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Mo-yeon finishes the stitching and Si-jin gets up and tells her to get some rest, *like she can, after that earth-shattering confession* and apologizes for not being able to drive her back since he has to go to the command center. She asks if the phone at the command center works because she needs to make a call and they go there. Si-jin watches her as she places a call to Manager Go’s wife. She relays his will to her including not wanting her not to remain alone for too long.

Back at the settlement, Sang-hyun sits outside and Ja-ae joins him and offers him a drink. He produces a wedding ring from nowhere and Ja-ae wonders if he stole it. He didn’t though, it belongs to a patient whose one arm has been amputated and has the other in a cast. Sang-hyun worries about not being able to give the ring back to the patient and Ja-ae gets a string and makes the ring into a necklace. She puts it around the neck of the patient and tells him to wear it that way until his cast comes off.

Daniel is working his second job as car repairman and Ye-hwa holds the flashlight for him while trying to convince him to do the interview for the newsmen since they already donated their blood. He indirectly refuses, all the while telling her to move the flashlight left and right. She gets frustrated and tells him to at least use his looks for good since there’s nowhere else he’d use it and he replies that he’d use it to make her his wife. *Geez Kim Eun-sook, you’re killing me here. And oh, aren’t they married already? Hmm*. Ye-hwa tells Daniel to fix the car later since he said he was hungry and leaves to get him some food and she leaves, Chi-hoon, Min-ji and another doctor come out of the building. Later in the Medicube, Min-ji wonders who the guy fixing the car is and the doctor replies that he is a doctor from the Peacemaker team. Min-ji thinks his looks are wasted on being a doctor and Chi-hoon rightly guesses that he is Doctor Daniel and proceeds to fanboy over him. Sang-hyun and Ja-ae come in, and Sang-hyun asks what they are talking about and Chi-hoon replies that Daniel is like Schweitzer who’s also like Bill Gates. Daniel is popular among the NGOs because his dad owns a huge hedge fund in Canada. Min-ji wonders why he’d work with an NGO and Sang-hyun replies that it must be because he’s rich and has no worries. Working at an NGO will give him something to worry about. He then wonders if Mo-yeon is still at the command center.


At the command center, Mo-yeon steps outside after relaying Manager Go’s will to his wife and sheds some tears. Si-jin approaches her and she tells him not to look at her. She asks if there’s anywhere quiet around here, possibly so she can cry alone and Si-jin replies that it seems like something a man would say. He makes a joke, making her smile through her tears before telling her that she did a good job today. Hearing that makes Mo-yeon’s tears fall even harder and he tells her that he can’t wipe her tears since she didn’t give him an answer to his question. He tells her to look at him and points out the stars shining brightly in the night sky. She says that the stars sure are shameless for shining so brightly like normal with everything that happened down here and he says ruefully that he hoped they would bring her comfort. She says she’s already been comforted, by him. *Man, his face though.*She thanks him for coming back to her and giving her strength because she might have run away otherwise. He tells her that next time she feels that way, she should take him along so they can run away together. *Gosh, why are they so cute?* She agrees to that plan with a smile.


Jin is being beaten by Argus because he has failed to produce the diamonds and he begs for more time since it has been difficult for him to get them because of the earthquake. Argus doesn’t have time for his excuses and gives him one day to bring him the diamonds. *You know, I’m not terribly opposed to the idea of Argus ending this guy.*

DW is still trapped underneath the rubble and calls out for help. He flashes back to Manager Go telling him to always wear a safety helmet on site and says he wore one now so can someone please come rescue him.

