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Mo-yeon says she finds Si-jin very charming but he’s dangerous. She says she falls for his charms every time he catches her eyes but she can’t get over how dangerous he is. She wishes that she had more time to resolve her conflicted feelings and decide if she can love such a charming yet dangerous person but she doesn’t because he keeps leaving. She says it’s not like she can get angry at him for leaving nor can she ask him not to, so right now in this moment, she doesn’t like him and would like him to apologize for the kiss. Si-jin nods in understanding and apologizes to her and wishes her well before leaving. *sniff sniff*. Later that night, Mo-yeon and Si-jin are in their respective quarters. Mo-yeon lights a candle and Si-jin looks at his dog tag, possibly feeling regret for the first time in his military career and on the bedside table, a mosquito coil burns. The following morning, Mo-yeon steps outside and runs into cutie Ki-bum and asks him where Si-jin is since she didn’t see him in his office and Ki-bum informs her that Si-jin left the night before. She sighs that he doesn’t even give her a second chance.
Si-jin is back in Korea to attend his father’s discharge ceremony. His father says that he should have listened to his mother and become a judge or a doctor since no one appreciates soldiers these days and Si-jin replies that with all skills, anything else would have been a waste. He tells dad he’ll be a general and make him take a picture with him and dad muses that no one would make him a general without connections. Dad, “You even threw away the chance to become a Major.” Si-jin says that he did as taught him to so can he please be proud of him? Dad replies that there are days in a soldier’s life when going to the guardhouse is more honourable than being promoted and slaps his shoulder with a ‘you did well’. Si-jin tells dad to go ahead and brings along a picture of his late mother so she can be in the picture with them. *I’m not crying.*







Oppa, wait for us!!!


Dae-young is seated on the shoulders of a cadet while training the new privates. He’s definitely living up to his Officer From Hell reputation as he punishes them when one member of the team fails to descend the zip-line properly. He asks another cadet to switch with the one carrying him then asks the former cadet if he feels like killing him right now and the cadet says he does. Dae-young, “Well, you can’t kill me with that stamina.” He tells him that he’s willing to go up against him if they ever run into each other outside but would like for him to bring up his stamina today. Dae-young others the cadet to run when suddenly a voice calls out, “the handsome cadet is now descending”. Si-jin’s here. He even gets his own action bgm and everything as he descends the zip-line. Dae-young asks to be put down, he tells Si-jin to stop fooling around and come down. He even calls him cadet, then he tells the newbies to focus on how Si-jin rappels down because that’s the proper way to do it. Si-jin ends up upside down in front of Dae-young and Dae-young wonders why he’s here when he’s supposed to be off duty. Si-jin replies that he missed him so much so of course he had to come and asks him when he gets off. *Are you asking him out on a date Si-jin?* Si-jin and Dae-young sit at a bar afterwards and Dae-young tells him that it’s nice to see him again, especially since he’s healthy and they clink glasses to that. A bunch of soldiers walk into the bar and Dae-young turns away when he sees them. Si-jin wonders if he knows them and he says he was their training officer when they were cadets. *Ruh-roh*. Dae-young puts up his collar, hoping the soldiers won’t recognize him but they do anyway. They come up to him and remind of his promise to throw down with them should they ever meet outside. Dae-young “We’re inside right now.” Si-jin whispers that they’ll run on the count of three. Si-jin, “One,” Dae-young “Three” and he takes off. Si-jin is stunned but not for long because he runs right after him and the soldiers chase after them like a bunch of fangirls, out and down the street. Dae-young hops a staircase and Si-jin hops right after him. When they’re sure that the soldiers are gone, Dae-young and Si-jin take deep breaths. Si-jin says that Dae-young sure counts in a weird way, since when did three come after one and Dae-young replies that he’s terrible at math. Dae-young says he’s tired from all the running and Si-jin wonders if now’s the right time to pick a fight with him since he was also Si-jin’s training officer from hell. *This whole scene is so funny, I need to go and watch it again.* Dae-young asks if he drank the wine he left for him and Si-jin replies that he only tasted it *amongst other things*. Dae-young asked if he drank it alone and Si-jin replies that he drank it with Mo-yeon. Dae-young asked if it went well and Si-jin replies that it didn’t and feels like he always gets dumped whenever he’s on vacation. Si-jin says he misses her but he’ll be fine soon. *Yeah, I don’t think so lover boy.* Dae-young gives him advice saying that little strokes fell great oaks and Si-jin says he shouldn’t talk since he didn’t even try. Dae-young says he tried, only against himself.
