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Mo-yeon runs into the room, grabs her phone and runs right out again. Daniel comments that music really does change a lot of things and Si-jin figures he’s the one in the middle of the change. Si-jin leaps out of the window shocking poor Daniel and cuts of Mo-yeon’s exit. Mo-yeon wonders how he’s in front of her when she clearly just left him in the room upstairs and Si-jin replies that he kinda has an advantage, special training and all that. *I just have to say, I love all the faces that Mo-yeon makes. They are so cute and funny.* She complains about him using his powers for personal reasons instead of protecting the country and he says it’s because she totally just broadcasted how crazy about him she is all over the base. She says that he did say that there needed to be doctors who did broadcast, besides why was he listening to someone else’s recording? He says he wasn’t listening that he just happened to hear it and she says that even if that’s true, how could he have just listened to it all the way? *She is so cute when she’s embarrassed.* Si-jin moves closer to her and she backs away. He says she confessed when she thought she was going to die and changed her mind when she survived and Mo-yeon replies that it wasn’t a confession. Si-jin reminds her that it was her voice over the speaker before but she denies it. When he points out that the phone is hers, she says it’s not even a phone. *I’m dying here. Why is she so cute?* She scolds herself for rambling and Si-jin can’t help but smile at her cuteness. He tells her how honoured he feels to be included in her will and she says it’s okay as long as he knows and starts to leave. He holds her arm and tells her that just knowing isn’t enough and when she tries to distract him by pointing to something over his shoulder, he doesn’t fall for it. He tells her to stop rejecting him already and confess to him directly. She promises to not run away and talk to him if he lets go of her arm and when he does, she totally runs out the door. *I love her, where can I get one?*


Ja-ae and Sang-hyun are enjoying a night stroll and Sang-hyun tells her that they should follow in Si-jin and Mo-yeon’s footsteps and kiss between work breaks. Ja-ae acts all scandalized at that idea and Sang-hyun reminds her of his dying wish to get rid of his secret folder. She gets flustered and runs off and Sang-hyun runs after her. Woo-geun, Chul-ho and Kyung-nam soldiers sit behind a building and talk about the confession they just heard. They had placed bets on whether anything was going on between Si-jin and Mo-yeon. Woo-geun lost and he has to pay up. Chul-ho wonders if they have to refer to Mo-yeon as sister-in-law now and Woo-geun says that Si-jin and Mo-yeon would have to get married first. He says he doesn’t like Mo-yeon at all and Kyung-nam and when Kyung-nam asks him why since she’s pretty, hardworking and a successful doctor, he replies that it’s the reason he doesn’t like her. He doesn’t understand why a woman like that would want to be with a soldier. He says she would eventually ask Si-jin to quit the army or transfer when she finds out what they do. Then he totally walks away without paying.

Mo-yeon is trying to have a meeting with her team but they tease her about her confessing her feelings or if we’re going to be formal, Si-jin confessed first. She tells them to at least talk behind her back since they are educated people but they pay no mind and ask her teasingly if their first day is today or tomorrow.  She ends up making a slip about today being their first day and yells at them in frustration to just go back to Korea already.


Chi-hoon is trying to take Min-jae’s blood pressure but his hand is shaking badly and Min-jae requests another doctor. Sang-hyun says there are no other doctors that can treat him and tells him not to treat his doctor like a TV channel that he can just change at will.

Mo-yeon does her to best to avoid running into anyone and creeps along the side of the Medicube. *She is so adorable I really can’t deal.* When she tries to avoid some passing soldiers, she turns around and runs straight into Myeong-ju who wonders what she’s doing. She says she was totally nothing doing anything and Myeong-ju replies that she looked like she was trying to avoid the people because of embarrassment and commends her bravery in wanting to date the captain of the alpha team. Mo-yeon candidly asks her if she’s not scared because of the work Dae-young does. She worries about things like him leaving and not returning and Myeong-ju tells her that she knows every dangerous thing Dae-young and Si-jin do but more than his job, the thing that scares her is not being able to be with him. She figures that as long as they are under the same sky, she’ll be fine. She leaves and Mo-yeon ponders over her words.