Outside, a soldier is digging through the rubble with a mechanical digger and Jin says excitedly that they need to keep digging till they get to the office. Dae-young calls a stop to the digging and Jin’s excitement. He says that his team will go in and search for survivors and tells the medical team to be on standby. Jin freaks out and says they need to forget about survivors since they’ll be dead by now anyway, and just focus on digging through to his office. Dae-young tells him that only the doctors are allowed to make that call and Jin is forcibly removed again. Dae-young tells his team that everyone missing should be treated as alive until proven otherwise, “We don’t give up on survivors.” Chi-hoon takes a deep breath and follows the soldiers into the rubble, ready to administer medical help to any survivors they find. Chi-hoon is the first one to find DW and he’s trying to figure out to how to save him since he’s a floor underneath him and there’s a glass covering above DW. Just then, a tremor shakes the site. The soldiers worry about it being an aftershock and hustle the survivors out. Chi-hoon grabs DW’s hand and tries to pull him out of the hole, when a falling rock hits his hand and he’s forced to let go of DW’s hand leaving him crashing back into the hole. Chi-hoon runs out of the building immediately, DW yelling for him to come back and get him out before a pile of rocks cover up the hole. Outside, Won-geun sees Chi-hoon cowering in a corner and asks him if he’s okay, Chi-hoon replies desperately that there’s a survivor in the building who needs help.


Dae-young instructs Ki-bum on what to do if something start and runs into Myeong-ju who asks him if he’s okay. He says that he is and that he’s instructed Ki-bum on what to do if the aftershock gets worse. Myeong-ju says she understands then asks for his hand, she squeezes and he winces in pain. He is not okay and she bandages up his hand with a sigh.

DW lays underneath the rubble, still alive. He calls out, hoping someone would hear him and Dae-young calls back having heard. Si-jin arrives on the scene and Myeong-ju informs him of the survivor in basement level three and that Dae-young has gone in to secure a passage. Mo-yeon wants to go with him to see the patient but he tells her to wait because they can’t make new patients right now and that’s what’s going to happen if they let untrained people go in before securing a passageway. Dae-young tells Si-jin over the radio that he has almost gotten to the survivor and asks him to bring along a first aid kit with him. Mo-yeon labels a bottle in Korean for Si-jin and he tells her that he understands English well enough but she tells him that she needs to be safe. He tells her that he’d definitely speak in English to her when he gets back and leaves with a smile. Mo-yeon watches him leave, clearly the survivor’s not the only one she’s worried about.


In the building, Dae-young lifts the huge blocks of DW’s leg with a jack and DW asks Si-jin if he brought any food, calling him ajhussi. He whines that Dae-young only gave him some water *geez, this kid* and told him that he can’t eat anything yet. Dae-young says that since DW is so loud, he’s clearly okay and Si-jin agrees. Si-jin asks DW how he got to the west wing since he works in the east wing and DW replies that he just crawled through whatever hole he could find. Si-jin reports DW’s vitals to Mo-yeon over the radio and she replies that his vitals seem good. She tells him to administer some glucose and painkillers to him through a drip and wonders if he knows how. He replies that he learned what he needed and DW’s eyes get shifty with apprehension. DW refuses to let Si-jin stick a syringe in him and Si-jin wonders why everyone is underestimating him today. He says he’s either going to take the injection in his arm or his forehead and asks him to pick one. He lets him know that the forehead is a lot more painful and DW agrees to take it in the arm. Si-jin successfully administers the drip to DW and Dae-young says they’re going to need another hydraulic pump. Si-jin replies that it looks like Dae-young is going to need to go and get another one since the tunnel is too narrow for the both of them, he’ll stay behind. Dae-young leaves and DW asks Si-jin how long it has been. Si-jin replies that it’s been three days and when DW asks if many died, Si-jin replied that many people did die but many people were also saved, like him. DW begins to itch and Si-jin radios Mo-yeon to tell her what happened and she figures he’s having an allergic reaction to the IV. Mo-yeon gives Dae-young an antihistamine to take back to Si-jin when tremors begin again. It’s no aftershock this time, it’s just Jin trying to clear a path to his office using a mechanical drill. *What the…?! I really can’t stand this thing!* The drilling causes even more damage to the building and a pile of rocks fall on Si-jin and DW, cutting their connection from the others. Mo-yeon listens as Myeong-ju tries to reach Si-jin but he isn’t answering. Dae-young is furious and tells Won-geun and another soldier to keep Jin locked up somewhere he won’t cause anymore trouble. He threatens to smash his head in if anything happens to Si-jin. Dae-young starts to go back for Si-jin when Myeong-ju grabs his hand. She starts to worry about there being another collapse but she realizes that Dae-young doesn’t care about that. He salutes her and walks away.


