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Si-jin and the other soldiers look for survivors under the collapsed building and when no one answers their call, Won-geun says he might have been wrong about there being survivors. Si-jin says that there are possibly survivors since most of the second shift members would have been at work at the time of the earthquake and Dae-young comes up to inform them that he has cut of the gas supply. Jin wants them to go dig over there, there being the entrance to his office, because he thinks it’s easier digging through a building that’s still standing than one that’s collapsed. Dae-young tells him that in the aftermath of an earthquake, standing buildings are more dangerous than collapsed one because rocks are still falling. He grabs a piece of wood and hits the building and the sound of falling rocks proves his point and has Jin scurrying backwards like the little rat he is. The soldier manning the sound machine announces that he’s heard a survivor from inside and Si-jin tells him to get the equipment ready. Inside the building, the foreign worker continues to hit the metal according to Manager Go’s instructions so as to get attention of the rescuers outside. Manager Go tries to comfort him by telling him to hang in there since the rescuers would come for them at any moment when they hear the voices of the other workers who are directly above them.

Outside, the men try to come up with a plan to get the survivors out and Won-geun suggests drilling. Dae-young tells him it’ll take them three days to drill through the reinforced steel and Jin says they should just go with the easy method, i.e. using heavy machinery. Dae-young reminds him about the danger of that idea and Jin says they should go through his office then. He says he has ‘important documents’ in there and Si-jin yells at him if his documents are more important than the life of the survivors. Jin says that he’s in charge of the building of the power plant and therefore they should obey him and Si-jin tells him that he’s the commander of the rescue operation, therefore he’s in charge and then he has Jin forcibly removed. Si-jin and Dae-young come up with a plan to use water-filled bags to prop the fallen rocks open long enough for a body to slide in and they go ahead with it to rescue the survivors.


Mo-yeon and Ja-ae attend to patients and are facing difficulty transferring patients to the medicube since they don’t have enough functioning vehicles. Ki-bum comes running with radios from Daniel and tells them that Daniel is at the medicube with a patient from a village that disappeared because of the earthquake but isn’t allowed access without Mo-yeon’s permission. Mo-yeon talks to Daniel over the radio and instructs one of the doctors in the Medicube to let Daniel get in and use whatever supplies he wants.

An opening is finally made and Si-jin and Dae-young crawl into the crack to get the survivors out. The first set of the, are saved and Mo-yeon treats them. Si-jin comes out to prepare for the second phase of the rescue operation and when he catches Mo-yeon’s eye, he tips his helmet to her and goes back in.

Myeong-ju attends to a patient on the stairs of a half collapsed building and when she runs out of IV fluid, Mo-yeon runs to her and gives her one. The patient’s vitals start to malfunction and Myeong-ju instructs Nurse Min-ji to give him an epinephrine shot. Before Min-ji can carry out that order though, Mo-yeon repeatedly slams her fist down on his chest and soon enough, the man’s heart starts beating again. Myeong-ju says that she’s going to need to perform surgery on the man because he’s hemorrhaging in his abdomen and tells Mo-yeon to get a vehicle ready to transport him to the Medicube. Mo-yeon replies that they have no vehicles and wonders about a helicopter. Myeong-ju says the nearest hospital is too far away even by helicopter and the patient won’t make. Mo-yeon tells her to move the patient out into the sunlight and do the surgery there since it’s too dark in the building and Myeong-ju asks if she wants her to open up a person in a place that has cement dust flying around. She lists all the possible side effects and Mo-yeon asks her if there’s another choice for the patient. Myeong-ju hesitates and Mo-yeon tells her to decide fast since the patient is hers and Myeong-ju figures she has no other choice but to go ahead with the surgery. She sends Min-ji over to the medical tent for surgery supplies and Mo-yeon enlists Ye-hwa’s help in moving the patient.

Ki-bum is feeling useless with his arm in a sling and runs around giving everyone walkies. He hands one to a nurse and accidentally knocks over a box of supplies. The nurse scolds him to stay still since he’s not helping *aww, don’t kick the poor kitten* and Min-ji arrives and wonders if an aftershock hit the site. She shoves Ki-bum out of the way in her haste and runs after grabbing what she needs and Ki-bum just stands there feeling even more useless.