Si-jin is sitting outside and playing with the rock from the beach while he broods and Myeong-ju comes up to him, catches the rock, and asks him what’s up. He asks her how she feels about her boyfriend doing such a dangerous job and she sighs at the fact that everyone is treating her like some all-knowing eight ball. She says that Mo-yeon asked her the same question and when Si-jin asks her what she told Mo-yeon, Myeong-ju replies that he get that answer from her. Myeong-ju asks him who he’s going to throw the rock at and he tells her to give it back. She playfully tells him to try taking it from her and she backs away from him, she collides smack with Dae-young’s chest. She starts to walk away and he holds her by her shoulder and comments that she and Si-jin look quite close. He asks her if she’s still mad and she says of course she is. She doesn’t understand why he won’t do that thing that everyone else does with her and it’s not like she’s asking for it three times a day. Si-jin’s mind goes straight to the gutter and he’s all “you mean that thing”. *Boy, calm yourself.* Myeong-ju clarifies that she meant for Dae-young to hold her hand properly and give her hugs but he won’t even do any of that. She hands Si-jin the rock and tells him to please throw it at Dae-young before she walks away.


Life is back to normal for the women as they resume their morning ogling and Ja-ae even refers to the men as Urk’s doves. Ja-ae tells her about the meeting she’s supposed to attend at the UN office and how she’d be late and Mo-yeon just decides to be late while staring dreamily at the jogging soldiers. Min-ji calls out Si-jin’s name and Mo-yeon bolts as far as her legs can carry her, straight into a sea of jogging soldiers. I don’t know which flusters her more, the thought that Si-jin could be behind her or the fact she’s running straight into a sea of half-naked men. Si-jin isn’t actually behind her and Min-ji wonders how she can fall for that. She wonders if they did more than kiss and Ja-ae asks her if it’s true that people kiss between work breaks. *Why are all the women in this drama so adorable?*

Mo-yeon takes a break from running and hides behind a wall, under a window, which Si-jin just happens to be looking out of. She breathes a sigh of relief and turns around only to see him standing there and watching her, chin-in-hand. She almost falls over from shock and asks him how is standing behind her when he was supposed to be all the way over at the women’s end. He replies that he’d been standing here for a while and she realizes she’s been had. He asks her if she’s been tricked and she starts to say it is his fault but she says she’s busy instead. She has a meeting to attend so she starts to leave and he holds her back and says he can just give her a ride since he has to attend the meeting too. She refuses and promises to call him if she’s in trouble again. He tells her to not deny her feelings after she already confessed them since he’ll end up liking her more that way. He tells her she looks extra pretty today and she tells him to stop it. *But your face is totally don’t stop it. Mo-yeonah!* He sees Dae-young approaching and tells Mo-yeon to meet at the gate in 10 minutes before he closes the window and leaves. Mo-yeon shuts the outside window just as Myeong-ju approaches and asks her what she is doing. Mo-yeon leaves without answering Myeong-ju and when Myeong-ju opens the window to see who Mo-yeon was talking to, she sees Dae-young on the other side and because she’s still pissed off at him, she slams the window shut in his face.


Ye-hwa gives the soldiers acupuncture treatments and Ki-bum studies for his GED while he gets his treatment. He asks if Ye-hwa went to school for Oriental Medicine and she replies that she only learned from her dad who was an Eastern Doctor. The men begin to shift uncomfortably because she isn’t certified but she yells at them and gets them to stay still.