Dae-young heads home and gets a call from Myeong-ju, this time he answers. Myeong-ju is excited that he answered then worries about the fact that he answered. She tells him not to say anything and just listen to her and he does, with tears in his eyes. She tells him that she’s doing well and that she wears her uniform all the time like he said she should and that she misses him a lot. She tattles to him about how Si-jin teased her for not having any pride running after Dae-young and she says she doesn’t care since she knows just how much Dae-young loves her too. *I’m not crying*. Mo-yeon gets a message from her friend Dr Ji-soo saying that she has some good wine for when Mo-yeon returns to Korea and Mo-yeon replies that she doesn’t drink wine with women but asks her to prepare a good man for her instead. Ji-soo wonders about the man she met again on the other side of the world and if he’s not that great the second time around. Mo-yeon replies that he was the best and instead of an apology, she should have held on to him and confessed her love. She says she’s the one who missed all the opportunities and wonders just how much Si-jin must have loved her. In Korea, Si-jin rides a bus with a huge picture of Mo-yeon on the side. *So close, yet so far away.*vlcsnap-2016-03-12-17h24m11s072vlcsnap-2016-03-12-17h25m22s545vlcsnap-2016-03-12-17h26m48s401vlcsnap-2016-03-12-17h28m58s881

Si-jin hangs out at a pool bar and waits on Dae-young to arrive. He does and they’re wearing couple shirts. *I’m dying here, it’s so cute. Seriously my new favourite bromance.* Si-jin takes out his phone and snaps pictures of Dae-young and Dae-young tries to stop him, even throwing his jacket at Si-jin. Si-jin sends the pictures he took to Myeong-ju and she smiles as she looks through each one. Mo-yeon and the medical team clean up the little children, and the boy who had lead poisoning comes and gives her a picture he had drawn. It’s a picture of Si-jin and Mo-yeon talking to the children.
Mo-yeon asks Si-jin to translate for her and she tells the children not to lick the metals because it would make their tummies hurt. Si-jin, “If you lick things like this, I’ll shoot you.” The kids all laugh at that and Mo-yeon wonders what’s so funny. She tells them to wash their hands before they eat, Si-jin “If you don’t wash your hands before you eat, I’ll shoot you” and the kids laugh again. Mo-yeon wonders if he’s saying weird things to the kids and Si-jin just replies that kids laugh a lot at that age.