Underground, DW wakes, yet again, and calls out to Si-jin and worries that he might be dead when he doesn’t answer back immediately. DW calls out for help and Si-jin quietly tells him not to call him ‘ajhussi’. *cause you know that’s what matters now, right?* Si-jin asks if DW is hurt and DW replies that he should worry about himself since he’s bleeding from his wrist. Si-jin notes that DW’s foot came loose and ever the Debbie Downer, DW replies that there’s no point since they’re still trapped and going to die down here. Si-jin says they won’t and DW insists that they totally will, they lost contact and everything. Si-jin says he must have a girlfriend waiting for him on the other side, DW says he doesn’t then asks if Si-jin’s got one. Si-jin, “Did you hear that lady doctor a while ago? I like her a lot but she rejected me three times. Should I die?” DW wonders how he’s still alive, if it were him he’d be dead just from the embarrassment.

Outside, Myeong-ju is still trying to reach Si-jin with no luck. She tries to comfort Mo-yeon by telling her that he’ll be okay and notices her tying her shoelaces. She asks her what she’s doing and Mo-yeon replies with determination that she needs to be prepared to run down there and she can’t be falling down. *Get your man girl!* Down under, Si-jin tells DW that Mo-yeon must be worried sick about him right now, thinking him dead and regretting rejecting him.  DW wonders if Si-jin is happy at that but he replies that he’s actually worried. He asks for DW’s arm and writes his chart on it, the way he did for Ki-bum in the first episode, just in case he doesn’t make it out. DW’s throat begins to swell and he says he’s going to die. Si-jin tells him to have some faith in the Alpha team because he has faith in them too and just then, they hear someone breaking through the rocks. Mo-yeon? No, it’s Dae-young. He tells Si-jin to please answer next time if he’s alive before tossing him the bottle of antihistamine.


Mo-yeon is at the mouth of the tunnel, waiting as the soldiers carry DW out. Chi-hoon watches from afar and turns away, ashamed for leaving him behind. Mo-yeon notices the chart written on DW’s, whose name is Min-jae, arm and she asks him who wrote it. He replies that it’s the soldier ajhussi who saved him and comments that it’s so nice to be alive since he got to see such a pretty doctor. *Is there something in the water?* Si-jin walks out of the tunnel and says that the kid needs to stop calling him ajhussi since he did just save his life. Mo-yeon tells the men to transfer Min-jae to the Medicube before turning around to look at Si-jin. They stand for beat, just looking at each other, the silence heavy with unsaid words. Si-jin eventually calls for a stretcher and when Myeong-ju asks if there’s another survivor, he tells her that he’s the survivor. Mo-yeon says she’ll go take care of Min-jae and Si-jin stops her by holding on to her. Si-jin calls out his favour to Myeong-ju in a roundabout way and gets her to go to Min-jae instead. Si-jin tells Mo-yeon that he’s really hurt, really really and Mo-yeon replies that it’s not like she said he wasn’t. She agrees to treat him and tells him to let go of her wrist. Dae-young storms out of the tunnel just as Jin is brought in. He says that since everyone came out safe and sound that’s all that matters, right? Dae-young can’t stand him anymore and punches him. He’s ready to beat him up some more but the other soldiers hold him back. Si-jin can’t help but comment on how cool Dae-young is. *No argument from me on that.*