Mo-yeon and Si-jin are returning from their meeting at the UN and Mo-yeon comments on how she thought they’d be all serious because of the situation on-hand and Si-jin tells her that humor is a must in serious situations so that the atmosphere is not so tense. She asks him if he’s proud of doing a job that someone has to do and he replies that it’s not conducive for dating which makes her laugh. He asks her how many boyfriends she’s had and she wonders why guys always ask that question. He wants to know who else has asked her that and while she is thinking, the truck goes over a landmine. The truck comes to a stop and Mo-yeon wonders what’s wrong. He tells her not to move and throws a rock in the direction they came. Mo-yeon asks him what it is and he replies that it’s a landmine. He says they must have moved around as a result of the earthquake and tells her not to wander around on her own. Mo-yeon’s phone isn’t working and neither is Si-jin’s radio. He asks her for her bag and puts some flags with ‘mine’ written on them in it and tells her they’re getting out of there. She wonders how that’s possible and he tells her to follow his footsteps. He checks for the first mine and tells her to come to him, she takes his hand to aid her jump and because it’s a little far she ends up in his arms. *Geez, why am I getting butterflies?* They keep moving and find another mine, so Si-jin makes the location with a flag. He tells her to not worry and just enjoy the view and she replies that it’s his jokes that give her strength in moments like this. Mo-yeon is so obedient in following Si-jin’s exact footsteps and not moving until he tells her to and when they finally get out of the minefield, she crouches down in relief and Si-jin holds her shoulder and tells her she did a good job. Mo-yeon complains about her life, she’s always at the verge of dying and has already wrecked two cars *Mo-yeonah, I’d argue that Si-jin’s the one who keeps killing the cars though* and Si-jin says that they might as well wreck some lipstick now. *Soldier boy say what now?* It’s not what I was expecting though since Si-jin just wanted the lipstick to draw a sign to warn people about the mines and Mo-yeon adorably draws a skull and crossbones on the sign because there might be people who don’t understand English.

They walk along as the sun sets and Mo-yeon wonders how much longer they have to keep walking. Si-jin replies that it’ll probably take them until the following day considering their pace and when she groans, he offers to hold hands with her as they walk. She glares at him and refuses and he reminds her that she said he was ‘her’ sturdy man in the recording and she reiterates that it wasn’t her voice. He wonders how she can be so different in the morning and in the afternoon. She asks him how she is different and he replies that she’s extremely pretty in the morning and frighteningly pretty in the afternoon. *Oh my gosh Yoo Si-jin, just stop it already!* Mo-yeon scoffs and tells him to admit he’s dated a lot of women. Si-jin wonders why women like asking that question but never believe his answer. If he says he’s dated many they get upset and if he says he didn’t date many they don’t believe him. Now it’s her turn to ask who the woman who got upset and the one who didn’t believe him are and he tries to distract her by pointing out an approaching truck. Mo-yeon jumps in front of the truck, trying to get the driver to pull over and help them but Si-jin pulls her out of the way before the driver runs her over, he has no intention of stopping. Another truck approaches and Si-jin pulls out his gun and says he’s going to hijack it but Mo-yeon tells him to put it away before jumping up and down and waving her arms at the driver again. The truck drives by them again and she tells Si-jin to go ahead and hijack it. He points out that the truck has stopped a little ways from them and they hop on-board. She thanks him for saving her again and he replied that he was strong because she helped him. She tells him that she’ll live well and he replies that if she’s going to live well with another guy then he doesn’t want her to do so. He says that Myeong-ju told him about her asking if she wasn’t worried about the work he boyfriend did and Mo-yeon wonders if Myeong-ju told him the answer. He says that she told him to hear the answer from Mo-yeon and she repeats what Myeong-ju said about being more afraid of not being with Dae-young. Si-jin asks if they are going to be apart soon too, “Is Doctor Kang on the list of medical team members returning to Korea?” She replies matter-of-factly that her name isn’t on the list and Si-jin, trying not to get his hopes up, says that it can’t be because of him. She replies matter-of-factly again that it is because of him, because she wants to be with him longer. *Attention everyone, we have a confession. I repeat, we have a confession.* She says since she just confessed, would he like her to apologize instead and in response he pulls her close and kisses her. He pulls back from the kiss and they look at each other for a beat before she wraps her arms around his neck and pulls him in for a deeper, and longer kiss as the truck disappears into the sunset. *I’m not exactly sure how I’ll manage to be coherent from here on out.*