Chi-hoon and a soldier help a woman with a fractured leg sit down and as Chi-hoon tries to give her an anesthetic so he can set her broken bone, she violently refuses. Chi-hhon assumes she’s terrified of needles and tries to calm her down but she shows him a sonogram of her baby and tells him that she can’t get an anesthetic because it’s dangerous to the baby. Chi-hoon sighs and tells her that it’s going to be really painful and the woman promises to be brave. Chi-hoon goes ahead and sets the broken bone *wince*.

A van filled with English newsmen arrive on the scene and one of them approaches Ki-bum for information and since Ki-bum can’t speak English, he directs the man to Ja-ae. Ja-ae can’t answer any questions since she’s busy and Ki-bum directs him to Sang-hyun instead. Sang-hyun offers to answer their questions, if they come along to the hospital. Ki-bum gets a message over the radio that they need a blood group AB  donor and his eyes totally light up at the thought of being finally useful since his blood group is AB. *Isn’t he the cutest thing?*

Mo-yeon, Myeong-ju and Min-ji perform surgery on the patient while Ye-hwa sets Ki-bum up to donate blood. Si-jin comes to Mo-yeon and she immediately worries about him being hurt. He tells her that it’s not him but another patient inside that needs her help. They’ve found Manager Go! He’s the one who needs help and Mo-yeon gives him some painkillers and asks if he has any strength in his legs and toes and Manager Go jokes that he’s too old to have any strength in his lower body. He puts all his effort into making his foot move but Mo-yeon notices that it doesn’t. He tells her that it was hurting only a few minutes ago and the pain must have disappeared after seeing the doctor’s pretty face. *Geez, how can he even say such things in this situation?* Mo-yeon asks how long it’s going to take to move the huge slab of rock on Manager Go and Si-jin replies that there’s another patient she needs to see. He takes her to the impaled foreign worker and she fits him with an IV. She tells him that he’s lucky the rod missed his heart but if he moved around too much it might pierce his spine and that would be dangerous. The man wonders if he’s going to die and she tells him he won’t if he stays very still. She tells the men that they need to cut the rod so they can move the patient to the hospital but Si-jin asks to talk to her privately. He tells her that the rod in the foreign patient is connected to the huge slab on Manager Go and if they cut the rod, Manger Go will be crushed to death. If they try to move the rock, the rod will dig deeper into the patient and kill him. *Man, literally the devil and a hard place.* Si-jin asks her which patient she wants to save and says she needs to make a decision. He tells her that they are preparing for whatever decision she makes and will have it ready in ten minutes. Won-geun comes and asks if she’s decided whose life was worth saving more and she replies that she needs ten minutes too. Won-geun retorts that they don’t have enough time as it is and Si-jin says they’ll grant her the time.

Jin comes to Si-jin and tells him to hurry up with saving the easier patient so they can go get his precious documents and Si-jin tells him that they are going in order of priority. Jin says that the documents are vital to the balance of diplomacy between Urk and Korea, *and I just want to punch this jerk in the mouth*. Si-jin has had enough of his nonsense and calls him “hey you”. He tells him that his job is, unfortunately, to protect the people even irritating jerks like him. Si-jin hands him a shovel and tells him to go dig up his precious documents by himself. Jin tells Si-jin that he’s making a huge mistake and Si-jin tells him to get lost already. Just then, a huge slab of concrete falls from above them and Si-jin shields Jin with his body. He asks Jin if he’s okay and walks away after confirming that he is, without realizing that blood is dripping from his own shoulder.


Mo-yeon tells Manager Go that he needs to hang in there because the pain will be intense when they lift the boulder off of him. He figures that it’s difficult to save him and the foreign worker too. He tells her not to worry as tears roll down her eyes, he says he’s lived a good and fulfilling life anyway. Mo-yeon goes over to the foreign worker and when he asks for more painkillers for the pain, she refuses because he’s going to need to go under anesthesia for his surgery later. She tells him to clench his fist and determines, thankfully, that he still has use of his arm.

Outside, Myeong-ju and Min-ji continue to perform surgery on their patient. Myeong-ju tells Ki-bum to get the patient to buy him a meal once he wakes up and Ki-bum gets all excited about his good deed he begins to stand up. Min-ji shoots him a glare since he can’t move around while donating blood and he lays back down. He wonders if he can brag about it to Dae-young and Myeong-ju tells him to wait his turn because she needs to brag first. *cute*

Ye-hwa gets the English newsmen to give blood in exchange for an interview with anyone they want. She offers to link them up with Si-jin or Mo-yeon or any of the other in-charge members but they insist in interviewing Daniel and she wonders what’s so special about him. Englishman says what makes Daniel special is not only the fact that he has a way with words but his face is also good for the screens and she gives him a ‘ugh gimme a break’ look.