Over at the Medicube, Mo-yeon cleans Si-jin’s cuts silently and he complains that it stings. He wonders if she’s making it sting on purpose and complains that although he came back alive, she won’t even answer him. She just sits there quietly and continues to clean his cuts. When she’s done, she asks him why he’s joking around when he almost died out there. She says she was so terrified he was going to die and he replies that he went in because he believed in her abilities as a doctor and he knew she wouldn’t leave him alone to die. She asks if he always risks his life like this and he replies that he is a man who’s good at his job and part of what his job demands is not getting himself killed. Ki-bum runs in to inform Si-jin that Lt Col Park Byung-soo is here. Si-jin tries to get up but Mo-yeon tells him to lay back down. She tells Ki-bum to tell Lt Col Park to come see Si-jin here and Ki-bum is all “You want me to tell him that?” Si-jin starts to raise his voice asking if Mo-yeon wants him to be punished again but a simple glare and “what did you say?” from her is enough to quiet him down. Lt Col Park does come to the Medicube to see Si-jin and asks him if he’s been hurt. Si-jin says he hasn’t but Mo-yeon says he has, which has him correcting his statement immediately, he has definitely been hurt. *hehe, that’s cute* Lt Col Park informs them that Haesung Hospital is sending over a plane to take the medical team back to Korea and tells Mo-yeon to prepare a passenger list of all the people leaving. Jin comes in and tells Lt Col Park that he needs to talk to him. They go back to the headquarters and Jin shows his bloody lip to Lt Col Park. He goes on and on like a little whiny child, saying he’ll file a complaint against a soldier for beating up a civilian and Lt Col Park is trying not to roll his eyes. When he’s done with his tirade, Lt Col Park tells him to go ahead and do whatever he wants, go and file as many complaints as he needs to but when all that is over, he’s going to bring Jin to the military court for attempted murder. He then scolds Dae-young, Won-geun and Si-jin (who’s in a wheelchair) in the most sarcastic way possible. He tells them to pack their gear and run 100 laps, except Si-jin because he’s a patient. Si-jin smiles and thinks he’s let off the hook but Lt Col Park tells him to run 200 laps when he’s done with his IV. *Lololololol* He shoots out of his wheelchair and insists on running right now.


The men run and, aww Won-geun is carrying Si-jin’s gear, Si-jin wonders why he’s being punished since only Dae-young and Won-geun were involved in the issue. Dae-young says if only his condition was okay, he would have ended Jin. They pass by Myeong-ju who says that’s why he shouldn’t have hit Jin so half-heartedly, he should have beaten him to death and Si-jin laments the missed chance. Dae-young tells Won-geun to count the number of laps they’ve run so far and he says it’s been 7. Si-jin’s all “did we run 27 laps already, my goodness” and Won-geun corrects him, no it’s 7! Dae-young says if Si-jin says it’s 27 then it is 27. Si-jin sees Mo-yeon standing aside and tells the men to go on without him since he needs to see his doctor or he might die. *I’m about to die from cringing Si-jin.* The first thing she does when he approaches her is to nag him about taking off his IV. She says she wasn’t lying when she said he needed rest and he replies that she shouldn’t have come since his biggest problem when it comes to resting is her. She asks him what he did to deserve being punished and he says he didn’t do anything per se, it’s just rules. She says that they sure are rigid and he replies it means order is being kept. She says she doesn’t care much about that and only wishes he’d stay alive. She gives him some medicine and says she’ll give him the list of people returning to Korea later. He asks if the list has been finalized, she says not yet because she still has to go to a meeting and she starts to leave. He stops her and asks if her name is on the list and she replies that it’s her chance to abandon him this time.