Si-jin and Mo-yeon finally return to the settlement that night and as if they weren’t just making out in the back of a truck, they tell each other calmly that they worked hard and leave to do their duties. They turn to leave and they have pieces of hay stuck to their hair. *Omgah! Omgah!! Omgah!!! Am I the only one losing my mind here?* Ja-ae and Sang-hyun watch them as they leave and Ja-ae says Mo-yeon will be very embarrassed later while Sang-hyun comments that Si-jin must have been very happy earlier. *Do you guys know something?* Ja-ae says she wishes she could remove the hay for Mo-yeon and Sang-hyun says he wishes he could hit Si-jin. Ja-ae glares at him, they are obviously having different reactions to the same thing, and she says she wishes she could hit him. *Just date already.*

Jin is about to run away from the factory carrying a bag on his back when he runs into Argus and his men. He surrenders the bag which contains the safe where the diamonds are hidden and tells Argus that he’s going to need to open it himself since the lock is broken. Argus’ man takes the safe and Argus points a gun at Jin’s head and tells him that he’s 27 hours and 48 minutes late. *Okay, this guy can be really menacing.* Jin begs for his life and blames the earthquake but Argus tells him that in war and disasters, no one ever cares or notices corpses. Jin promises to do anything and everything for Argus and Argus tells him to only worry about doing what he tells him to do before he leaves. Jin looks like he just crapped his pants in relief. Argus’ man opens the safe back at the hideout, and there are no diamonds. Argus is understandably furious and when his man offers to go and get Jin, Argus tells him to forget about it since Jin is already in another territory. *That greedy son of a biscuit eater.*


Jin is making a fuss at the Medicube, asking to be sent to Korea because he’s dangerously ill. Ja-ae tells Myeong-ju that nothing showed up on the X-ray and Myeong-ju tells Jin to quiet down. She scolds him for only coming to the Medicube for a ticket and he makes to hit her when Dae-young grabs him by the collar and asks him to come outside with him. Outside, Dae-young offers to beat Jin and break whatever bone he needs to be broken since he desperately desires to be a sick person. Dae-young kicks him and knocks him around a few times before Jin starts begging for his life like the disgusting rat that he is. Dae-young gives him five seconds to go back and apologize to the ladies and Jin tells Chi-hoon, who happens to be standing behind Dae-young, to go and relay his apology to Myeong-ju and Ja-ae. Chi-hoon asks if he wants a seat on tomorrow’s plane and offers up his own.

Jin sits on the bus headed to the airport the next day and recalls how he had swallowed the diamonds the day before, before locking the safe, busting up the lock and handing an empty safe to Argus. *This guy has a serious death wish.* In the present, Chi-hoon is nowhere to be found and Min-ji wonders if Jin stole his seat on the plane. Sang-hyun finds Chi-hoon crouched behind a stack of boxes in the Medicube and sits next to him. He asks him why he’s not going back to Korea and while he jokes about it being that since his fiancée had put on a lot of weight he doesn’t feel as eager to be with her, he tells him that Urk is too far to run away from her. Chi-hoon says that if he left he wouldn’t be a doctor and Sang-hyun asks him if it has anything to do with his patient, Min-jae. He offers to help Chi-hoon but Chi-hoon just shakes his head and says he’ll try to do it by himself now and if he still fails, he’ll ask for help.


At the airport, Jin is about to board when he notices Argus’ men ahead of him in the queue. He hides behind a wall and waits for them to leave. In the hideout, lackey boy informs Argus that Jin didn’t show up at the airport but he’s set up a trap with the chief of police. Argus says he’ll like to rip Jin to shreds when next he sees him *you have my blessing* and tells lackey boy to prepare a red rose as a gift for some guy named Colonel Aman. The red rose is a girl who sits in a tent and combs her hair lifelessly as other kids look on. *sick*