vlcsnap-2016-03-12-17h36m35s184.pngvlcsnap-2016-03-12-17h39m21s949.pngvlcsnap-2016-03-12-17h40m12s568vlcsnap-2016-03-12-17h40m33s374Si-jin camps alone outside and decides to call Dae-young. He asks him where he is and Dae-young replies that he’s at the base. Si-jin tells him how calm and healing camping and fishing is, Dae-young, “Then why did you call me?” Si-jin replies that he’s bored. He wonders if Dae-young can come and join him because he’s scared being by himself and Dae-young just hangs up. Si-jin calls him up again and acts like he’s in trouble but Dae-young just hangs up again. He brings out the stone and rubs it as he remembers Mo-yeon giving it back to him at the beach, saying he had a better chance of coming back here than she did. At the same time in Urk, Mo-yeon stands at the edge of a cliff and imagines what it would be like if Si-jin and her came back to the site of the wreck together. *I’m not crying.*

vlcsnap-2016-03-12-17h42m43s630.pngvlcsnap-2016-03-12-17h49m00s411vlcsnap-2016-03-12-17h51m04s318vlcsnap-2016-03-12-17h52m04s085vlcsnap-2016-03-12-17h53m15s881vlcsnap-2016-03-12-17h53m35s737vlcsnap-2016-03-12-17h56m57s197vlcsnap-2016-03-12-17h58m04s015vlcsnap-2016-03-12-18h02m34s333vlcsnap-2016-03-12-18h04m47s614Daniel brings the car to Mo-yeon and when she offers to pay him he tells her to donate that money to a charity instead. He tells her to call him if she ever wants to volunteer and she says that she’s had enough of volunteering for one lifetime. She tells him to give her greetings to Ye-hwa and leaves. Speaking of whom, Ye-hwa is picking flowers in a field and stops when she sees a butterfly. It flies away and soon she sees a large number of birds flying away too. *Oh no, those are never good signs.*
Mo-yeon takes stock of the supplies and Myeong-ju comes to tell her that everyone’s waiting. Apparently, today’s the day the medical team returns to Korea. Mo-yeon says she needs five more minutes and Myeong-ju says she should have started five minutes earlier. Myeong-ju figures that she and Mo-yeon are never going to meet again so she decides to ask her a question even though Mo-yeon tells her not to. Myeong-ju, “Do you like Si-jin?” Mo-yeon is stunned and Myeong-ju figures that she does. Just then, Si-jin calls Myeong-ju’s phone. He’s just the person she wants to talk to and she asks if Mo-yeon likes him. Mo-yeon is mortified and moves to snatch the phone out of Myeong-ju’s hand but Myeong-ju brushes her away. Si-jin tells her that he’s with Dae-young right now and they’re having coffee. Si-jin is drinking a latte and Dae-young is having an espresso. Si-jin quips that Dae-young probably doesn’t know what he’s drinking and Myeong-ju retorts that he does know, she taught him after all and Dae-young just drinks his coffee seriously. Si-jin asks what she was talking about earlier and Myeong-ju says she just wanted to fluster him a little bit. She tells him that’s she locked in a battle of wits against Mo-yeon right now. He tells her not to pick on civilians and Myeong-ju says he’s changing the topic and asks if he wants to know how she reacted. He asks if Mo-yeon got angry and Myeong-ju replies that she did but she still looks pretty. That makes Si-jin smile and he tells her she’s worked hard and hangs up. Myeong-ju muses that she expected Si-jin to ask her to put Mo-yeon on the phone but he must have been too flustered. Mo-yeon says that of course he was since she’s so unforgettable and Myeong-ju wonders if this straightforwardness is why Si-jin likes Mo-yeon. Sang-hyun comes in and asks the medical team to come out for a group photo and Myeong-ju tells Mo-yeon to go since that’s why she’s here anyway. Mo-yeon replies that it’s not the only reason she’s here and hands Myeong-ju the list to finish up the inventory since Myeong-ju interrupted. She tells Myeong-ju to take care of herself before she walks away.
vlcsnap-2016-03-12-18h05m41s471vlcsnap-2016-03-12-18h11m43s505vlcsnap-2016-03-12-18h11m24s365Outside, pictures are taken and Won-geun says that the Commander asked them to take the medical team in the chopper as a show of gratitude for all they’ve done. They have to leave in batches though because the chopper has a weight limit and Sang-hyun and Ja-ae play rock, paper, scissors to decide who gets to leave first. Sang-hyun wins and they leave. Over the sea, Sang-hyun says that it’s so beautiful and complains that this should have been the sight they saw during their stay. Won-geun says that Si-jin always said that seeing the sea always makes him want to protect this place, and an invisible stake is driven even further into Mo-yeon’s heart.