That night, Mo-yeon holds a meeting with her team to get the names of those leaving for Korea. She tells them that since their official volunteer period is over, they can return home but they can also choose to stay although she can’t guarantee when the next flight will be for those who do stay. She tells whoever wants to stay to raise their hand and no one does. Ja-ae says instead that she has a patient that needs an MRI so she’d like to give up her seat to that patient and leaves to check on her patient. Min-ji also volunteers her seat for a patient and leaves. Sang-hyun wonders if the ladies have lost their mind by choosing to stay and another doctor says he’s sorry but he really wants to return to Korea. Mo-yeon tells him and everyone else that it is nothing to be sorry about, she’s not going to judge them for wanting to return. Sang-hyun doesn’t raise his hand and Mo-yeon asks him why, he replies that he’s not returning but to leave his seat open because his soul will ride the plane. Mo-yeon notices that Chi-hoon is absent and wonders where he went.

Chi-hoon is standing outside the door of the wards and is watching Min-jae. Min-jae gets up from his bed and notices Chi-hoon, he remembers him as the doctor that left him and ran away before. Min-jae gets all up in his face and sneers at him for calling himself a doctor when he abandoned his patient and ran away. Chi-hoon stays frozen until Mo-yeon taps him on the shoulder, snapping him back into reality. She asks him why he didn’t attend the meeting he apologizes and she commends him for finding Min-jae. She tells him about the return flight and says she put his name on the list so he can leave without feeling burdened, his fiancée is almost due and he needs to be there for her. He says okay and she notices his bleeding hand where the rock hit him earlier, and asks what happened.

Min-jae is going round the ward looking for Manager Go and when he doesn’t find him, he asks one of the other factory workers. He whines that after everything he’s been through today, Manager Go doesn’t even worry about him. *I really want to smack this brat.* The factory worker points to the list of deceased people and Min-jae sobs that he thought Manager Go had a helmet on and he kept himself going by thinking that. *You seem to forget that he took off his helmet and gave it to you moron. Whatever, I don’t feel sorry for you.* Outside, Chi-hoon sobs his little heart out along with him.


Si-jin gathers everyone at the site and tells them that there are no more personnel under the buildings, everyone has been accounted for. Jin says that he’s now back in charge of the sight and doesn’t want to see either soldiers or doctors there. *Whatever loser*. His rant is cut short by a loud siren and Si-jin says that because of the earthquake, a siren will go off at the same time henceforth to commemorate the dead. He tells them to stop whatever they’re doing when they hear the siren and pay their respects to the dead. He leads the first tribute and all the soldiers salute and the civilians lower their head respectfully. *I swears, I’m not crying at all.*

The medical team sit down to a meal at the settlement and they talk about how it’s almost impossible to recover from the psychological trauma associated with disasters. Sang-hyun gets bit by the YOLO bug and decides he’s getting a new car when he returns home. He asks Ja-ae what kind of car he should and she’s puzzled as to why he wants her opinion since it’s his car. The whole table oohs at them and begin a ‘you should date’ chant. *Listen to your hoobaes Ja-ae.* Just then, everyone gets messages on their phones, the signal is back! Ki-bum runs into the hall excitedly to tell them about the signal being back but his thunder has already been stolen. Mo-yeon says that her mother has sure been doing well without her, Sang-hyun complains about his friends’ insincerity and Min-ji finds out her ex is getting married. *Well, you still have Ki-bum, right?*

Ji-soo calls Mo-yeon and Mo-yeon tells her that they decided to send patients over instead of going back themselves. Ji-soo tells her to stop trying to be Schweitzer already and just return because she’s the most important person to her and Mo-yeon smiles and tells her not to worry since the situation is not dangerous anymore. Ji-soo wonders if Chi-hoon got a new girlfriend because he hasn’t been answering Hee-eun’s calls. Elsewhere, Chi-hoon cries alone while ignoring his ringing phone over and over again.


Daniel is sitting on a bench and tinkering away yet again. Ja-ae and Min-ji approach him carrying a huge equipment between them and they swoon over how perfectly handsome and how handsomely perfect he is. They say they’ve heard he’s good at fixing things and he agrees. He’s good at fixing machines and people, the only thing he can’t fix is a woman’s heart. This makes Ja-ae and Min-ji giggle like a bunch of schoolgirls. *Geez ladies!* Sang-hyun is passing by, sees Ja-ae fawning over Daniel and hurries over to break it up.