Si-jin aims a sniper rifle at a target who turns out to be Mo-yeon washing her face. *Boy, do you know how dangerous that is? That gun better not be loaded.* He aims the gun at her and draws little hearts on her face with the laser. *I’m dying here.* Dae-young comes in and asks him if he’s trying to shoot someone in the head and Si-jin replies that he’s looking for a heart on his very pretty target. Dae-young tells him that the team firearms check has been completed and Si-jin said his firearm is also fine. Dae-young isn’t worried about the firearm, he’s more worried about the fact the shooter is acting strange and Si-jin says he’s not taking any more questions. Woo-geun, who’s transmission name is Harry Potter, tells them over the radio that Yellow Tiger is arriving tomorrow and they freeze. *Is that who I think it is?* Myeong-ju adorably asks Woo-geun who Yellow Tiger is and he informs her that it’s Commander Yoon’s call signal. *Oh boy!*

The following morning, Si-jin tells his men about the Commander’s visit and says they can go about their chores as normally as possible, which obviously means they have to be extra hardworking. The men are working their behinds off, cleaning everything only for Woo-geun to come and inform Si-jin that their visit has been cancelled since the Commander has to meet with the UN General. Si-jin isn’t pleased. Woo-geun says the Commander wants to see Si-jin and Mo-yeon instead.

Myeong-ju steals glances at Dae-young as they wait to welcome Commander Yoon at the airport and he tells her not to worry about him. She says she isn’t and tells him not to worry about her either. Everyone is standing still and Mo-yeon is the only one rocking back and forth on the ball of her feet like a child who can’t stay still. *So cute.* She asks Si-jin what she’s supposed to call Myeong-ju’s father and he replies teasingly that soldier ajhussi would be just fine. Commander Yoon arrives and everyone salutes but Mo-yeon who places her hand on her chest. She tries to unceremoniously move it up into a salute and Si-jin can’t help but smile at her cuteness. He calls the four of them into the office and Myeong-ju glances at Dae-young with worry. In the office, Commander Yoon tells them all to take a seat but only Mo-yeon actually goes to take a seat and when she sees the rest of them standing she hurries back to her standing position. Commander Yoon compliments her on her achievements and says that she would have made a great soldier. She thanks him but says she likes to sleep in *a girl after my own heart* and Commander Yoon says it must be why she’s so pretty. *Not you too.* He tells her he’d like to work with her again then dismisses her and she adorably pokes Si-jin to let him know that she’d be waiting outside.

Commander Yoon asks them if they were injured in the earthquake and when they reply in the negative, he asks Si-jin for the last time if he has absolutely no feelings for Myeong-ju. Myeong-ju is offended on Dae-young’s behalf but Dae-young does a good job of hiding his feelings. Si-jin replies that he’s known Myeong-ju for seven years and while he cherishes her as a soldier and a junior, he has never been attracted to her as a woman. Commander Yoon says he understands and then dismisses Si-jin. He meets up with Mo-yeon outside and she wonders how he’s coming out so quickly since they were supposed to have a serious discussion. He said they did and he was kicked out as soon as it ended. Mo-yeon is surprised and asks if he was kicked out of the army and he replies that he was kicked out of the General’s favour since he’s no longer a candidate for son-in-law. Mo-yeon smiles at that but wonders what will happen with Myeong-ju and Dae-young now and Si-jin replies that the difficult part is up to Dae-young.

In the office, Commander Yoon asks Myeong-ju if she still likes Dae-young after seeing him again and she replies that she does. He asks the same question to Dae-young and Myeong-ju starts to take up for him again when he replies that he does, shocking Myeong-ju and her father. Dad says he thought he and Dae-young were of the same mind and Myeong-ju grabs Dae-young’s arm and tells her father that she’s not leaving Dae-young no matter what his response is. Dae-young removes her hand from his arm and lets it drop, then he takes her hand in his and tells dad that he’s never letting go of Myeong-ju’s hand either. Dad asks him if he thinks he’s qualified to hold her hand and he replies that he’s willing to go wherever he’s dispatched, but he’s not letting go of her. Dad tells Myeong-ju to leave but she refuses so Dae-young calms her and reminds her that he told her not to worry about him so she does. Dad tells Dae-young that all he ever wanted in his military life was to be an honorable commander and to gain the respect of his daughter following in his footsteps but he appears to have failed on both counts. He admits that his orders recently have been unjust and he has also lost the respect of his daughter. He agrees to let them be together but only on the condition that Dae-young quit the army because he will not have a staff sergeant for a son-in-law. *Excuse me, were the words you just said not actual words but farts coming out of your mouth?* He tells him to join Myeong-ju’s mother’s family company and learn the work and gives him until the troops return to Korea to make his decision.