Chief Manager Jin opens up a safe under the floor in his office and pulls out a small pouch of diamonds, unknown to him though, delinquent worker is curled up on the chair in his office and watches him as he leaves. Before the camera cuts away, there’s a slight shaking. The following morning, work on the site proceeds as normal and delinquent worker checks himself out in the mirror. Manager Go scolds him for not wearing a helmet and says that he’d be dead if something were to fall on his head. Manager Go takes off his helmet and puts it on DW’s head. Suddenly, things start falling and glasses start cracking. *I’ve seen this before, where’s my blankie?* Over at the settlement, Ki-bum goes to the kitchen to get some plates and everything begins to shake. He’s thrown to the floor by the shaking and the other soldiers yell that it’s an earthquake, everybody needs to get out. Ki-bum starts to move but the refrigerator falls on him. *No!!!!!* It’s chaos as Myeong-ju races to get the remaining medical staff out of the building. Everyone’s losing their minds and running for their lives as buildings are crumbling to the ground. In the factory, Manager Go buckles up DW’s helmet and says they need to get out. Meanwhile, people and vehicles are falling into sinkholes. *I can’t watch this anymore.* The shakes cause DW to lose his footing and when Manager Go turns back to look at him, a huge pile of rocks fall on him. *Okay, now I’m crying.*
In the chopper, the medical team watch as a bridge collapses before their very eyes and in Korea, Si-jin sees the news about a 6.7 magnitude earthquake in Urk. He turns on his radio and tells the person on the other side to not hang up but give him all the information on what’s going on in Urk. In the hospital, Ji-soo and Hee-eun, Chi-hoon’s fiancée who’s heavily pregnant, watch the news of the earthquake and Hee-eun begins to sob because of Chi-hoon. Commander Yoon gets information that the carrier is ready to leave but they haven’t been able to contact Myeong-ju. The officer tells the Commander that they’ll focus on getting Myeong-ju out and the Commander says they shouldn’t focus on only one person since she’s there on duty. He asks that Dae-young be summoned to join the rescue team but the officer tells him that Dae-young already volunteered.
At the airport in Urk, Mo-yeon is refusing to get on the plane since she believes that they are needed here because of the earthquake. Won-geun can’t let her stay because he has orders but Mo-yeon stands her ground and reminds him that the rest of her team is back in the settlement and she’s not leaving without them. In Korea, Commander Yoon tells the politicians that he’s sending in his best men and the chairman of Haesung group promises to support them with however much they need. Therefore, Si-jin and Dae-young are on a plane back to Urk.
Sang-hyun runs into the hospital screaming for Nurse Ja-ae and is so relieved to find that she’s okay. Mo-yeon asks if everyone is okay and Ja-ae replies that they are. Mo-yeon sees Ki-bum, who’s sporting a sling because of a dislocated shoulder, and asks if he’s okay. Chi-hoon replies that Ki-bum is fine since Myeong-ju took care of him. Myeong-ju asks why they came back, wondering if it’s worse at the airport. Sang-hyun replies that they couldn’t leave because they were worried about everyone back at the barracks and that look of reluctant admiration crosses Myeong-ju’s face again. Just then, Myeong-ju gets a message over her radio, the power plant building has collapsed and they need help.
They head over to the site and they are taken aback by the disaster that faces them. Mo-yeon tells her team to put on their vests so they can be easily recognized by the victims and she tells them to follow standard protocol for marking the victims for treatment. Chi-hoon recites the protocol, green for non-emergencies, yellow for slight injuries, red for emergency patients who need immediate treatment, and black for patients they can’t save. They grab their supplies and head out and Mo-yeon takes off her shoes to break the heels so she can move around better. Chief Manager Jin approaches a soldier and asks if they’ve gone inside yet and the soldier tells him no. Jin isn’t worried about the people inside, he’s more worried about someone stumbling across his safe of diamonds. *Pig.* The soldier asks him if he knows the head count because they can’t find Manager Go and Jin replies dismissively that Manager Go must still be in the building. Manager Go is indeed in the building, he’s alive but there’s a huge wall on top of him. He calls out for help and someone replies him. It’s the foreign worker and he’s impaled by a large piece of steel. He says it hurts and Manager Go tells him not worry. He grabs a piece of rock and hits it against some metal, trying to make enough noise so someone can hear and save them.