Si-jin and Dae-young attend to a mountain of paperwork and Dae-young asks if he has heard from his father. He hasn’t but to him and his father, no news is good news. Si-jin wonders if Dae-young has anyone he needs to call but figures he doesn’t since Myeong-ju is already here. Dae-young says it’s been so long since he and Myeong-ju were deployed to the same place and figures it needed an earthquake for that to happen and Si-jin tells him to just go ahead and have a baby with Myeong-ju while they’re here. Myeong-ju comes into the office because her father wants to speak to Si-jin over the phone. She doesn’t see Dae-young immediately so she says that her father wants to speak to his son-in-law. *awkward!* She hurriedly hangs up the phone and Si-jin wonders if she just hung up on the commander, Myeong-ju, “I hung up on my dad.” Dae-young looks from Myeong-ju to Si-jin and narrows his eyes at the word “son-in-law”. Myeong-ju is ecstatic because of jealous Dae-young and Si-jin complains that Dae-young never says anything to Myeong-ju. He says he needs medical treatment now because his heart is so hurt! He leaves the office in a snit. Dae-young asks her if she always enters a man’s room without knocking and Myeong-ju says it seems like he’s jealous. He asks her what she’ll do if he was and she replies that she’ll reward him with all her heart. She says he can look forward to it. *Can I look forward to it too? These two are so cute.*

Daniel tests the mic having finished with the speaker repairs. Mo-yeon says she’ll choose the music and plugs her phone to the speaker. Soft, soothing music is played across the settlement and everyone’s mood improves visibly. Ja-ae and Sang-hyun have a moment where he hands her a cup and holds her hand much longer than needed all the while gazing into her eyes and flustering her like crazy. Dae-young and Myeong-ju are standing opposite one another in the office and Myeong-ju points out that they’re the only ones here. She comments on how romantic it is with the music and he doesn’t even budge. *Sigh, this one.* She leans in and tells him to do it, he takes a step back and says he needs to get ready for the evening roll call then proceeds to walk out of the office. Myeong-ju is stunned. *So am I.*

Si-jin goes into the room Daniel is and asks him what the next song is. Daniel doesn’t know since it’s Mo-yeon’s playlist. Suddenly, the sound of a crying Mo-yeon fills the air, it’s the will she recorded while she was hanging off the edge of the cliff in Daniel’s car. *Aargh, no!!!* We hear the rest of the clip after she begs Si-jin to come save her. Mo-yeon, “You know what, if I had known I’d die like this, I should have honestly confessed my feelings. I was kissed by an awesome man. My heart was fluttering the whole time.” Outside, Mo-yeon runs like crazy to get her phone and Si-jin smiles a very satisfied smile. You’ve been caught Kang Mo-yeon.


Blogger’s Note

Aaargh!!!! Ground please open and swallow Mo-yeon up. That has got to be the most embarrassing thing ever in a girl’s life. It’s about time Mo-yeon admitted her feelings for Si-jin, I mean it’s not like she didn’t already admit an attraction but now it has gotten a lot deeper than that. Two of my favourite scenes in this episode involved the lead couple. The first was when Mo-yeon laced up her shoes, ready to go into the debris and save Si-jin. You could literally see all the reasons disappear into nothing in the face of the fear that she would never see him again. The second one was when he came out of the tunnel after rescuing Min-jae, they stood and stared at each other. Mo-yeon’s eyes filled up with tears and I could feel her worry at never seeing him again, her relief that he came back alive and her anger that these dangerous things keep happening and there’s nothing she can do about it. She can’t ask him to quit his job because she knows how much it means to him.

The second couple doesn’t lose to the lead, their chemistry is just as palpable, their story just as heart-wrenchingly beautiful and their dynamic just as frustratingly delightful to watch.

I’m ready for Jin to die and be done with, guy’s really starting to tick me off.