Dae-young and another soldier advance even deeper into the collapsed building in search of more survivors and they are faced with the possibility of explosions. Dae-young says they need to be careful since the floor is unstable and at that moment, the floor beneath him gives way and he drops into a hole. The startled soldier calls out his name and Si-jin and Myeong-ju hear it on the radio. Si-jin asks what happens and the soldier says he lost Dae-young. Myeong-ju’s world comes to a grinding halt but she can’t show fear because she’s in the middle of surgery. Ki-bum tries to get up to go save his brother but Myeong-ju scolds him for trying to kill a patient right now. Ki-bum is still giving blood and shouldn’t be moving around. Dae-young comes in over the radio and lays their worries to rest, he fell on a huge pile of sand so he isn’t injured. Myeong-ju breathes a very visible sigh of relief. Ki-bum is also relieved and tells Myeong-ju so and she tells him to stop talking to her because it’s distracting.

Si-jin comes up to Mo-yeon and tells her that they have finished all preparations and it’s now time for her to let them know who she’s decided to save. She mentions the condition of the two patients to Si-jin and asks his opinion on who should be saved. He says it’s her decision since she’s the doctor but she says she’s asking him because he’s the one more experienced in this kind of dangerous situations. Who’s the best candidate? He replies her that there is none since one of them has to die anyway. She gets worried and says she’s been doing everything without rhyme or reason and she’s not sure anymore but Si-jin tells her that she’s done great so far so she needs to focus on just picking the best case scenario and not on working a miracle, she’s just a doctor, not a god. With tears of frustration in her eyes, she sighs and informs him of her decision. The impaled worker it is since he has the best chance to survive after surgery.

They wheel the impaled worker into the Medicube and Mo-yeon starts to explain the situation to Sang-hyun but he already knows since she said it over the radio before. He tells her to go get some rest and leave the surgery to him but she insists on doing it but asks for his help and the help of the others since she can’t do it all alone. They get into their scrubs and Mo-yeon tells them that this patient isn’t going to die today.


At the site, the corpses’ pictures are taken before they are loaded into body bags. Si-jin places a wallet containing a picture of Manager Go’s family in his hands and then salutes the man for his great sacrifice before the corpse is taken away. *sniff* In the hospital, Ye-hwa picks up a broken clock and Daniel takes it from her, winds it up and the clock ticks to life unlike the countless other people who didn’t. Time moves on like it normally does. Myeong-ju finally finishes surgery on her patient and she commends Ki-bum on a job well done. Lt Col Park Byung-soo arrives with men to relieve the Alpha Team and they all get in the vehicle and leave. On the truck, Myeong-ju looks wearily at the blood on her hands and Dae-young watches her from afar.

In Korea, Commander Yoon and Si-jin’s dad meet and Yoon tells Si-jin’s dad that he heard news that everyone was safe. Si-jin’s dad asks about Myeong-ju and Commander Yoon says she’s fine and Si-jin is also fine too. He figured Si-jin’s dad would be worried and that’s why he asked him to come. Si-jin’s dad says that a soldier’s job is for the nation so he wasn’t really worried about Si-jin. Commander Yoon replies that he knows how capable Si-jin is and that’s why he was at peace because he knew Mmyeong-ju would be safe. Si-jin’s dad visibly squirms at that. *Don’t you see how uninterested he is in this union, Commander Yoon? Just accept Dae-young already. Geez!*

The Haesung group Chairman assures everyone that the medical team in Urk is okay and Hee-eun almost collapses out of relief. Chi-hoon’s mom *hey, it’s everyone’s favourite chaebol mother* insists on a phone call to Chi-hoon to make sure he’s okay and alive. Chairman tells her that personal calls aren’t allowed on the satellite phone and she reminds him that she contributed to that satellite phone so she needs it this instant!


Chi-hoon sits on the ground outside, thinking about the patient who died because he misdiagnosed him and Sang-hyun joins him, pulling out a cigarette and popping it in his mouth. Chi-hoon asks him if his patient survived and Sang-hyun says that he did for now, while he searches himself for a lighter. He starts to ask Chi-hoon something but Chi-hoon immediately replies that he doesn’t have a lighter. Sang-hyun was actually going to ask him if he was okay. He notices Chi-hoon clutching the black band tightly in his hand and figures he shouldn’t have asked. Chi-hoon asks him for a cigarette and he jokes that a doctor shouldn’t smoke. *Oh hello there pot, I’m kettle.*

Jin walks into the Medicube insisting that he’s sick. He asks Ja-ae for a saline drip and she rolls her eyes before she pulls out her radio and asks if there’s any doctor who has nothing to do because she has a patient who needs some attention. She says that he must be sick in the eyes since he can’t see just how crazy busy everything is right now.