Myeong-ju comes over to Mo-yeon and tells her to leave a patient to her and go help Chi-hoon. Chi-hoon is desperately trying to give a man CPR and when Mo-yeon asks how the patient is doing, Ja-ae shakes her head. Chi-hoon says the patient can survive if they continue giving him the CPR but Mo-yeon checks the patient’s pulse and has no choice but to change the yellow band on the patient for a black one. Mo-yeon starts to pronounce the time of death but Chi-hoon begs her not to because he can save him. He says that he put the yellow band on him because the patient didn’t have any aches, he refuses to accept that his patient is dead until Sang-hyun slaps him and tells him to pull himself together. Sang-hyun tells him that he should act like a doctor since he’s one and Chi-hoon says what kind of doctor can’t even put the proper band on a patient. Sang-hyun grabs him by the shoulders and tells him that he is a doctor and he’s needed on site so he needs to snap out of it, pronounce his patient’s time of death and move on to patients that can be saved. Chi-hoon pulls himself together and tearfully pronounces the time of death as 3:40pm Urk time.
As Mo-yeon recites the Hippocratic Oath in a voiceover, we see everyone working into the night trying to save the victims of the earthquake. Mo-yeon’s feet are all bloody from her shoes, and a grateful patient takes off his boots for her to wear. Just as Ki-bum records the increasing death count, they hear the sound of an approaching chopper. The cavalry has arrived!
Si-jin and his team alight from the chopper and arrive at the site. He and Mo-yeon have a moment where they try to hold on to each other’s gaze even as soldiers line up in front of Si-jin and block Mo-yeon’s view of him. A worker comes to pull her away because of a patient and Si-jin is visibly relieved that she’s okay. The soldiers salute their captain and he tells them that they’ve all worked hard. His eyes soften when he sees Ki-bum’s sling and he asks if anyone of them is hurt. They reply that they aren’t and he tells them they don’t need to report since he heard everything on his way over. He tells them that they need to rescue the victims and warns them not to get hurt before dismissing them.
Myeong-ju comes running to Dae-young and he says it’s good to see that she is okay since he was very worried about her. He starts to leave and she tells him not to get hurt, that is an order. They salute each other before they go back to their duty.
Mo-yeon bends down to tie her shoelace and Si-jin wordlessly sets aside his helmet and ties it for her. They face each other standing and for a few moments, look at each other like they have a lot to say but are not quite certain how to start. Si-jin breaks the silence and says that he’s thankful that she’s okay because he has been regretting not saying goodbye to her before he left. He tells her he can’t be with her right now so he needs her to please take care of herself, she tells him to do the same and they walk away from each other to do their duties.

Blogger’s Note
I need a few moments, this episode made me so emotional. Oh where is my box of tissues?
I do believe that this disaster is what we need to push our couples into fighting for each other. With all four of them working side-by-side, they’ll be able to understand one another and realize that they can all rely on one another. Mo-yeon will find courage to be with Si-jin and Dae-young will start to believe himself worthy of Myeong-ju.
Onew has been receiving a lot of praise for his acting in this episode and I think he has improved some. At first his character didn’t really have a lot to do, but in that moment when his patient died, he managed to bring all the emotions to the surface. His realization that being an army surgeon wasn’t as glamourous as he thought it to be, the heartbreak of not being able to save his patient and the embarrassment of misdiagnosing a patient. I cried along with him. I really like a lot of the side characters in this show, they manage to wrench my heart in their few minutes of screen time. An example is Manager Go, I want him to be okay and when those rocks fell on him I let out a huge sob.
Kim Eun-sook’s romance usually get a lot of criticism for being too over-the-top but they are some of my favourites. I’ve heard people say that she writes characters that don’t exist in real life, I’m yet to understand how true that is because I do know a few people who are like Kim Eun-sook’s characters both good and evil. I find her stories and characters relatable, and they usually are if you look past the settings. Although that may just be me.