeon pats him on the behind and tells him that he did a good job. Myeong-ju says disagreeably that Haesung group is just as she heard it was and wonders what the deal with the medicube is. Mo-yeon asks her if she’s picking a fight or asking her a question and Myeong-ju says it’s not like they’re doing anything special here, just giving out a few vaccines so why all the fancy stuff. Mo-yeon replies condescendingly that they’re going to donate all that stuff to the UN when they’re leaving and asks if she has anything else she needs to know. It’s Myeong-ju’s turn to wonder is Mo-yeon is asking a question or picking a fight with her.
Mo-yeon meets with the medical team and gets a message over the walkie from cube B calling her Cutie *Kyak! I knew she’d go with that!* and asks what they’re having for lunch. She says she’ll check and let cube B know. Si-jin is right behind her and says he’d like to talk to Cutie for a minute, she drops the walkie out of embarrassment and everyone scurries out of the room. She says that’s it’s not fair to his fiancée that they should talk privately like this. She walks away and he asks her where she’s going since he still needs to talk to her. She calls back that she has nothing to hear from him. The way his face falls, it seemed like it was something important. Sang-hyun and Ja-ae put away supplies and Sang-hyun wonders if there’s something going on between Si-jin and Mo-yeon. She asks what he means and he says that kinda like what’s going on between them. Ja-ae “unsatisfaction?” and Sang-hyun childishly messes up the stuff he’s already put away and leaves her to clean up.
Daniel fixes his car and Ye-hwa is trying to get him to give up while holding on to the door that fell off, and he tells her not to pronounce it dead just yet. She watches him work and tells him just how good he looks. She says she thinks he’s sexier holding a scalpel than a spanner and he says she has it wrong, he’s supposed to be sexier holding a spanner than a scalpel. *What are these two and why do I like them so much?* Another night, Si-jin packs while the medical team have fun acting out scenarios over the walkie and call each other weirds. Sang-hyun asks Cutie to sing them a song and Si-jin listens attentively as Mo-yeon sings about the life of a soldier while holding the stone they had picked on the beach. The following day, Mo-yeon goes outside and sees that there is a large table spread with food and she asks Ki-bum if there’s anything special going on. Won-geun tells her that they’re having a send-off party for Si-jin and Mo-yeon is surprised since this is the first she’s hearing of this. That night, she paces back and forth wondering how Si-jin could just leave without telling her. She turns on her walkie and hears Si-jin asking if anyone has seen her. She replies that she’s right here and Si-jin asks why she’s listening in on a military channel. He asks to meet her and when he does he tells her that he’s leaving tomorrow but it seems she already knows. She replies that she was the last to know and he says he did try to tell her the day before but she ran away. She says that he should have held on to her then since he was able to hold on to Private Ryan. He says that her being angry makes him feel like he’s at an advantage but she says it’s not true. He asks if her feelings are still conflicted and takes her silence as his answer. He wants to ask her one more question since it might be the last time. Si-jin, “About that time I kissed you without permission,” Mo-yeon, “I thought I told you not to bring that up,” Si-jin, “What do you want me to do? Should I apologize to you or should I confess my feelings?”

Blogger’s Note
What will it be Mo-yeon? Man, that last scene really broke my heart. The sadness in their eyes is so palpable. I can see just how hard it is for Mo-yeon to hold back from letting herself tumble headfirst into a relationship with Si-jin. Whenever it seems like she can overlook the dangers of loving a soldier, something happens to shake her and remind her of what she might be getting into if she did. An example is that scene where she heard the gunshots, I could see her whole world coming to a grinding halt in that moment. I could see her imagining having to live in anxiety for the rest of her days, wondering when the last time she’d see Si-jin would be. In life, we really aren’t guaranteed anything but that risk doubles for people like servicemen who have to put their lives on the line every single day. Coupled with the fact that she doesn’t know exactly what he does and after that story that Daniel told her she might figure that it’s better to just send him on his way instead of having both of them deal with heartache. No, it’s neither being noble nor being an idiot it’s self-preservation. It’s getting extremely hard on Si-jin though because he already loves her this much. He’s gone as far as she’d let him and it’s now her turn to see if she’s willing to go the extra mile to be with him. He would need to be a little more forthcoming with her though and not just ask that she trust him and follow him. He can’t go any further than this right now because it’s Mo-yeon’s decision where their relationship will head.
This is in direct contrast to Dae-young and Myeong-ju’s relationship. They are both soldiers so they won’t have any of the internal struggles that Si-jin and Mo-yeon have, I guess that’s why there is an external force trying to keep them apart. I really respect Dae-young’s decision to step aside because of Commander Yoon. It shows that he loves Myeong-ju enough to respect her father. It’s not easy being with someone your parents don’t like and sometimes, no matter how deep your love is the pressure can become tiring. Myeong-ju is like Si-jin, she’s relentless in pursuing the man she loves but she can only go so far until Dae-young comes the rest of the way to her. Dae-young, like Mo-yeon, has to be willing to make a choice to be with Myeong-ju.
Here’s to both my couples, be strong.
P.S. Daniel and Ye-hwa are so adorable. Thank you Kim Eun-sook writernim, for not forgetting to give me a cute side couple in this drama too.