Si-jin and Dae-young worry about not having enough food for everybody and the waitress from town arrives with a truckload of PPL Subway sandwiches. Si-jin promises to buy a hundred drinks from her, on Dae-young. He pouts that his salary has been deducted after all. *cheeky little…* He briefs them as they eat about continuing work on the rescue site tomorrow and tells them to go to bed immediately after dinner. He tells them to forget about what happened today and only focus on following commands properly.

Dae-young washes all the dirt and grime of the day off his face, and Myeong-ju arrives, takes the towel from around his neck and pats his face dry. She asks him if he came back to Urk on his own or because her father commanded him to. He replies that dispatching soldiers is the job of the commander and she wonders why he’s taking her father’s side. He tells her to call her dad because he would be worried about her and she asks if he was worried about her too. She asks him what he would have done if something had happened to her and he replies that he would have regretted all those times he pushed her away. She wonders if he’s going to keep standing and staring at her then and he pulls her into a hug and she hugs him back.


Ja-ae sterilizes the surgical instruments by boiling them since they’ve run out of alcohol when Sang-hyun joins her and tells her to let him do it instead. He says that it sure is hard and wishes he had a wife and children so he could have used them as an excuse to run away from here. She wonders what he was doing all this time instead of having a family and he turns the question back on her. He tells her the password to his laptop and tells her to delete a folder if anything should happen to him. She starts to ask what the folder contains and her face contorts in disgust at how dirty he is. *Dying laughing.* She tells him to delete the folder himself but he says he’s never going to do it until he dies. *I bet that folder has got all kinds of pictures of her though.*

After doing the rounds, Mo-yeon returns the boots she wore to the worker and thanks him for it before leaving the Medicube. She returns to the site, lights a candle for the deceased and walks around the site. She imagines the normal everyday life of the victims before the earthquake. In her imagination, the impaled worker carries a sack of cement, the pregnant woman greets her with a smile as she goes about her duty and Manger Go grabs DW by the ear and scolds him for oversleeping and not showing up to work. Mo-yeon finally breaks down and allows herself to cry and Si-jin watches her from a distance. *I promise, I’m not crying.*

Another soldier comes up to Si-jin and asks him if he needs something but Si-jin says he’s just looking around. The soldier notices Si-jin’s hurt shoulder and says he’s going to need stitches. He offers to take Si-jin to the Medicube but Mo-yeon tells him to come over with her and she’ll take a look at it. She stitches his shoulder and asks him how he got hurt. He replies that it was because he was rescuing haphazardly and that makes her smile. She tells him she’s okay and he wonders if she heard since he asked in his thought. She replies that she heard loud and clear. He tells her that he was glad she was here with him, fighting together and she says that she feels the same way. He starts to apologize for being mean to her earlier and she says that she understands about the situation. She tells him that the only one who has seen more deaths than a soldier holding a gun is a surgeon holding a scalpel. He apologizes again for his clumsy choice of comforting words but says he’d like for her to be okay sincerely. Instead of being serious, she wants him to do what he does best, joking. He tells her she’s pretty but she says that he can’t see her right now since his back is turned to her. He says that he saw her earlier and she’s someone who’s always pretty. She tells him not to be too serious and he replies that he was joking that time. She finishes the stitch, and out of nowhere he says that he really missed her. He tells her that he tried everything, drinking, working hard, exercising but nothing worked and he just kept missing her. He asks her if it isn’t something she can re-think because he’s really serious this time.

Blogger’s Note

And sensible Mo-yeon’s thread is hanging on its last strand. That thread will snap and Mo-yeon will be plunged into the abyss of Si-jin’s love and my heart will sing a thousand choruses. This drama has consistently held my emotions and my attention from the first episode till now and it’s not letting up. Manager Go and the other side characters wrecked me completely. I’ve only known him for three episodes but Manager Go’s character is a hero.

Myeong-ju and Dae-young continue to take baby steps towards each other, well Dae-young anyway because Myeong-ju has been waiting on him for ages. Keep taking those steps Dae-young, you never know what will happen t our woman next.