Mo-yeon stands under the shade of a tree, pondering something while Si-jin pumps gas. He asks her what she’s thinking about and she replies that she can never understand why he never dated Myeong-ju since she’s pretty much perfect and when he replies that you don’t just date someone because they’re good-looking, Mo-yeon huffs, she didn’t mention anything about Myeong-ju being pretty. He wonders if she’s getting jealous and calls her over to come and hold the gas nozzle for him. She takes the nozzle from him and continues talking about how Si-jin should have just dated Myeong-ju when he plants a surprise kiss on her. She asks him what he’s doing when he pulls back and he replies that he’s covering her mouth in a sexy way and dares her to continue talking. She tells him to go away and he kisses her again. *These two! He’s using whatever excuse to kiss her and she’s using whatever excuse to get him to continue doing so. I swear!* She asks him when the gas will be done pumping and he replies that it was done a while ago. He goes to pay and runs into a little boy being chased by the shopkeeper for stealing medicine. Mo-yeon examines the boy and says they need to go to the boy’s village because he might have the Measles and they have to get it under control before it spreads even more.

Dae-young shares the good news of dad granting them permission with Myeong-ju but leaves out the ultimatum. She’s so happy that she bounces up and down like a little girl, then he wonders if something is wrong with her father and leaves to go and call him.

Si-jin and Mo-yeon arrive at the little boy’s village and Si-jin reports back to base, telling to track the village on the GPS. Over at the base, Woo-geun tells Dae-young that they traced the location but the village doesn’t appear on the map. Dae-young tells him to get Daniel since he might know about the village. Mo-yeon and Si-jin try to get information from the children on how long they have been sick but they get no response. The girl from before tells Si-jin and Mo-yeon that the children get no food for three days if they talk to strangers. Si-jin asks if it’s okay for her to be talking to them and she says it doesn’t matter to her anymore. Mo-yeon asks her if she can gather all the children together so she can look at them because if she doesn’t they’ll die from the Measles. The girl replies that it’s better for them to die than to live here. The boys join gangs and the girls are pimped off when they grow up. Today is her turn. She promises to cooperate under the condition that they get her out of the village. Over at base, Dae-young asks Daniel about the village and he replies that it is called the Goblin Village, a place where war orphans live terrible lives. Dae-young reports to Si-jin who’s standing on a hill to receive the call over the phone and adds that the kids are always on the move that’s why it’s called the Goblin Village. While Si-jin is on the phone, he sees Argus arrive in his car and tells Dae-young to speed things up before running to Mo-yeon. Argus walks up to the village and all the kids scatter, Mo-yeon asks him if he is the children’s guardian and tells him that some of the kids have got measles and she needs to take them to the hospital. He comments that she’s too pretty to be doing this *ugh, he’s making my skin crawl* and Si-jin runs in front of her and tells her to stay behind him. She asks him who he is and Si-jin replies, “Private Ryan.” Suddenly, a shot rings out and Argus goes down with a bullet wound to the belly. The girl had shot him and now she runs to Si-jin’s side and begs him to leave with her right now. Argus calls out to Mo-yeon to do something since she’s a doctor and she struggles with herself. She took an oath but Argus is a bad person who will only kill more people if she saves his life. Si-jin tells her to do her job as a doctor and save him and if the need ever arises for Argus to die, he’d do his job and kill him.

Blogger’s Note

The only thing I can say right now is, I love this show. There are no other words needed because Kim Eun-sook is just that awesome. I would love to get my hands on a copy of the script and read it even if it’s in Hangul.